Freedom Shortcut-A Shortcut to Make Money or a “Scam.” My Honest Review 2018

First of all, you are on my website because you are looking for way’s to make money online. Second of all well done to you for doing your homework. Checking out what you are getting yourself into before you decide to sign up is really the only way forward.  I have been an online successful marketer since November 2016. I have other Website but I am not here right now to promote those.

I have spent countless hours and months checking out different platforms just for you, to help save you time and your Money. I started out in Affiliate Marketing back in 2016 on a very tiny budget. So I totally get it for those who are starting out you want to earn money not spend it.

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Now let’s get started from here you will find out if it’s possible to earn That 20K-50K a month. Let’s see if Freedom Shortcut is a Shortcut to make money or if it is a scam.

Fredom Shortcut Scan Review 2018


As with most sales videos, there is very little explained about how the actual program itself works. But if you click through to the order screen you will see that the actual program you are buying is 6 Steps to Freedom. Not much info given on this just enough to entice you into the platform at $49. Here is a list of what I will be talking about on the subject of Freedom Shortcut is it a shortcut to earning money or is it a scam!


  • Who Freedom Shortcut are.
  • Pro’s and con’s
  • About Freedom Shortcut.
  • How Freedom Shortcut Works.
  • Conclusion.



Freedom Shortcut. Is it a shortcut to earning money or is it a Scam. My Honest review 2018. 

From here you will find out if what Freedom Shortcut say is true. Let’s see if it’s possible to earn 20K-50K a month.

Name: The Freedom Shortcut.


Price: $49 leading into Upsells from $1,000 to $10,000.

Recommended:  NO. 

Is it a scam: Debateable. 


It is possible to make Money.


You would need a lot of experience in PPC advertising.

A large budget just to cover PPC. To be able to get anywhere. 

The Upsells are terribly expensive.

It is way harder to achieve any income than they claim.

It’s a funnel for a different programme.

Certainly not for beginners.


Who Freedom Shortcut are. 

Freedom shortcut really isn’t a system but more of a Sales Funnel. You will pay $49 to enter a training platform which certainly isn’t enough training to build your own online business. That is just the beginning for enticing you in. Once in the training part, you will then be placed into the hands of a business coach who will then proceed to sell you the High ticket programme. These are what we call upsells. Something you will have to buy yourself in order to resell this on.  This will lead you to a sales funnel to Jeff Lerner’s 6 steps to Freedom. A very high selling Ticket Programme. These come at a high price tag starting from a $1,000 going into $5,000.

Honest scam Review six steps to Freedom

I did notice in the sales pitch in the video it says you don’t need time nor money. Well, that is total Bull.S. That is totally misleading information. Basically, you will have to buy the 6 steps to Freedom in order to resell them. They call this a Licensing Rights. Basically, all you are doing is reselling. if you think it’s easy then think again. To get any traffic you would have to pay for advertising and this can also be expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. If I was you I would tread very carefully here Guys.


How Freedom Shortcut works.

Freedom Shortcut is basically a sales funnel. You will get access to this when you join Jeff Lerner’s 6 Steps to Freedom. Basically, you are entering a programme at $49 which then leads you straight to the 6 steps to freedom. As I explained above you will have to buy these first and have to resell them to others. These products are hardly worth the high ticket price of 4-5 figures you will be paying for them. There are several packages for you to choose from.

The package you choose will be the package you buy and resell. Then you will be given the unethical misleading marketing materials to use as they do. To try and trick others into buying as you yourself could do.  Short-lived and way harder than they say it is. The hardest part is getting a massive amount of people to buy the product. Hence the advertising you will need. If you don’t have a clue about PPC then that also could become very expensive for you.

Remember the biggest problem. Like Mobe which has a CONFIRMED: FTC has indeed shut down MOBE as seen in the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO)  If you go under you will be left with a product that you cannot sell and you will not get your money back. Please tread carefully. Who needs to be left in thousands of dollars Debt.


So is Freedom Shortcut a Scam.

Many do consider this to be a scam. There is also a limit on how many can join Not really good is it. These so-called high ticket systems are very much the same. Selling for the sake of selling. Recruiting for the sake of recruiting. I would certainly think twice about this Programme.

Freedom Shortcut Scam Review.


To be honest I certainly would avoid this. There is absolutely no way I would be paying out thousands of dollars to end up even more broke than I was before. Building a sales funnel doesn’t have to cost you thousands either. I want to make an online business that I can move forward with. I certainly wouldn’t want to be stuck with a high ticket system.. That will cost me thousands more in advertising just to promote it. It’s entirely up to you but I will be brutally honest with you. It would be foolish for anyone just beginning in online marketing to even contemplate a system like this. You will be on the immediate road to failure.


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  1. Deborah, thank you so much for this review. The information you share here is very helpful. Sometimes when looking into new plans and ways to supplement your income, it’s so hard to tell what programs are good and those that are scams. I can tell by reading your review, this program would not be a good fit for me – especially because of the cost of the program. If I am making money on line, I would much rather do something that won’t cost me a fortune with advertising, etc.

    Sometimes it takes quite a while to review things and really research a good fit for making money. Your review is so helpful because it gives specifics about the program and what it entails. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Keep up the great work with this site.

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi, Yvette,
      I have spent countless hours reviewing products. I am also a budget kind of girl still. So I feel for those who are struggling to get ahead online. After all, we all want to make money not waste it. Here is a free link to my #1 recommendation. Join here for free!
      I have to share this link as it really is the only place I started to earn money with online. Since meeting these guys. I have multiple businesses now all successful in their own rights.
      Thank you for passing by Yvette. Wishing you all the best in all your endeavours.

      My kindest regards Debs. See you on the inside in live chat. 🙂


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