Crowd1 Scam Exposed [Warning Contains Red Flags]

Welcome to my Crowd1 Review: You have landed here as you are looking into reviews on Crowd1 and you want to know if it is a scam? So let’s get started to see if Crowd 1 is, in fact, a  Scam. Or is it a Legit way to make money online. Warning this review does contain Red Flags and I want to expose them to you.  So please read all the way through.

Crowd 1 is now banned in Namibia. Latest Updates 3rd of April 2020 Since I wrote this review there have been many changes to Crowd 1. Premier Bets have now clarified that they have nothing to do with Crowd 1. So Crowd 1 have since launched themselves as An App Ponzi scheme. There has been more bad news surrounding Crowd1. It now arises that are they not only banned in Namibia but Paraguay has followed suit.

The Comision Nacional de Valores has issued a Crowd1 securities fraud warning for Paraguay. The CNV is Paraguay’s top financial regulator. They have issued a formal warning on the promoting of Crowd1. It is also illegal to promote unregistered securities. Promoters of Crowd1 in Paraguay face up to three years imprisonment or a fine. Crowd 1 is Targeted mainly towards South Africa.

What is a Ponzi Scheme?

A Ponzi scheme is basically an investment fraud where people are paid by existing funds invested by new investors. Having no actual product for sale is the same as or similar to a  Pyramid Scheme. Meaning the owners promise to invest for you but actually don’t bother. Once investment dries up then so does the money and many people end up losing more money in the long run. Ponzi schemes are illegal in some countries.


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Stelios Piskopianos of Crowd1 Network Europe Ltd is listed as the owner, through an address in Cyprus on the domain name ”” According to Stelios Piskopianos on his LinkedIn has a financial background and has Stong IT skills with knowledge of computerized information systems. However, Crowd1 is not mentioned in his profile.

Crowd1 Is a Multi-Level Marketing company (MLM) Crowd1 offers educational training guides on topics from real estate to cryptocurrency trading. The opportunity side of it has a part of it that is structured in an MLM business model.

What you will get when you make an investment to join Crowd1 will be educational training product on topics like:
Real Estate, Funding and Marketing and more. You will also get access to platforms like AffilGo and Miggster. The opportunity side of it has a part of it that is structured in an MLM business model. 

To join Crowd1 one of the investment levels to qualify for commissions from the opportunity that Crowd1 offers. What you get for your investment is what the company calls ”owner rights” and Virtual shares. The owner’s right shares are what the company uses to pay out your returns. I shall include all the Compensation structure breakdown in my review so keep reading to find out more.

Why I prefer Affiliate Marketing Vs Multi-Level Marketing. 

Quick Summary:

  • Website Name:
  • Owner/s: Stelios Piskopianos Not 100% sure
  • Who is it for?    For the owners.

Who is it aimed at For those who Work From Home, Want to Earn A Side Income, Interested in Cryptocurrency and MLM and Affiliate Marketing?

  • Recommended: NO!! 


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A quick update here.. Crowd1 is banned in Namibia for being a Ponzi scheme and if you promote this company in that country you face 10 years in prison. Please be careful.. This is breaking News..In 2020…. Paraguay Now follows suit. 


  • How much to Join Crowd1 
  • White – €99 EUR
  • Black – €299  EUR
  • Gold – €799 EUR
  • Titanium – €2499 EU

If you are really fed up of been scammed then here is a comparison review below. I have compared Crowd1 to Wealthy Affiliate. The reason being is I was so fed up too of being lied to and scammed by Ponzi schemes rubbish MLM’s. Not any more. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. I should have been with them for nearly 4 years now and I have never looked back. I know what to look for in scams now. That is why I built this website to help you avoid been scammed online. Here are two other Platforms I have written about that I do not recommend. Walters FMS and another one that is very similar is Gold Tinkle  

Dare to Compare?

What does Crowd1 sell?

Crowd1 has no products for retail nor does it offer any services so all is available to promote is the Affiliate membership itself.

Crowd1’s Compensation Plan and how it works.

Crowd1 affiliates invest funds on the promise of advertised returns.
Crowd1 tracks and pays out returns through ”owner right” shares.

