H-Com 2020 E-commerce-Dropshipping Review-Is It A Scam?

Hi, Guys, welcome to my H-Com 2020 Review. Is Alex Becker’s E-commerce and Dropshipping Course legit, or is it a scam that just wants your money.  Alex Becker has joined forces with the founders of Smar7 App.. Mark Smidtt and Devin Zander.  You have found this article as you are searching for reviews on H-Com 2020 and you want to know if this course could be right for you. Well done for doing your research and I will guide you as best as I can so you can make up your mind if H-Comm 2020 is an excellent way to earn money with your Shopify Store? In the first two weeks, the focus is on diving right in and taking action. The price of the course is $1997, or you can pay in 5 instalments of $597. Although H-Com 2020 is recommended for newbies is it really what you need as it does incur extra costs like Shopify itself, Facebook and Youtube Ads not forgetting Alex Becker’s Market Hero Autoresponder. Keep reading to see if it will benefit you or if it is just another scam?

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What is H-Com 2020?H-com-2020-Product-Review

H-com 2020 is an e-commerce dropshipping course created by Alex Becker, Matt Schmidt and Devin zander. Alex Becker is a multi-millionaire Ceo and founder of Spekter Supplements. Matt Schmidt Ecom expert and Founder of Smar7 apps. Devin Zander is Co-founder of Smar7 apps. H-Com 2020 Teaches you how to Start A Shopify Based Business With Shopify Apps & Tools and The Ultimate Follow Up Shopify Autoresponder (Market Hero) Teaches also Facebook Ads, Email Marketing. Includes how to do branding also. The course is broken down into a 10-week training program. You will be given a video overview of what Shopify is, and you will be shown how to register your store and how to set it up.

  • Creating your FB Page.
  • Essential Apps
  • Getting started with Samr7 Apps
  • Shopify Product optimization
  • Finding and importing products.

To start A Shopify store it will cost you extra money per month that you will have to pay for.

  • Basic Shopify: $29
  • Shopify: $79
  • Advanced Shopify: $299

Find out more about a more cost-effective way to build an Online store like Shopify that includes all the training you need including over three thousand + themes to choose from and you will have access to 10 websites. That can be just as E-commerce and Dropshipping ready without having to pay out thousands of extra dollars. Includes Free Plugins without having to pay for costly Apps Like Smar7. Just by clicking the link below, you can get started today for FREE no Credit Card Required.




What is H-Com 2020 Ten-week Course?

The list below is the course outline for H-Com 2020. You can read more about Alex Becker and Market Hero Here!


Week One: Intro To Shopify

Everything you need to know about the E-Com Business.

  • The exact ways to pick products and spot the hottest niches WITHOUT hard cost or keeping inventory
  • How to build your store for conversions and ensure that your a competitive with top Shopify store sales copy and best practices

Week Two: Choosing The Perfect Products

This is a guide on how to source your products—using trends to spot potentially winning products—teaching you how to scale those products.

  • You will see how to source products with no hard cost from sources most Shopify sellers do not know of
  • Learn how to know BEFORE you run ads which products will sell and which will flop
  • Discover how to spot trends before they happen and use them to propel your store to the next level

Week Three: Making Addicting Offers

The next step to having a thriving store is knowing how actually to SELL your products.
  • Design a store without any extra investment that converts
  • See how to use apps and promotions to increase conversions
  • Simple tricks that will triple conversions by playing to customers emotions
  • How to use pre-selling and win back selling to increase sales drastically

Week Four: Branding

Most Shopify stores fall flat because they are zero personality forgettable thrown up stores with no customer loyalty or brand. Step by Step to start your brand
  • See how to create logos, sales materials, and sites that people adore
  • Learn how to use a brand to increase conversions
  • Increase ad conversions by creating stores that create customer trust right away
  • Create ads and product description that intrigue potential customers while they ignore your competitors
  • to set up your store to maximize conversations.
  • customers while they ignore your competitors

Week Five: Ad Targeting Master Class

Facebook and Youtube ads have changed. Period. In this section, you will see how to get an edge over all the other people scrambling and failing to get traffic.
  • You will learn manual and advanced bidding to beat out Non-H-COM competitors
  • You will see what to write, what image to use, what to put in videos EVERYTHING that goes into a winning ad
  • You will see past winning ad combinations that have blown up stores
  • See ads that generate thousands a day and how to recreate them step by step

Week Six: Advertising Master Class PT 2

  • Upsales, Downsales, abandon cart
  • Super advanced retargeting to specific products
  • Getting people to buy way more and convert 3-5x better
  • Advanced APP usage to track our customers and learn what they want to buy
  • How to track people with retargeting.

