Cash Grab Review-Is It A Scam?

Cash Grab Review-Is It A Scam?

Hey hey, welcome to my Cash Grab Review! You are on my website because you want to find out more about Jamie Lewis and to see if you can earn a 6 figure income with his Cash Grab Software or is it indeed just another Scam. So that’s why I am here to help you decide if Jamie Lewis’s newest system is in fact right for you. 


Making money online can happen but if you want to get ahead online and start earning money.  I am afraid to say that you will come across many scams on your journey. The truth is especially if you are new to this. These marketing gurus know how to push your buttons. They know what tactics work and they will use the same sales strategy time and time again.


So let’s get you started and please read on because I want to go as in-depth as possible with My Cash Grab Review. I will show you some of the BIG RED FLAGS and I will point out to you why his sales pitch shows some false promises.


Why should you trust me?

You don’t have to but I spend countless hours online and have for the last 3 years been an Affiliate Marketer. I have more niche websites and I also like to promote good products or systems. I certainly will not promote a system just to earn a quick buck. I have been scammed in the past and lost money too. It is no laughing matter when all you want to do is earn money. so that’s partly why I do scam reviews so you don’t have to waste money in the past as I have.



Here is a list or a summary of what I want to cover in my article.

Who is Cash Grab?

What does Cash Grab do?

Can you earn money from Cash Grab?

Is Cash Grab a Scam?

How Can I make Money the legit way?


Who Is Cash Grab?

Name: Cash Grab

Launch date: April 2019

Who is it For?:  Affiliate Marketers E-Business The Owner Advanced, Beginners?

Owner: Jamie Lewis

Price: $37+ $700+ and counting Cash and Grab is just a sales funnel to 5 more up-sells.

Recommended: No 3/10  Read about my #1 Recommendation The Place where I earn a 4 figure income!


What is Cash Grab About?


Jamie is a well known online Marketer. For once he is, in fact, a real person. He is pretty good at what he does but is it all what it seems or Jamies says it is. After all, he could be just another marketing guru full of false promises. So let’s dig in and see if there is such a thing that can really help you Make quick money online by barely lifting a finger.


Jamie comes right at you with his big grin and goes on to shout out about his ”Secret Money making method that contains a secret never been seen before’‘ I have reviewed Jamie Lewis and the last system he was highly promoting. You can read James’ Profit 365 Review HERE!


This Cash Grab system is for Affiliate Marketers. Jamie calls this Digital Profit Syphoning. Jamie has this so-called calculator that you click Entering the amount you would like to earn and how fast you want to earn it. So according to Jamie, he isn’t going to pay you. That is down to Google, PayPal, eBay Jvzoo, Clickbank. ”Kerching.”  Is it really Kerching for you?




Cash Grab Members area.

The objective of this system as Jamie goes onto say he wants you to see if you can make more money than himself and his students. Lol, Great sales dialogue there. According to him, you will keep all the money. Red Flag here Jamie goes on to say you are going to keep all the money he goes on to mention how you will make money with Jvzoo. Facebook, Youtube, Paypal, Click bank, eBay.


Remember this you are going to be sold into a Sales Funnel. Cash Grab has 5 more hidden products which I have noticed in the Jvzoo members area.  I am still waiting for the other 3 to be revealed to me.  Here are two up-sells. I have been notified off.

Upsell 1: VIP REsource $297

Upsell 2: Live Coaching $197


Cash Grab is a system that helps you choose from a list of  Legit Products. That you can promote from your level of experience and the time you wish to put in. Using his calculator. Then you will be shown some of the products that you prefer to promote. As you can see some of the products you can promote in the screenshot I have taken from his promotional sales video.


Cash Grab choose over 50 methods to promote

Can you Earn Money With Cash Grab?


Now all though this sounds really cool I doubt anyone can rely on a calculator. Even so, If you put in to earn High commissions then you are also going to pay out more money as there are 5 more up-sells to Jamies Product. I doubt you will be given enough training to even be able to continue on a journey of success.


You simply cannot sit back and earn high commissions by just doing a few hours a day. These income claims are impossible. You need tons more time and dedication. This kind of system reminds me of other useless systems I have reviewed before you can read about them in my bullet list below. .



In fact, the only people who will make money with this is Top Affiliate Marketers. That has a well-established website that has a massive email list and they know everything they have to do to be able to promote  Jamie Lewis’s Cash Grab system. They have the tools and resources and yes they have all the training too.