  • White –

Invest €99 EUR and receive €100 EUR worth of owner rights shares

  • Black –

Invest €299 EUR and receive €300 EUR worth of owner rights shares

  • Gold –

Invest €799 EUR and receive €1000 EUR worth of owner rights shares

  • Titanium –

Invest €2499 EUR and receive €3500 EUR worth of owner rights shares


Residual Commissions. (Binary Pay)

Crowd1 pays residual commissions via a binary compensation structure.
A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team


Binaries only have 2 legs One on each side.

Binary Compensation Plan
Binary Compensation Plan has only Two Legs


You need to personally sponsor and maintain 1 person on your right and 1 person on your left leg to qualify for these commissions. Binaries payout on the leg that has the least amount of volume or points. You must have at least a matching amount of volume on both legs for you to earn. Binaries can be built down to unlimited depth.
Positions in the binary can be filled by direct or indirect sponsoring.

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The first level of the binary team houses two positions. The second level of the binary team is generated by splitting these first two positions into another two positions each (4 positions).
Subsequent levels of the binary team are generated as required, with each new level housing twice as many positions as the previous level.
Positions in the binary team are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of affiliates. Note there is no limit to how deep a binary team can grow.

Residual commissions are paid based on investment volume generated on both sides of the binary team. The investment volume is tracked via points, which correspond with Crowd1’s investment tiers as follows:

  • White – 90 points
  • Black – 270 points
  • Gold – 720 points
  • Titanium – 2250 points

Crowd1 calculates residual commission using what they call a ”1/3 balance” ratio.

A 1/3 balance ratio sees residual commissions paid out on investment volume generated on the weaker side of the binary team.
This volume is matched in triple against the stronger binary team side (assuming matching volume is available).
Once a payable volume is added up, affiliates receive 10% of the total volume amount.

Example. A recruited affiliate signs up at the White tier and is placed on your weaker binary team side.
This generates 90 points on the weaker binary team side, which is matched with 270 points from the stronger binary team side. This calculates to 360 points in total.

A 10% residual is calculates on this point total, coming to €36 EUR. Remember though if the 270 points don’t exist on the stronger binary team side, the system will try to match either double or an equal amount of points from the stronger binary team side.
If there isn’t enough to match the weaker binary team side, only 10% of the weaker binary team side points is paid out.

Matching Bonus (uni-level Pay)

Crowd 1 pays a matching bonus on residual commissions earned by your downline. A uni-level compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a uni-level team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1):

Binary MLM Compensation Plan
Binary MLM Compensation Plan


Crowd1 caps payable Matching Bonus uni-level team levels at five.
How many levels a Crowd1 affiliate earns the Matching Bonus on is determined by an affiliate’s personal recruitment efforts:

  • Invest at the White tier and recruit four investors = a 10% match on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates)
  • Invest at the Black tier and recruit eight investors = a 10% match on levels 1 and 2
  • Recruit twelve investors = a 10% match on levels 1 to 3
  • Invest at the Gold tier and recruit sixteen investors = a 10% match on levels 1 to 4
  • Invest at the Titanium tier and recruit twenty investors = a 10% match on levels 1 to 5

StreamLine Bonus

The Streamline Bonus appears to be a way to increase owner rights share returns.
Crowd1 tracks the Streamline Bonus via company-wide recruitment. You sign up and everyone who joins after you fall into your Streamline Bonus.
There are “streamline levels” that correspond with how much a Crowd1 affiliate has invested:

  • White tier affiliates receive three Streamline levels
  • Black tier affiliates receive eight Streamline levels
  • Gold tier affiliates receive twelve Streamline levels
  • Titanium tier affiliates receive fifteen Streamline levels


Fear of Loss Bonus.

The Fear of Loss Bonus is a recruitment bonus, active during a newly recruited Crowd1 affiliate’s first fourteen days with the company. if you sponsor a certain amount of NEW  investing members in a 14 day time period you will earn extra commissions that is why they call it a fear of loss bonus. 14 days isn’t long to recruit new members so that could have been made longer.
During the Fear of Loss Bonus period, a Crowd1 affiliate earns

  • €125 EUR per four White investment tier affiliates recruited
  • €375 EUR per four Black investment tier affiliates recruited
  • €1000 EUR per four Gold investment tier affiliates recruited
  • €3000 EUR per four Titanium investment tier affiliates recruited

Gambling Residual

By convincing others to invest, Crowd1 affiliates can increase their share of company-wide gambling revenue.
The Gambling residual starts at 5% at the Team Leader rank (generate 500 points in weaker binary team volume), and increases to 10% for the Director (generate 500,000 points in weaker binary team volume) and higher ranks.


