Cloud Token Review Is it a Ponzi Scheme?

 Cloud Token Review: Is this Cloud Based App just another Ponzi Scheme? Also known as Cloud Token Wallet. So what is Cloud Token all about? I wanted to find out more about this Multi-Level Marketing Company as the transparency of the owners is in fact hard to find. Remember if a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company is not upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

That is common sense really so use your due-diligence here Guys. Remember this is just a guide for you. It is up to you how you decide to spend your money. I do know I will be keeping mine in my pocket. I will also include alternative ways to Earn Money Online in this be sure to keep reading until the end.

Cloud Token has no retail products as such. To promote Cloud Token as an Affiliate/sponsor you will be just promoting the same product yourself. Although this says it is free to join it will cost you $500. Affiliates/sponsors invest more in CTO tokens, on average 10-15% per month. Commissions are paid when Cloud Token affiliates/sponsors recruit others who do the same. Cloud Token then pays referral commissions via uni-level compensation plan used by many Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies.

Quick Summary.

  • Website Name:
  • Owners: Not enough Transparency.
  • Who is it for? The owners themselves.

Aimed at those who Want To Work From Home and who want to Earn A Side Income.

  • Recommended: NO!  


Right, let’s dig in and find out why Cloud Token is a Ponzi Scheme. The reasons why I won’t be wasting my money on Cloud Token! I will give you a list of what I will cover in this review so you know what to expect.

  1. What Is Cloud Token?
  2. How does Cloud Token Work? (Compensation Plan)
  3. Is Cloud Token A Scam?
  4. If you want to Earn Money Online then read this?


What is Cloud Token?Cloud-Token-Product-Review

Is a Blockchain 3.0

• Decentralized digital asset wallet
• Decentralized trading platform
• Support multi-currency storage, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies

Cloud investment trading system

• Deposit and quantification
• A quantitative gift service
• Risk-free brick arbitrage (so it Reckons)
• High-frequency hedge

Cloud Token is a Cloud-based Mobile App that offers Cryptocurrency. There is no Desk Top Version. This is a simple interface that you can create an online account. Cloud Token is, in fact, a useless and cannot be traded on external changes. To be able to get paid on your returns you must keep at least $500 worth of Cloud Token in your wallet. Cloud Token is Fake trading and in all honesty, all they are doing is moving around investors funds. Checking out their new Whitepaper just takes me to a fatal error on their website.

This is going to be a quick cash grab that ends in another exit scam. You need to get in quick and get out quick before you lose your money.

Cloud token is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Called Jarvis which is a trading technology software engine. Jarvis AI bot claims at face value the company is committing security fraud. Cloud Token is not registered to offer securities in any jurisdiction it operates in. This meaning Cloud Token company is operating illegally irrespective of whether Jarvis AI is legit or not..

Now according to Cloud Token,  through  E-Commerce the opening of their mall system, users can enjoy the digital experience of online shopping at Cloud Token Mall with CTO. Purchase everyday items such as books, clothing, shoes, hats, toys, software, home appliances etc.


How does Cloud Token Work? ( The compensation Plan)

How the Cloud Token Compensation Plan works
Does the Cloud Token Compensation Plan work


ROI is generated from recruiting.

In Cloud Token you can receive daily rewards from as many as 21 Levels of affiliate members, as long as you fulfil certain criteria.

In order to unlock these levels, you must personally introduce the below-specified number of people into Cloud Token, each depositing at least $500 in crypto.

When you introduce:

1 Member – you unlock 1 Level of affiliate commissions

2 Members – you unlock 2 Levels of affiliate commissions

3 Members – you unlock 3 Levels of affiliate commissions

4 Members – you unlock 4 Levels of affiliate commissions

5 Members – you unlock 5 Levels of affiliate commissions

6 Members – you unlock 6 Levels of affiliate commissions

7 Members – you unlock 7 Levels of affiliate commissions

8 Members – you unlock 8 Levels of affiliate commissions

9 Members – you unlock 9 Levels of affiliate commissions

10 Members – you unlock 10 Levels of affiliate commissions

11 members – you unlock 11 Levels of affiliate commissions

12 members – you unlock 12 Levels of affiliate commissions

13 members – you unlock 13 Levels of affiliate commissions

14 members – you unlock 14 Levels of affiliate commissions

15 members – you unlock 15 Levels of affiliate commissions

16 members – you unlock All 21 Levels of affiliate commissions

You must remember that the value of members’ deposits must always remain above $500 for that level to be unlocked and for you to continue receiving daily rewards.

  • Direct sign-ups: 100% matching Bonus on all Direct Sign-ups.
  • Indirect Sign-ups: 50% matching bonus on all indirect sign-ups.
  • Uni-level Bonus: Every 3rrd Direct signups to you 10th sign-ups you can be paid on an extra level.

When you have 16 direct signups on your first level you get an extra 5% on the extra 11 levels. Cloud Token also have ranks. When your signups hit these ranks also you then get paid bonus amounts.

