ConversioBot By Simon Wood-Scam or Legit An Honest Review

ConversioBot By Simon Wood An Honest Review

Wow, so Much Hype right now circulating on the internet about this new Tool called ConversioBot by Simon Wood. So many are asking questions is it good is it just a sales gimmick. What is this cool little Chat Bot all about. ConversioBot Chat Box everything You need to know. It is that good I have bought ConversioBot myself. Here in my ConversioBot By Simon Wood, An Honest Review I will include all the bonuses.

I have installed ConversioBot on all my sites and is also brilliant for my Local Websites. You can see the ConversioBot Chatbot active on this page to see what it looks like. Please keep on reading my review for some amazing discounts and bonuses and my personal opinion on what this amazing Chatbot is all about.


  • Product: ConversioBot
  • Cost:$37 with upsells and some bonuses and discounts.
  • Owners: Imran S and Simon Wood.
  • Good for small: business looking to increase sales and also Local business who want to interact with clients 24/7 365 days a year.
  •  Rating : [yasr_overall_rating]


Here is a table of contents of what I will cover in this review.

What is ConversioBot?

Who is ConversioBot for?

Do I recommend ConversioBot? 



What is ConversioBot?

Here is the Upsells for ConversioBot.

Watch The Demo Here


1: Elite Bonus #1:
FIVE Done-For-You Chatbot Templates (Valued at $147)

Delight your audience with an exclusive bundle of 5 bonus ConversioBot templates.

This bonus will be delivered in the Members Area on purchase. Bonus ConversioBot Templates.


2: Elite Bonus #2:
VIP Training On Selling Bots (Valued at $197)

This is an explosive training session in which we reveal secret strategies to sell Chatbots to a hungry audience.

This bonus will be delivered in the Members Area on purchase.Bonus Vip Training

3: Elite Bonus #3:
Bonus Bot Images (Valued at $47)

Chatbots are all about character and personalization.

Our split-testing reveals that the choice of Bot image is an important factor.

With these 20 Bonus Bot images, your customers have a wide variety of choice to enhance their engagement.

This bonus will be delivered in the Members Area on purchase. 10% off at the time of writing this Article.
Bonus Bot Images.
Watch the Demo Video Here!

ConversioBot is Microsoft cloud-based and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot software, designed to increase leads and sales conversions on almost any website. The ConversioBot sales page reckons that with a simple line of code can increase sales and leads. All you have to do is embed or link the code to anywhere you choose on your website.

ConversioBot works with any kind of Website.
ConversioBot works with any kind of Website.


Lots of massive companies are now using this kind of technology.

The likes of

  • Facebook
  • Spotify
  • Starbucks
  • Pizza Hut
  • Amtrak
  • Mastercard
  • Disney
  • Staples
  • Wall Street Journal.


You can also integrate your chatbot with the Auto Responders like Aweber, MailChimp, ConvertKit. To name but a few and you can also use it with WordPress, Clickfunnels, Shopify, Jvzoo, Click Bank.

ConversioBot integrates with these email Autoresponders
Now can be linked with Convertkit.

You will have Acces to Templates that you can customize or make your own Chatbot from Scratch.

There are different ways to integrate the code of your chatbots and these can be done as follows.

My Dashboard For Conversiobot
My Dashboard For ConversioBot

With Widget Bot – Your typical bot that looks like live chat service. It sits in the corner of your page. When a user clicks on it, it opens up a small chat window.
Embedded Bot – Embed the chat box into your site in a specific spot of your choosing so that it’s always open.
Full Page Bot – This chat box takes up the entire screen of your page.
Exit Bot – The chat box opens when a user tries to exit the page. This can help gain their attention and try to get them what they’re looking for before they leave your page.

With ChatBot there are already done for you Templates that are easily customizable.

ChatBot Templates that you can Customize
ConversioBot Chatbot Templates that you can Customize

Which  also includes all the chatbot Training that you will need here are just a few of the training Modules you can expect to get access

All Chatbot Training Categories within ConvesioBot
All Chatbot Training Categories within ConversioBot
Training Modules inside ConversioBot
Just some of the training Videos inside your Dashboard of ConversioBot.















So all in all Chatbot is a simple Technology that sits on your website and helps guide your visitors to the right part of your Site that your users want to find and also giving you some added information. It really is like having somebody working for you 24/7 365 days a year. This can cut down a lot of your work and if you employ someone to be an admin or intercept emails or answer any questions the Chabot can do all this for you.

Just watch the video above for a more in-depth look into ConversioBot.


Who is ConversioBot?