The new Launch of Affilgo

Launch of Crowd1, Affilgo, and global partners. Crowd1 and Affilgo enter the fully operational mode. The revolutionary recurring bonus systems are activated and all members can now invite online gaming players from all over the world. All members will also be able to sell or buy Owner Rights on the real-time trading platform, at Crowd1 Exchange.



Is Crowd1 a Scam?

Crowd 1 is not accredited to the Better Business Bureau. The whole concept if done properly like MLM or Cryptocurrency is run regulated properly and is compliant in all areas then yes it could be a good business model. However, Crowd1 offers no information on any of this so it just screams out to be a Ponzi Scheme. Those kinds of schemes never last long they dry up quickly and many people investors are left with no returns and no chance of getting their money back. It is a case of getting in quickly getting out quickly.

The fact that they offer no retail products and run an MLM compensation plan structure is not in compliance. Gambling is also very regulated and any profits made need to be licensed which there is no evidence that the company has it.

The company all so says that external revenue is generated through Online Gambling. Gambling is highly regulated and any profits made need to be licensed but Crowd1 shows nothing at all to prove that. Naturally, no information about any of the supposed gaming partners Crowd1 has not really provided this..
Yet despite that, the company simultaneously touts accumulated returns of 450%.

Crowd 1 Reviews from Trustpilot. Not happy people to be honest. These are the most up to date reviews for Crowd 1  in 2020. Lots of complaints. Not worth the risk. Apparently many false 5 star ratings.



These are two major concerns and they do not offer any transparency on this at all. Gaming is strictly regulated the world over. Hence Crowd1 being shady about who their providers are, and clarification that they themselves don’t offer gambling services.
This is a regulatory concern in and of itself.

With respect to the Crowd1’s MLM opportunity, the more pressing concern is the passive investment opportunity offered through “owner rights” shares. Using new investment to pay owner rights share returns to existing affiliates would make Crowd1 a Ponzi scheme.
On top of that you have recruitment commissions, adding a pyramid layer to the scheme (again illegal the world over).

As with all MLM Ponzi schemes, once affiliate recruitment slows down so too will new investment. These kind of Binary MLM are really a kind of platform you get in quick but get out quick.

A legit Multi-Level Marketing company are those with Products to Sell. I have written about Life Plus and some of the more well known MLM companies. Like Mary Kay, even these well-established companies do come with hidden Loopholes in their compensation plans too. I spent nearly 18 months with Life Plus and never earned a penny. MLM is not an easy business model for those looking to Earn a Side Income. Many people say some MLM or Direct sales companies are like cults. Mainly targeted at stay at home mums. You can check them out I have written quite a few reviews on MLM.





Hopefully, now I have given you somethings to ponder on before you part with your hard-earned money. The majority of the time is just using your due diligence. This review is based on facts that I have found out and of course on what I know as I have been reviewing these kinds of schemes long enough, so I know what to look for. At the end of the day, the decision is yours and if you are thinking of joining Crowd1 then that is up to you. I know where I am putting my money and that is staying right in my pocket. I have some concerns about how they are running their business and it’s lack of transparency.


If you have any questions then please ask away pop them in my comment section below. If you want me to check out another program or platform then please ask and I will do the homework for you and find out if you may have concerns or not.

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  • NONE


  • Banned in Namibia and Paraguay
  • Ponzi Scheme
  • People are losing money

12 thoughts on “Crowd1 Scam Exposed [Warning Contains Red Flags]”

  1. While I’ve never heard of Crowd1, I’m curious as to why the owner of the company isn’t easily found.  This is cause for a major red flag in my opinion.  Also, the comp plan seems too difficult to understand and I’m immediately turned off.  In the end, it’s not even accredited by the BBB, thus raising yet another huge concern.  I’m glad I read this post so I know to steer clear.  Thank you for writing this review!

    • Hi,

      Yes I always check out the transparency first. After all if they are not forward in letting people know who they are. Then what is it they are hiding. Just seems to me the Biggest Red Flag of all. Especially if you have to spend money. 

      Earning a living online can be done but with a legit training platform is so essential. That’s why I cannot fault at all. Not only that I am also and have been taught how to avoid scams online. 

