Get The Discovery is it a Scam or can you bank $1,000’s my honest review 2018

Get The Discovery is it a Scam or can you bank $1,000’s

My honest review 2018

Hahaha, this one really just went against the grain for me. Could an 8-Year-old really make 419K with Get The Discovery system? I doubt that very much that is just a massive sales gimmick. Leading you all to another sale funnel. That to me is just beyond the ridiculous. Yes, I know it may come with the Forbes logan and some of the top new company’s but they are just fake. I would have my 20 year old doing the system and my 16-year-old and myself, doing it along with my husband. That just screams fake fake fake.

I have done enough reviews that have taken me countless hours to delve into and learn about. Something that I have been promising for some time now to write about. This is one of those that I really do laugh about though. I am now getting to the point where all my delving into is leading too. Now is the time for me to write about them all. After all, doing reviews means I have tested these sites out for myself.

To be honest I would fall for the countless Lies and big promotions only out of sheer desperation. Even in the beginning when I first started out parting with £20 or $20  was massive for me. After all, not all we have is gold and not all we touch is gold. I am still a budget kind of girl whether I make 4 to 5K a month it doesn’t matter to me. I was still a broke Mom when I started out. My life may have changed for the better but my outlook hasn’t. I certainly know what it is like to struggle and this is why I share my reviews with you all. So let’s not waste time and find out more about Get The Discovery My honest Review. This review I will cut it short as it needs cutting short.

1: Who Is Get The discovery?

2: How Get the discovery Works?

3: Is get the Discovery a Scam?

4: The only Honest way to make Money online WITH NO UPSELL’S.

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Who Is get the discovery?

Platform Name:  Get the discovery


Owner: Ron Porter

Recommended: NO 

This weird online trick is narrated by Ron Porter. He goes on to tell you about how he earns $2,750K in his first month which rises to over $10k in his third month. According to Ron Porter, an 8-year-old could do this. All you have to do is sign up do a few clicks and you are up and running. This is not true. This system actually only tells you what you can do but doesn’t really explain at all the work you need to do. (That’s a lot of work and a lot of promoting you have to do on your part alone)Which this system does not explain.

Get The Discovery unethical promotions
Get The Discovery unethical promotions

Think about it if this 8-year-old can make this amount of money wouldn’t you too want to know how this money is made. Surely it isn’t just a link and a paste. Is it heck. There is no way on this earth that this 8-year-old could do this just with the get the discovery site alone. It is impossible. !!! It is a sales gimmick. One largely used by many. It seems crazy that people believe this but I did too in the past so don’t be worried. Just carry on reading.

Here you are buying into nothing just another big sales funnel. A sales funnel used incorrectly may I add.  Full of fake testimonials and the rest. If you want real the real deal then take a look at my true real-time   Testimonial Pages here. 

Is get the Discovery a Scam?


YES it is. FTC is cracking down on websites like this. Unethical marketers do this often and do not last very long. Their training is weak and largely a build up to a sales funnel to another nonethical platform. Like I always say use your due diligence and do not get caught up in any cross-promotions who all act on the same thing. No training all promises of everything and you only spend fortunes on nothing at all. BE ON YOUR GUARD.!! Unethical sales pitches do not mean you can earn money on their promises.

unethical sales promotions bounding on the ridiculous.
Unethical sales promotions bounding on the ridiculous.

Is this Video A Scam yes it is PERIOD Would You believe it today whilst working on Lumen Video this same girl popped up. So she is a tiny actress little bless her used in scam videos. Now that is unethical very unethical for promoting businesses. 

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