Clickfunnels Review-Is Russel Bronson’s Product Newbie Friendly?

Russel Bronson's Clickfunnels is it really Newbie-Friendly.

Clickfunnels Review-Is Russel Bronson’s Product Newbie Friendly?

There are so many reviews nowadays on Russel Bronson’s Click Funnels. I wanted to test the waters mainly for any newbie starting out with Clickfunnels. Let’s see if it really is worth paying the high upsells that Russel Bronson offers us all. Clickfunnels is basically a system that has lots of ready-made templates that can be used as Sales Funnels.

However, I see so many newbies struggling with Click Funnels. If you are a Newbie and are looking into Russell Bronson’s Click Funnels then please read My full review and let’s find out if it is, in fact, Newbie Friendly. I will also give you some cheaper alternatives in building a funnel. With Free Training included.

There is a 2 week Free Trial. That Includes one upsell for $47 a one-off payment after the 2-week trial there are 3 more upsells. These are charged at a monthly rate. This article contains Affiliate links so here is my Disclaimer. 

  • Personal Level: $37
  • Startup Monthly: $97
  • Enterprise Monthly: $297

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 Stars ∗∗∗∗∗∗∗

Recommended for Advanced Marketers not so much for Newbie Online Marketers,

Who is Clickfunnels for?

  • Click Funnels is for People who already have an online Business. Mainly experienced online Marketers. Those who understand how funnels work. People who can afford the high prices for Russell Bronson’s product.

Who Clickfunnels may not be for? 

  • Not really recommended for those who do not have email Marketing in place. Not really for inexperienced online marketers better for the Super Affiliates or Veteran Affiliates.

Try Click Funnels for Free for 14 days. Just Click the Image and watch the demo.

Try Clickfunnels for 14 day Free Trial.

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What is Clickfunnels?

Click Funnels is a way for you to be able to attract leads and can also be used with Aweber. An email marketing Autoresponder. One I recommend as it doesn’t mind Affiliate Marketers. Unlike the likes of Mail chimp who tend to frown upon Affiliate Links. So if you want an autoresponder then get Aweber. This is not included and does come with additional costs too.

Click Funnels was created by Russel Brunson back in 2014 and is now a $100 million a year business. With over 65,000+ active members to date. Lead pages were the popular software tool to use. Click Funnels have had some great success from many top online marketers.  Here is a bullet list of what Click Funnels can do for you.

  • Squeeze Page
  • Landing Page
  • Webinars.
  • Every sale funnel you could think of.

Here is an overview of what a Sales funnel could contain.

  1. Choose a funnel Type
  2. Select your Funnel Template
  3. Set up a domain name for your funnel.
  4. Add your products and shopping cart.
  5. Save your funnel and promote it best if you already have a massive email list.

Click Funnels also includes other elements and even includes analytics too.

  • Surveys
  • Faq Blocks.
  • SMS Sign Ups.
  • Progress bars.
  • Custom Html.
  • Countdown Timers.
  • Facebook comments.

Each of these elements is easily customizable.


There are many different sales funnels and I have to admit the training is excellent from Russel Brunson. These different funnels are for different types of Businesses. Chances are one may suit your business. However like I said for a newbie do you really one all the expense of joining Click Funnels.

Here is a break down of some of the Funnels.

  • Opt-in Funnel.

One page funnel where people give you there an email address.

  • Sales Funnel.

To collect and Email and sell Directly to a Customer.

  • Webinar Funnel.

Sign up to an up and coming Webinar.

  • Auto Webinar Funnel.

Sign up but has a Recorded Webinar instead of a live one.

  • Custom Funnel.

This one combines all the funnels I have listed here in my bullet listed.

  • Launch Funnel.

This is great for showing new products you are about to launch. Or are ready to share with your customers. Lots of Marketers including John Crestani. Do recommend using Click Funnels. Personally, I just don’t think as Newbie you will need the extra expense. I shall show you a way to do all of this without all the added costs. So please keep reading. 

All in all most that use Click Funnel’s opt-in for the $97 a month but this has restrictions on it and not really any good for those with massive email lists. So many choose to opt-in for the more expensive upsells.

Is Click Funnels a Scam?

All in all the whole Click Funnels Product is very very good but if you are a complete Newbie then many do struggle. There is a lot more work to put in than just banging out some sales funnel on the internet. You are going to need an autoresponder and that will also cost you money. Click Funnels do advise that you will need to work on your sales funnels.

That could include doing Paid Ads too. If you do not know anything about Pay Per Click then you are going to need some training on that too. Most people who do not know how to use PPC find out they lose a lot of money. See all in all Click Funnels is not a scam. However, I do not think it is newbie Friendly either. As it is a very steep Learning Curve.



How to create an online Business including how to do Funnels without the Expensive upsells?

I create everything I need to build an online Business in Affiliate Marketing and Local Marketing Business and I do that all from one platform. I do not have to pay for extras to learn how to build a funnel. Everything I do online costs me per month $29.98 that is at saving as I pay yearly.

I have been with wealthyaffiliate.com since 2016 and I simply haven’t looked back. I do believe if I had found Clickfunnels first as a Newbie. I would not be earning what I earn today. Which is a 4 to 5 K passive monthly income.. I do this from Local Marketing and of course Affiliate Marketing. 

We have Training that will be rolled out this Friday 18th May 2019. This is totally free and Jay our Live training chief will show you how to do a funnel without having to pay out for massive upsells. I have no need to pay out for these expensive upsells from Click Funnels.

Join us in live training with Jay. Build a sales funnel today without paying out costly upsells.

Understanding Marketing Funnels. Training with Jay

Understanding Marketing Funnels.



Training in building a Sales Funnel for Free with Jay

How to build a Funnel for Free 

I hope my Article has helped you decide what is best for you. If you have any questions or comments that you need to ask or are unsure of then please do not hesitate in popping a comment below or you can contact me on my Contact Page. Hope I could help.



$0.00 to $297.00+

24 hour Support


Free Training Boot Camp


14 Days for a Free Try out


Funnel Templates



  • Excellent Training.
  • Facebook Group support
  • Affiliate Facebook group support


  • Not Newbie Friendly
  • Expensive with massive upsells


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