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You are on my post because someone might have approached you about the company doTerra or you could be looking for a home-based business opportunity online and you are searching online reviews on doTerra. Whatever it is that you’re looking for you want to know if you can make money from home with this company and if it is, in fact, a legit MLM ( Multi-Level Marketing) company or just another big fat scam MLM.

Please keep reading because I like to dig into the compensation plan because as always some flaws or some hidden loopholes that your sponsor’s don’t want you to know. I have found a few flaws in the compensation plan that you should know about as your sponsors won’t tell you. I am not here to diss the products doTerra sell but more on the home-based business side of things. 

Make Money From Home

What is doTerra?super-wealthy-affiliates-doTerra-product-review

doTerra launched in 2008. David Sterling, Emily wright and David hill. The founders of the company the Executives and comes from two different backgrounds, one in Healthcare and the other in business and what the company offers is an alternative path to health and wellness via their essential oils.

doTerra means- Gift of the Earth that sell therapeutic grade essential oils to the world. “doTerra” essential oils vary four different elements? I will explain more about the products below. doTerra uses the MLM business model or direct sales to promote their products. Although the company is not decades old, yet it has witnessed massive growth over the years. In 2014 the FDA issued a warning letter as distributors were saying the products could help fight Ebola and Cancer. It is still said that distributors are selling products on the benefits of helping fight  Influenza and yes even for Autism. 

Some of their product lines are.

  • Essential oils
  • doTerra: Breath
  • doTerra: On Gaurd Products
  • weight Management
  • Supplements

Are doTerra products worth their price?

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In buying any products, you should base your decision on the products quality affordability, and of course, beneficial qualities of any products doTerra do a pretty good job of informing people about the quality of their essential oils.

 The only thing is doTerra is quite expensive and like so many other MLM products, just like Younique and Youngevity.

 If you’re selling them from a business point of view to earn money quite a lot out there that have been sold we’re cheaper because some people just want to offload they’re in wanted products this happens in many MLM companies no they say it’s not allowed it still happens though.

Here are just a couple of reviews. From Trustpilot.

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The doTerra MLM Opportunity?

Here is a quick video to explain the compensation plan. No need to leave just press play and you can watch the video right here. Here is a quick video to explain the compensation plan.

No need to go just press play and you can watch the video right here.

doTerra compensation plan is confusing. That is the thing. They always seem to confuse people and most sponsors never get the hang of a compensation plan.

Watch the video below also the ex-sponsor clearly explains why she left doTerra after four years. She also describes how they never understood the compensation plan.

Always remember you always have to buy every month. So do your downline to keep in with all the commissions miss a month or if one of your downlines do you lose out on making money. Remember the higher your level, the more you will have to spend a month too. That is some of the loopholes your sponsor does not want you to know. My sponsor, when I asked as a sponsor for Life Plus, told me not to worry about that. I thought she was somewhat crazy. Why wouldn’t I worry about my extra outlays?

Retail Profit – You get a 25% commission on purchase made by your retail customers.

Fast Start Bonus – For the first two months, this bonus allows new distributors to earn higher percentage commissions from their first three levels of downlines (Level 1: 20%, Level 2: 10%, Level 3: 5%). But each enroller must have a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards

Power of Three Bonus – This is when you recruit three people in your downlines. They also recruit three and so on. You will be rewarded a cash bonus of $50, $250, $1,500

Unilevel Organizational Bonus – Up to 7 levels deep, you can earn residual income in your doTERRA MLM business.

How Much does it cost to join doTerra?

doTerra also charges you $35 as a registration fee and $100 per month to be qualified for several commissions.

That’s not all as a lot of newbies to MLM don’t take the hidden extra costs into account. There are so many you have to account for and if you are a Mom or Dad on a budget then be ready to additional layout costs for things that you will need or have to do to grow your MLM business.

  • Testers
  • Postage
  • Travel
  • Hosting parties
  • Leaflets
  • Websites
  • hosting
  • FB Ads
  • Google Ads

If you have a website already, then learn how to get more Leads organically.

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Can you make money with doTerra?

doTerra has limited earning potential. The majority of MLM sponsors barely earn 1,000 per year. Getting in the top 1% of doTERRA is no easy. Achieving Silver rank, for instance, requires recruiting at least three other people who personally sell or recruit people who sell at least $3,000 in product per month. Same as Amway

If you take into consideration the extra costs that you will have to payout, it means you are making even less money.

After I spent two and a half years in MLM with Forever Living and Life Plus, I ended up in debt and was just another product buyer. I learned the hard way. Not any more since I  joined Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is a video that you can watch, and it just goes to show not only that how hard it is earning money but also the offloading of unwanted products. Like this lady traded hers in for her new dreadlocks. It just goes to show. How difficult MLM marketing is. Watch this ladies story in the about her experience as a sponsor of doTerra.

Just press Play you can watch the video right here.



Pros of doTerra

doTerra is a legit MLM and is not a Pyramid scheme.

Cons Of doTerra

  • Lack of support.
  • MLM is like a cult.
  • Told to lie via scripts.
  • Work so much harder for minimum wage
  • Hard to sell super expensive products.
  • Constantly recruiting. Working more hours than a day job
  • Sponsors only retain about 5% of their downline.
  • Extra costs that you have to payout.
  • Can source the doTerra products cheaper online from ex-sponsors that want to claim some of their money back.


Final Thoughts.

Being an ex MLM sponsor, I know the hardships it can take to keep recruiting more customers. Although they say you are an IBO (Independent Business Owner) you never really are as a matter fact you are just a rep. If they close their doors Just like Mary Kay has in Australia and New Zealand, your whole business goes with it.

That can never happen to me as I own this website. I don’t have to keep recruiting, and I don’t have to keep buying masses amounts of endless expensive products that I need to source buyers for.

I don’t have to keep posting on any products I do not have to deal with customer services or refunds. I don’t even have to buy a product.

I find Affiliate Marketing a more straightforward business model, and if I wanted to promote beauty products or essential oils, I could do that for free by joining Affiliate Programs. It’s a no brainer, and my outlays are nothing compared to what I had to pay out extra in MLM.


Join me today and start running your own online business and stop lining big companies pockets 

instead of your own!

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Earning Potential



  • Legit MLM


  • Not easy to earn money
  • Expensive Products
  • Extra Hidden costs

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