That is what you are going to need also. You don’t have to pay out thousands of dollars to be able to gain those tools and the experience. You certainly do not as a newbie have to waste your money on Cash and Grab system you will be on a road to nowhere. Take it from me I know. I learned to be an Affiliate Marketer.


I had no experience what so ever in Website design and building not even Affiliate marketing. I was taught everything that I do today by the best training platform. The best thing about this training module. It’s free to start no credit card required and yes it’s free for aslong as you want. You have two free websites and over 70 courses in Affiliate marketing and more. Free Resources. Free Promotional tools included. Read My #1 RECOMMENDATION HERE!



This is where you need to use your Due-diligence. Look at this what I will show you here. This success Guarantee is nonsense. Here are some BIG RED FLAGS. Look at the income claims in my screenshot. This is not achievable at all. 

Cash Grab By Jamie Lewis Scam reviewed


Look at the fine print. Most of us never read this. So as you can see there is no Guarantee at all. That is all based on false promises what Jamie hopes is that his sales video will just lure you in hoping you do not read the small print. It states clearly enough there is no Guarantee you will duplicate the same results Jamie promises. Cash Grab False promises.These claims Jamie Makes are all based on false Promises.  Look at the fine print. Trust me you would wish you had.



You could have a loss of capital. Jamie Lewis cannot promise you success. The only thing Jamie has got right is the fact yes it is going to take hard work and lots of time and lots of commitment, in other words, all his claims of making money by using his calculator To earn $15,000 a month all you need is four days prep time. Yeah, whatever that is just ludicrous.



That is proven in the small print in Jamie Lewis’s small print disclaimer. Don’t fall for the hype because yes you are heading onto the road of loss of capital. it really isn’t as Jaime says it is. Keep your money in your pocket especially if you are a complete newbie.
Disclaimer Cash Grab reviewed by superwealthyaffiliates



Here is Jaimie Lewis’s sales video on Youtube you can watch it here on my website. I can see why people fall for his hype. I actually like him. I just don’t like his false claims.  I am not an Affiliate of Cash and Grab. So I do not earn commissions from  The Cash and Grab Website. Read my disclaimer Here!






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Is Cash Grab a Scam?

Cash and Grab is not a scam but Jamie Lewis and his fast money making claims are unrealistic. You can have a 60-day money back guarantee but that doesn’t come from Jamie Lewis and his Cash Grab Website, the guarantee comes from JVZOO. All vendors of JVZOO have to have that 60-day money back guarantee in place if they want to sell any product on their Website. Same goes for Click Bank. They also have the same money back guarantee policy.


Now in all essence, he can role out that dialogue as much as he wants but you won’t be earning  5 K with just 24 hours prep time.  Definitely not 15K in 4 days prep time that does make me laugh.  If that was the case we would all be rich. You certainly will not earn that amount of money in such a quick time if you are a Newbie. You are going to be hit with up-sells and massive ones at that. So use your due diligence always. You are more than likely going to lose your money!


I will give this Cash and Grab system just 3/10 Simply because yes Affiliate marketing does work just not as quick as Jamie Lewis is telling you. The best thing about it is JVZOO’s Money Back Guarantee.  No, I do not recommend cash grab at all!



How can I make money the Legit way?

You can make money online! It just doesn’t work like Cash Grab says in the sales video.  Affiliate Marketing is a good business to be in. You are going to need more than just 4 days of prep time. You are going to need the right training and guidance you are going to need a Website. You are going to need to learn how to drive traffic/customers to your website. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye.


Yes, you will have to work hard at this and no you will not make money overnight. I do not believe in those big success stories make money overnight they are ridiculous claims just to lure you and take your cash. I will not promote that sort of product on my website.


If you want to earn money the real way without all the B.S,  LIES, FALSE PROMISES then click the button below. You will have one on one mentorship with me and you will also rub shoulders with other top Entrepreneurs. If you want to succeed you need to learn from those who are successful who will all guide you in the right direction.


You need a  system that is not based on lies nor false promises and will not cost you thousands of dollars in upsells. One where you can be a complete newbie with absolutely no skills whatsoever. One where you don’t need to know code or HTML. If you want to get away from the B.S just go ahead click the button below and I will see you on the inside.



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Need help or do you want me to review another product for you? Then just leave a comment below. I am always happy to help. 🙂

Cash Grab by Jamie lewis

$37.00 to $700.00+







Cash Grab Calculater



  • Money back Guarantee


  • No good for newbies
  • 5 Upsells
  • Not enough Training
  • False money making claims

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