E-Volve Binary MLM Review.

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 You have landed on my website because you are looking for a review on E-volve and you’re wondering if this is a legit MLM company or is it just another cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme or a scam. I’m going to cover as much as I can this with E-Volve Review but as always if an MLM company is not upfront about who owns it or runs it that is always major Red flags to consider. 

I have covered as much as I can about E-Volve there isn’t much to find as they are not up-front about who the owners are. There are some Red Flags, so you have been warned. I have also given you better ways to Earn Money from home without being scammed. That includes comparison review and even affiliate marketing versus MLM/So keep reading until the end, so you don’t miss out on any of the significant parts you should know about. E-volve uses the Binary MLM business model.


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Who is E-volve?E-volve-Logo

Evolve presents Simon Volpi as the company’s founder and CEO. I really cannot find much out about Simon Volpi. E-volve uses the multi-level marketing business model and has a minimum investment of €50.  E-volve represents it generates revenue via cryptocurrency and trading bots. E-volve’s website domain e-volve.io was privately registered on November 27th, 2019. This is round about the same time Dreams Digger stopped paying out their affiliates. Claiming it was down to their programmers which seems unrealistic to me. 

E-volve appears to be mostly from DD corporations affiliates. DD corporation known as Dreams Digger currency launched mid last year. Promotion of E-volve began around the time of DD Corp’s collapse. Dreams Digger solicited promises on a trading bot Returns, but no payments have been paid out since December last year Brazilian authorities began investigating DD Corporation in January. Exact figures are unknown, but authorities have estimated losses at USD 5 million 1.09 million. Dream Digger and E-volve io are similar to Bitcoin Evolution and Tornado Rising along with Gold Tinkle that I have also talked about, well worth the read.

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Are E-volves Products worth the price?

E-volve doesn’t have any retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market E-volve Affiliate membership itself. They are using their MLM Binary compensation plan to recruit. 

What is CryptoCurrency?


In short, CryptoCurrency is Virtual Money. These are protected codes that are used in Transactions online. Most well known is Bitcoin.  Unlike conventional currencies, cryptocurrencies are free from government regulation and manipulation, as they are monitored through P2P Internet protocols. Cryptocurrencies are also anonymous, which means that accounts and transactions involving cryptocurrencies are not connected to anyone or any entity. Cryptocurrencies transactions take place on a worldwide network can be used by anyone.

E-volve’s Compensation Plan

Once you sign up to become an Affiliate of E-Volve, you will payout 50 Eur or more with promises of weekly returns. 


Evolve Affiliate Ranks. 

There are five Affiliate ranks with E-volves compensation plan/ 

  • Associate – generate 1000 points in accumulated weaker binary team side volume
  • Executive 5K – Generate 5000 points in accumulated weaker binary team side volume
  • Executive 30K – Generate 30,000 points in accumulated weaker binary team side volume
  • Executive 100K – Generate 100,000 points in accumulated weaker binary team side volume
  • Millionaire – Generate 100,000,000 points in accumulated weaker binary team side volume

Point values are based on investment by directly and indirectly recruited E-volve affiliate investors.


Referrals commissions will receive 5% of the funds you have personally recruited once you join them. 

E-Volve pays residual commissions via a binary compensation structure. The binary compensation structure places you as an affiliate at the top, and you will have your downline one on the left one on the right. 

Super Wealthy Affiliates-binary-compensation-plan

Then your downline will also go on to do the same in return they will keep recruiting and so will you. Each new level housing twice as many affiliates. 

Affiliates are paid a 100% commission on the volume generated on their weaker binary team side. Once paid out the volume is matched any leftover volume on your stronger team will be carried over/ 

At the end of each day, E-volve tallies this all up. To keep qualifying for any commissions you will have to have two active invested affiliates at all time. E-volve also caps residual commissions based on Rank. 


  • Associates can earn up to €500 EUR
  • Executive 5Ks can earn up to €1000 EUR
  • Executive 30Ks can earn up to €3000 EUR
  • Executive 100Ks cap not provided
  • Millionaires can up to €5000 EUR

Matching Bonus

E-volve affiliates earn a Matching Bonus on downline residual commission earnings.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretically infinite number of levels.

The Matching Bonus is paid out down five uni-level team levels:

  • level 1 personally recruited affiliates – 7%
  • level 2 – 5%
  • level 3 – 4%
  • level 4 – 3%
  • level 5 – 1%

E-Volve also has a rewards structure that goes like this. 

  • Qualify as an Executive 5K and receive €1000 EUR
  • Qualify as an Executive 30K and receive a trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic
  • Qualify as an Executive 100K and receive a Rolex watch worth up to €14,000 EUR
  • Qualify as a Millionaire and receive a supercar worth up to €180,000 EUR

As always once you qualify for the higher ranks, you will be paying out more money. That’s if you get that far.


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Pros Of E-volve


Cons Of E-volve 

  • E-Volve is not registered to offer securities. 
  • Ponzi scheme
  • Rehashed That was once Dream Digger, or so it seems
  • Once recruits dry up so will your payments. 
  • You will lose all your hard work and all your downline. 



Is E-volve a scam?

In all essence, in a sense yes because they are making false claims and is from what I can find out just the same as Dream Digger.

This the kind of Ponzi scheme means you need to join in quick and get out quick before they fold or are brought down by the FTC. They are not regulated. No doubt will shut down or be closed down, and you will lose your money. 


Super Wealthy Affiliates-Earn-Money-online


E-Volve just seems to be another rehashed platform that was formerly Dream Digger they haven’t paid out any returns since last year. E-volve represents it generates external revenue via cryptocurrency arbitrage and trading. There is absolutely no evidence to say external revenue is provided. Basically you will just be promoting the Affiliate links to the same optin you signed up for.  Once this gets closed down or closes, you will lose all your money. So will you lose all your hard work that goes with it?

Meaning you will lose out on any promotions you have done if you have done any paid ads or even if you have built a website around E-Volve. Your whole work goes down with it, not to mention your good name. Your whole downline gets lost with it all too. I could not promote a company like this just to earn a quick buck; it just goes against the grain for me. I know many people do, but to me, that is because they do not care and are downright greedy. They will aim their promotions at unsuspecting newbies on false promises and fake money-making claims. The majority of people won’t even know it is a scam until they have lost their money.

I much prefer Affiliate Marketing VS Multi-level marketing and here is why. 


How I make Money Online?

I make money online via a company called Wealthy Affiliate.  They have taught me how to build a website and learn how to monetise it. This is how I was taught to build this website you are on now. I wanted to build this website to help people like yourself avoid being scammed online. 

I too, have been scammed in the past, and it is no laughing matter. Especially if you are on a budget and you have kids to feed. 

Not to mention if you join E-Volve you will be recruiting new members all the time. If they do go down, then all your hard work goes with it, this will never happen to me as I own this website. I will keep writing reviews on Good companies and Bad companies. Because I never earned a dime with MLM and I just wasted two and half years trying to make money in MLM, I ended up at a loss.

If you are fed up of being scammed, or you are sick and tired of recruiting and just being another product buyer, then you can join us. We are 2 million people that have joined, and many of us are earning money online. This is not a get rich quick scheme and don’t let anyone tell you any different if they say you can make money in a week they are lying to you. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is. If it were true we would all be rich, wouldn’t we? I am also a local marketer as well as an affiliate Marketer which means  I have two forms of legit income coming in. 

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E-Volve io




Binary MLM



  • None


  • Ponzi scheme
  • Could have been Dreams Digger Before
  • Once recruitment drys up so will your money
  • Not Regulated.

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