Greedy Mentor | Honest Scam Review | Warning!

Greedy Mentor My honest Scam Review. Contains Warning!

Greedy Mentor, I’ll be going over everything you need to know about it before pulling out your money. Will you actually be able to make anywhere near $1,000 per day, or are they just trying to get your money? Nope, straight away this has Red Flags and Very Fake Testimonials.

I wouldn’t really waste your money here. However, I will dig a little deeper to give you my reasons why. Straight away I already see the same actress from Fiverr. The same name as the so-called fake Mentor Meaghan Harper is also used in Explode my Pay Day. They use the same name as my other scam review on Explode My Pay Day. You can read that review Right Here! 

Read more to find out the real truth.

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Lets get started and see what I shall cover below. I shall also include Images to prove of fake testimonials. 

Who is Greedy Mentor?

What does Greedy Mentor do?

Would I Join Greedy Mentor?

An honest and legit way to earn real money online?


Product: Greedy Mentor
Price: $67
Is Greedy Mentor A Scam? Yes
Is Greedy Mentor Recommended? No, A big NO!

Who is Greedy Mentor?

Greedy Mentor claims to be an incredible program created by Meaghan Harper that can make you thousands of dollars online. They claim that you are part of a select few people who have been invited to join this incredible program. That is so not true its just a hype.
According to them, you’ll be able to make $1,000+ each and every day just from doing about 15 to 20 minutes of work. As the old saying goes/  “If it sounds too good to be true to you, that’s probably because it is!”

Greedy Mentor is just making a ton of ridiculous promises without telling you anything about itself. They are rather evasive on what they do. They are just using big money making Claims to lure you in.

Now check out these fake Testimonials and see for yourself.

The same actress in Greedy money Mentor and Explode My Pay Day!

Fiverr Actress Proof! Once againFiverr Actress Proof! Greedy Mentor.Fake Testimonial Fake Cash Earnings. The whole Video is Fake.

These two actresses are widely used elsewhere check out these other scam Websites. They get closed down and open another one similar. Freedom Mentor Actress off Fiverr.  Fiverr Actress Proof! Meaghan Harper Scam review.


I think really once you do your homework you will see the same actresses come up time and time again. This is only a short review because I found this to be very cagey. I couldn’t really come up with strong information. It’s just a complete lie if you ask me. I certainly wouldn’t waste my time with them. The Explode My Pay Day is similar and Uses the same name read my more in-depth review about that but be warned contains tons of Red flags. Read the scam review HERE!

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