ConversioBot is brilliant for those with a website but you can promote it without a website. It is brilliant for Affiliate Marketers and Local Marketers. It cuts out a lot of time that you need to spend working dealing with comments and emails. It runs 24/7 365 days. So basically can help with the admin areas of your working life.

As an example, I run a few Local Marketing Websites for Local businesses and I do the Admin answering and replying emails etc. If I add in the chatbox on these kinds of websites for local businesses that helps free up a lot of my time. So I highly recommend it for any website for sure.

Is ConversioBot a Legit Product?

Yes, ConversioBot is a legit product if it wasn’t I wouldn’t have bought it myself. I am upgrading to the Full Package of ConversioBot simply because it is fabulous for all my Local websites.

Yes, I do recommend ConversioBot Go ahead an try it for yourself.

The only thing is I don’t recommend it if you don’t have a website but don’t worry I can give you training for that. Then you can consider opting in for ChatBot when you are up and running this is great for email marketing and generating massive leads also.

Please check out my #1 Recommended Resource that teaches me everything I know today. Including building my own websites like this one and also includes the training I needed for my Local Business websites. I have two forms of income now. One is a passive income and the other from my Local Business Marketing if you want to find out more you can right here. Just click Below.

You can earn money online.
Anyone can earn money online the legit way all you need is the right training and support. Get started today it’s totally Free

If you have any questions or Queries please do not hesitate to comment below and I will help you as best as I can.

Have a wonderful day. Debs 🙂




$37.00 to $97.00+



Vip Support


Chat Box Templates


Extra templates



  • Great Discounts
  • Competitions
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Works best with a website But not needed


  • Best with a Website

6 thoughts on “ConversioBot By Simon Wood-Scam or Legit An Honest Review”

  1. Wow, this is a very detailed report. I was looking at affiliate bots however most blog posts I’ve come across to read don’t really mention these extra bonuses that come with the programs. I’m definitely going to give this a try! I have been getting on with the online business world for a few weeks already, and I feel I should be bringing up the level of investments I’m exchanging. Cheers!

    • Hi, Laureen,

      Thank you for passing by. Yes I am using ConversioBot myself and I cannot stress the amount of time I have save just by having the chatbot by ConversioBot active on all my sites. It gives me so much more free time for myself.

      It has saved me money too as I was thinking of employing part time staff. Now If I do I can give my staff better jobs rather than just replying to emails. Its a real must have. I wouldnt have purchased it myself otherwise. 

      Thank you and if you want to find out more just follow any of the links on my chat Bot or on some of those that I haven written about they all come with bonuses and discounts. 

      Thank you for passing by if you need any help setting up your Bot dont forget to shout me out I always love to help any one. 

      Regards Debs 🙂

  2. This is definitely an affordable product, I’m quite surprised due to the technology.  In the video I could see multiple purposes of using it, not just to get subscribers or emails, but also to direct to sales products, which I assume would lead to affiliate link clicks.  My only concern is the disruption the pop up might create when a reader is intently reading the information on the page.  Can you limit the pop up to certain pages on your website?  So it won’t pop up for every visitor who comes to read your blog?  Say maybe only landing pages or sales funnels?  thanks much!

    • Hi, Stacey,

      Yes, you can have this pop up on any page you like. When you like and as many times as you like. If you don’t want to add it into all your pages you don’t have too.

      The Chat Bots are so customizable you can get them to do what you like. You can give Free gifts with them or discounts or you can guide individual users to different pages on your website.
      You can even have a ChatBot for your social media shares and interactions. You can Embed them on your sites or Just link to a Bot if you like and you can use them in Widgets also.

      They are an amazing little tool to have.. Tha’s for sure.
      Thank you for passing by.

      Hope to catch up with you soon.
      Kindest Regards Deborah. 🙂

  3. Hey,

    I knew chatbots from bigger sites and I thought they were complicated or at expensive to maintain, so I didn’t give the matter much thought. But your post made me realize just how easy it is to get one.
    Although I really value the interactive aspect this gives to a website, I still have one little doubt: Do these bots really increase sale? Have you noticed a concrete change after buying this bot? 

    • Hi,
      To be honest I was the same as you when I first found out about ConversioBot. I did a lot of research into this before I made my purchase.

      There seems to be a lot of hype at the moment around these chatbots and I have to admit people are showing lots of interests.

      These little ChatBots have multiple choices. I run quite a few Local Business websites so It does cut some of my time down. Obviously, human interaction is always best but we can’t be awake 24/7 that’s for sure. So this takes the dairy of some of my workload that’s for sure.

      It’s well worth the try. Like I said. I don’t just by something on a whim and there is also a 30-day money back Guarantee if you don’t like it. It’s worth it to even try it out for sure.

      Debs 🙂


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