Week Seven: Instagram Influencer Partnership

Instagram is one of the hottest and easiest ways to blow up a store. Lucky for you, we dominate this space and are going to show you how to do it. You will see
  • How to run contests that create mass brand awareness and generate high returns
  • Ways to work with Instagram celebrities and get them selling your products for you
  • Simple ways to use small Instagram influencers to give you super one-sided deals
  • What to say, how to say it, what to post and when to post it for maximum results

Week Eight: E-Commerce Email Marketing

Now that we have customers and sales its time to MAXIMIZE this with email marketing that can DOUBLE sales WITHOUT more ads or traffic
  • This is a total crash course on Shopify email marketing
  • The exact funnels and emails to send to your customers to get them to spend dramatically more
  • The type of products to add to bring them back and sell them
  • Email scripts, triggers, everything templated and ready for you

Alex pitches his own Auto Responder of course so this will incur extra costs. You can read my review on Market Hero Here!

Week Nine: Analytics.

You will be taught the basics in Google Analytics. FB Ads Tracking. Data Analysis, scaling setting up a funnel product performance and tracking.


Week Ten: Bonus Content Smart7 Apps.

App#1: SMAR7 Bundle Upsell:

An App for Shopify users. SMAR7 Bundle is the smartest upsell app




App# 2: SMAR7 Express Fulfillment
Automatically import products into your store.
App # 3: SMAR7 Scarcity Countdown Timer
Scarcity plugins to get customers on your store to buy NOW




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Pros of H-Com 2020

  • It’s Legit

Cons of H-Com 2020

  • Expensive.
  • Incurs extra up-sells.
  • Hard to get Refunds.


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Is H-Com 2020 a Scam?

No H-Comm 2020 is not a scam and nor is Alex Becker, a fraudster. The only thing that is wrong about it all is the price. It is expensive. Incurs extra hidden Costs. You will have to pay for a Shopify Store. You have to pay extra for Ads and if you, opt-in for Alex Becker’s Auto-responder that is not cheap. Not to mention the Smar7 Apps all come at an extra cost too. Can be confusing for newbies to online marketing. Difficult to get refunds also. I have written about Market Hero and you can find out more about Market Hero Here!

Final Thoughts on H-Com 2020.

I hope my review has helped you decide if you want to sign up with H-Com 2020 or not. It is entirely up to you. I hope I have shed some light on some of the extra costs. Like Ads, they can be costly. Youtube Ads are not cheap at all. Let alone getting an influencer to promote your products; these are super expensive extras. Shopify can be expensive, too, especially if you want to build a good business from this CMS. I can go ahead and create an E-Commerce store if I like and I could do it without the extra costs, and I can do it for less than a dollar a day. So can you.

All in all, this can turn into a super costly way to learn Drop-shipping or E-commerce. Shopify is expensive enough without having to shell out more money for the apps etc. I really cannot see the point in shelling out thousands before you even know if it is going to be what you want to do. I always think to test drive a product FREE then you shouldn’t have to be pushed into buying anything. That’s why Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best courses online today. You can get all of the training that H-COM 2020 offers without having to opt-in for mega upsells. Like some of the Apps. I use WordPress, and I can get the same plugins that tSmar7 apps do for FREE.

To be educated and learn something new, it shouldn’t have to break your bank. Getting educated should be affordable for everyone.

You can get started today for FREE, and it is FREE for along as you like. No Credit cards Required. ZERO RISK ZERO COST.




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  • Alex Becker is Legit


  • Expensive
  • Hidden Up-sells
  • Hard to get a refund

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