Explode My Pay Day | Can You Make A Six Figure Side Income | Scam Reviewed. Warning Red Flags.

Explode My Pay Day. Scam Reviewed. Warning This article Contains Red Flags. 


Hey everyone,  First of all, welcome to my site and brilliant you for doing your homework on Explode My Pay Day.  I came across Explode My Pay Day because I  am looking for legit Platforms or programmes that I can promote on my Websites too. I say Websites because I have multiple businesses.  I am always on the lookout for some really great legit programmes. That I can promote throughout my businesses. Of course, they have to be 100% legit before I even consider a platform otherwise it will kill my businesses.

This is a full review of Explode my Pay Day  I wanted to check out all the hype to see if it’s possible to a Six-figure side income. Warning this review does Contain Red Flags.  Do I recommend it.. NO! 



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Here is a list of things I want to cover in this review Of Explode My Pay Day. First of all, this is a Click Bank Product and it’s a good thing because Click Bank have a refund policy that all sellers need to abide by. 


Click Bank product Explode your Pay Day scam

So let’s get started. Read my list below what I will cover with this review. 


Who is Explode My Pay Day?

What does Explode My Pay Day  Do?

Can you earn money with Explode My Pay Day?

Is Explode My Pay Day s a Scam?

Do I recommend Explode my Pay Day?



Who is Explode My Pay Day? 


Name: Explode My PayDay
Website: explodemypayday.com
Owner: Meaghan Harper
Price: $47 + upsells
Overall Rating: 1/10
Recommended? No


What does

Explode My Pay Day Do? 



 Exlode my Pay Day Scam Reviewed



First of all, Explode My Pay Day is just another hyped up system that is designed to lure you in with the usual Earn Big Money a day. Now although you can earn Big money a day it simply doesn’t work as easy as they say it does. To generate traffic to any website will take time and lots of effort. The top Online Affiliate Marketers will tell you that.



Explode My Payday claims to be a Brilliant new platform that will help you make thousands of dollars online. Some of the people in the video claim that they make $4,000+ per month, while the page claims that you can make $1,000+ per day. It’s all a hype.
The Mentor or creator is Fake Meaghan Harper is an Actress from Fiverr.



Meaghan Harper claims that she needs 45 people to help her expand her online business. The only business this lady does Has been an actress for other videos on other fake platforms like this one I did a Review on too. However, the truth is all these claims are total lies.



So Let’s carry on and push through some more. The Red Flags are coming up. Some major ones too.  I am actually quite shocked at this system and the blatant lies. Fake testimonials mean fake Money Earnings.



Lets Meet Meaghan Harper. This is a screen Shot taken for the video. 


Will the Real Meaghan Harper Please stand up. BIG RED FLAGS HERE! 


Fake Testimonials Meaghan harper.





Fiverr Actress Proof! Meaghan Harper Scam review.


Once you enter this very fake video and sign up. This lady Aka Meaghan Harper. Who is looking for 45 people to join her in this big money making Bonanza of hers. To join first its $240 then it jumps to $625. Then to access your cash your then lead to another page that will Charge you $47 a month.



Explode My Pay Days sales Funnel 


Explode my pay day Sales Funnel.



Meaghan will go on to tell you that your account balance will just keep growing automatically. The only bank balance growing is the fake founders one. It’s all just crazy.



Meaghan Harper says you’ll earn money through websites that have all been done for you and there’s no effort required on your part to start generating commissions. According to Meaghan, it’s her magical soft-wear that drives traffic from google search engines and from social media accounts. That is a load of B.S.


Here are more Fake Testimonials. This Leanne Bakker does not exist This lady is an Actress as you can see below she has also helped promote Greedy Mentor.  These videos look rather similar, don’t they?



Fake Testimonial Fake Cash Earnings. The whole Video is Fake.




Fiverr Actress Proof! Greedy Mentor.



You can read My Scam Review on Greedy Mentor right Here!



I have just written about a very similar thing like this on “Auto Chat Profits.” For instance, if this Scam goes down which it will then you will lose all your work if you generated any at all. The best way to do this Is do what I do and build your own Websites.



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Can you Earn Money with Explode My Pay Day?


Absolutely not it’s all based on lies and fake testimonials. The only person that will be earning money is the owner and please be aware they will sell on your Data. That is a big nono You will be open to more fraudsters and scammers. Please use your due diligence.


Beware of Renting or selling of your Data.

Is Explode My Pay Day Loan a Scam? 



I am sorry I have to say yes Explode My Pay Day is a SCAM!!. It has too many RED FLAGS for me. I wouldn’t trust anybody that shared any of my Data. That will also include emails and telephone numbers and your names and addresses. The Explode My Payday sales page is just a renamed sales page that has been used for a ton of scams in the past.



They do nothing but lie and mislead you in hopes that you’ll get out your wallet and give them $47 and More for the upsells.


In fact to be honest the only good thing about it is the Refund Policy and that only comes because it is a CLICK BANK PRODUCT. All Click Bank Products have to have a 60-day money back Guarantee.




Would I recommend Explode My Pay Day?


Recommended NO! 

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