Here are the Rank Details.: Signups are commonly known as legs in MLM

C1 – Accumulate a $200K business volume and get an extra 5%

C2 – 3 C1s on 3 separate legs get an extra 5% until you get cut out by a C2 in the downline.

C3 – 3 C2s on 3 separate legs get an extra 5% until you get cut out by a C3 in the downline.

C4 – 3 C3s on 3 separate legs get an extra 5% until you get cut out by a C4 in the downline.

C5 – 3 C4s on 3 separate legs get an extra 5% in revenue share.

To qualify for C5 you must generate three C4 affiliates each in separate uni-level team legs. As a C5 you will receive 5% revenue investment share.

Joining is free but to be able to earn these commissions then you will have to invest $500.

Is cloud Token a Scam?

Although you can earn with Crypto if you know what you doing and can convert your ROI to Bitcoin then you are doing it right. However, you are on borrowed time with Ponzi Schemes. You need to use your due-diligence here and get out as soon as you can or even better do not join it at all.

Cloud Token has unlicensed securities. See scams can never be licensed and will try to carry on for as long as they are not detected. After a time they collapse or just change their names. What else I have found is when you try to get paid out you have to wait on the clearance of Admin who never seem to want to payout.

Their coin is called a CTO and has no real use. They may be paying out now but in the long run, they will disappear and if you are unlucky then your money will go with it too. There is no real proof of any trading and they are just a pump and dump coins. You are paid out in CTO Tokens also.

This is backed by serial Ponzi pushers. Let’s be honest since when does Crypto and MLM mix. They clearly don’t. Cloud Token’s white paper is riddled with lies. Mentioning several names without permission who have no involvement what so ever. As you can clearly see here for yourself.


Pros of Cloud Token?

  • None

Cons Of Cloud Token?

  • Basic Training
  • Ponzi Scheme


If you want to Earn Money Online the Legit Way then read this?

Like everything, if it looks too good to be true then it is too good to be true. You really need to be careful and have your wits about you. I could never promote this kind of Program/Platform simply because I know I am going to lose a fortune. All people will do is promote the same thing to friends Family members etc. Why would anyone one to scam anyone else is beyond me? If this was in no way a scam why is it so hard to find out about the owners. Lots of it is based on lies and whether or not they have cleaned up their act a little it doesn’t matter. They are promoting by hiding behind big names.

The truth of the matter of fact is whether or not you want to get into MLM or Crypto. You need to know what you are doing. This is where MLM recruiters fall short. They really do struggle to recruit members and the reason that is and what I found was is because the training does not equip you with enough information to be able to move past recruiting family and friends.

Even Cloud Token doesn’t really give you enough training to be able to become a successful affiliate marketer. They seem to be want to be everything too. A crypto an MLM an Affiliate Marketing Platform. All they want you to do is keep on promoting what you have been led into that is exactly it. How can you promote something that clearly is not transparent enough? I know I couldn’t.

If people are going to tell you how you can earn money in such a short time beggars belief this is simply not true. If it was so true to think about it we would all be doing it, wouldn’t we? Here is some question you need to ask yourself. What is it you really want from all these types of scams online?

  1. Do you want to Work From Home?
  2. Do you want to Earn an Extra Income Working From Home?
  3. Are you wanting to get into Multi-level marketing?
  4. Do you want to get into Affiliate Marketing?  (Clearly, Cloud Token is basing itself around MLM and Affiliate marketing.)

I was with two Multi-Level Marketing companies that spanned over 2 years. I never earned a dime. I was just their product buyer and I wasted a lot of money trying to earn money. Although on one of them it wasn’t so bad as I did like the products. The reason why so many MLM’ers fail is that they have absolutely no idea how to market themselves properly online.

There are so many people I know now that are entering into because they want to expand there Own MLM businesses further. So why should you fall short? You need to understand that being in MLM goes way past trying to recruit your family and friends and yes even your FaceBook groups or pages. Please believe me that is also set to change. Facebook is not going to be making it easy for you. They are making many changes that are set to change for small Home Business Owners.

You can make money online. You can expand your Multi-level Marketing Business and you can also expand your knowledge in Affiliate Marketing you can also Learn Local Marketing too. We have many also that are interested in Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency too. You can do all of this with expert Free training. See getting ahead online needs nothing more than you and an internet connection. The craziest thing is you can learn everything you need to know about excelling in the online Business marketing world.

I do get all of this for less than a cup of coffee a day. This is one million per cent legit it should be as I have been there for nearly three years. I stay there because I need to be kept up to date on the ever-changing world of technology. I have kept up to date no old outdated training for me nor should any of you use out-dated training.

You can get it all for free for as long as you like with two free websites of your own. After all, every single business out there knows they need a website to be able to survive out there. If you have answered yes to any of my questions then you really are in the right place remember this is FREE for as long as you like. Try it out if you do not like it then leave it still costs you nothing at all. We do not share any of your details needed. No credit card is required nor are your bank details.




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Earning Potential



  • None


  • Ponzi Scheme
  • Hard to follow
  • Not easy to earn money

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