      Rubbing shoulders with like-minded entrepreneurs is a definite yes. I learn so much more yes I chat on a day to day basis with Super Affiliates. That really is an added bonus. 

      Have a lovely week.

      Deborah 🙂 

  2. Hey, You have done a grate work for me to understand the Crowd1. I learn a lot before entering into the system of Crowd1 via your article. I think it is not for me to wait my valuable time in such useless sites. I found Crowd 1 is not accredited to the Better Business Bureau. Now I found wealthy affiliate and it is working very well for me. I am working on my training and learn a lot from it. Now my business is generating some revenue also. 

  3. Wow! Very good reviews! Thank you for giving warnings to many people especially to me about the dangers of Crowd1. Today, there are many websites that offer this service. A service that makes many people feel they can become millionaires overnight!
    I am personally one of those affected by scams with similar websites. However, because of that, I was traumatized and very careful.
    Therefore, thank you again for sharing and taking the time to do research on this website. Very helpful!
    By the way, regarding the Wealthy Affiliate product that you offer. Is that a scam?

    • Hi,
      No Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. It is a 100% legit platform. It is the place that taught me everything I know today. It is the platform that got me my first passive income. I want to help people avoid scams and Crowd1 is not a place people will earn money from.
      Wealthy Affiliate is my recommended platform because it is 1 million percent legit. I wouldn’t be with them if they were scammers. I want to help people avoid scams not get scammed. Being scammed is heartbreaking and so unfair. I know I have been there in the passed.
      Wealthy Affiliate really is a super pay it forwards platform we all help each other to succeed in fact the only people who fail are those that give up.
      Wishing you all the best in all you do.
      Debs 🙂

  4. OMG what a confusing, hard to understand comp plan.  I am not in favour of MLM to begin with but reading your in depth article makes Crowd1 “smell” if you know what I mean.  So grateful that you are on it and letting people know Crowd1’s backgrounds, dodgy license behaviour etc.

    One has to be diligent these days as these type of people are ruthless.  I congratulate you on saving naive and even some not so naive people from losing hard earned dollars.

    Thanks for the knowledge.  Cheers

    • Hi, Jill,
      Yes, the compensation plans can be confusing. Especially for any newbie. They always have some hidden secrets that they don’t tell you. Secrets that will probably cost the people that join more money. Nowadays we have to use our due diligence. Thankfully those who really know that money is not earned overnight are the ones that succeed in online marketing. Such a shame people do not realize the only people that are earning money are the owners of Crowd1.
      Thankfully I found Wealthy Affiliate That is why I built this site to help people try and avoid scams at all costs. I have been there myself when I was new to online marketing and have been scammed. Thankfully now because of Wealthy Affiliate been scammed is a thing of the past for me.
      Thank you, Jill.
      Debs 🙂

      Not a good thing at all.

  5. Hi Deborah. Thank you for sharing this information and review of Crowd1. One thing I have observed about legitimate products and opportunities to make money online and offline, the owners do not hide their identity (although some in some not so good opportunities, the owners don’t hide themselves); the reverse is the case with Crowd1. The owner choose to hide his identity. They don’t even have real products to market. It looks like a Ponzi scheme and MLM combined together.


    • Hi Mr.Biizy,
      This is so true. If they are as good as they say why do they hide their true identity. Transparency should be the first thing people check up on for sure..That is one of the biggest Red Flags.
      Thank you for passing by.
      Debs 🙂

  6. Hello Deborah,

    Thanks for this great information, it is good people are properly educated on how to identify genuine MLM businesses, a Ponzi scheme is NOT an MLM and like you rightly pointed out, they will not last.
    Although this is my first time hearing of Crowd1, I am well abreast of Wealthy Affiliate; the package in Wealthy Affiliate offers a comprehensive service that will help you build your website, rank it on Google and this a good point for anyone interested in affiliate marketing.
    Once again thanks for this review

    • Hi,
      I have seen you inside Wealthy AffiliateWealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliate.
      You are powering on there really quickly. That is brilliant.
      Yes, you are so right. Those venturing into MLM really do need to know more about it. I see a lot of complaints out on the internet about Crowd1.. I notice those who promote it have not earned any money themselves and that is so sad.
      Those promises of getting big returns are built on lies. I see it all the time and that is such a shame.
      Thank you for passing by my website.
      Debs 🙂


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