“Gold Opinions” is it a Scam? Latest Review 2018

What Gold Opinions claims to be and what it actually is are two completely different things. The truth is that Gold Opinion is not an actual survey website. The survey websites that you’ll be pointed to are just normal sites that will pay you anywhere from a few cents to a couple bucks per survey. There are plenty of survey companies out there that will pay you to answer some questions. None paying out as much as good as Gold Opinions claims to be. Let’s dig a little deeper and find out more read my honest Gold Opinions review right now.

“Gold Opinions” is it a Scam Latest Review.

Who are Gold Opinions?

How Does Gold Opinions Work?

Is Gold Opinions a scam?

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This is all just a ploy. Gold Opinions just refers you to another legitimate survey website where you can make money for answering questions. It’s just trying to lie and mislead you into paying money for information you can get for free elsewhere on the internet. They will connect you to legitimate opinion survey websites where you can make money.

However, they completely lie to you and mislead you into thinking that you’ll be making a lot more money than you actually will. Not to mention they will be taking your money for setting you up with survey websites that can be found with simple Google Searches. Don’t be fooled by this and their sales pages. Find out more by reading on.

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Who are Gold Opinions?

Product Name: Gold Opinions.

Founder: Unknown

Product Type: Paid Survey Intermediary.

Price: $1 7 day trial. Then $27 a month.

Recommended: No!

How does Gold Opinions work?

The main goal of Gold Opinions is to get you excited to make a ton of money just from taking a few simple surveys. If you’ve never actually spent time taking online surveys, then you probably don’t know just how little they pay. They can also be timing consuming but with legit survey sites you can actually make money but more for pocket money nothing into the thousands that’s for sure.
It’s so incredibly easy to take surveys, so everyone out there wants to make money doing it. There is so much demand for it that the companies don’t have to pay much money to get people to do it. They normally pay between a few cents to a couple of bucks or they offer gift cards. You should never pay a survey site a fee to join at all.

Gold Opinion claims that you’ll be able to make anywhere from $5 to $50+ per survey. Most people will be lucky to make $50 in a month of taking surveys. Gold Opinions claims are not even realistic.

It can certainly be convincing when you see other people claiming that they’re making a ton of money from the surveys. However, the truth is that the testimonials on the Gold Opinions website are just fake testimonials. I know it sounds amazing doesn’t it that a guy is making $1,500 per month just from surveys, but this is so not true.
The creators of the website simply found some images online and wrote random quotes next to them. That’s how easy it is to add in Fake reviews. A little like this Scam review I wrote about how they use fake testimonials. Read that here. Get the Discovery Reviewed. 

According to Gold Opinions, they will connect you to legitimate opinion websites where you can make money. However, they completely lie to you and mislead you into thinking that you’ll be making a lot more money than you actually will. This is just a Click Bank Product and the only people who are making money are the ones who share out this link or the founders. Would I use this Click Bank link on my website no I wouldn’t! Not to mention they will be taking your money for setting you up with survey websites that can be found with simple Google Searches. To do survey sites you do not have to pay.

Is Gold Opinions a scam?

Unfortunately yes this is a scam. It is nothing more than a click bank product giving you false claims and is full of B.S. You will never get those great big commissions of $50 they simply do not exist. They are taking your money for something they can not provide you with. This is horrendous and they do tend to get away with it. Please do be due diligent and do your homework don’t believe all the hype just because you think that the videos or the ads look really good. Be very careful. Why waste your time and money. I hate that that’s why I spend countless hours checking out these scam websites and platforms.

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I cannot stress enough how important people need to realise this but making money online is not an overnight success. It takes time. It takes hard work. I earn a legit income and Every business I build is my own. It can never be taken away from me. So for example, if I use a Clickbank link and the affiliate link I use ceases to exist then I just remove it. My business will never fall apart. They can never be taken away from me.  If you opt into platforms like Gold Opinions then once they fail so does your online businesses. Think about it. The top Entrepreneurs on the net will tell you the same as I am telling you.

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