Cash Formula Scam Review | Is it Legit or another Binary Scam? 2019

Cash Formula Scam Review | Is it Legit or another Binary Scam? 2019

Will you actually be able to make $5,000 per day, or are they just lying in order to get your money?

Cash Formula claims to be a new incredible “free money system” that can make you tons of money. It was supposedly created by a guy named Michael, and it is completely done for you system that will make you at least $5,000 per day. So we decided to check this one out.


One of my team is intrigued about the Binary options out their so we decided to dig a little deeper with this one. According to their platform, you can start making money in 30 minutes in just a few clicks. This Guy called Michael Isn’t as cool and as real as he looks. In fact, he isn’t real at all.


The truth is that Cash Formula is just another “get-rich-quick-scheme” that was recently created. The main goal of this system is to hype you up and get you so excited about making an insane amount of money that you just whip out your wallet and give them money. According to their platform, you can start making money in 30 minutes in just a few clicks. Let’s take an in-depth look.


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Product: Cash Formula
Price: $37
Is Cash Formula A Scam?: Debatable/Certainly not recommended!
Is Cash Formula Recommended? NO!

So let’s get started and find out about this New Binary trading platform. Throughout the sales page and there sales video there are a ton of claims about how much money you’ll make. In big bold letters at the top of the page, it says you can start earning Up To $5,000 Per Day Starting the day you sign up!


They try to make it seem like immediately after purchasing this program you’ll be able to start bringing in thousands of dollars. They even go as far as saying that you’ll be able to make $100,000 within the first 30 days of joining. That’s impossible. It really doesn’t take a novice to work that one out.


The story behind Cash Formula is that a top-secret algorithm was discovered by accident. The man who made this discovery is not named, his identity remains shrouded in secrecy. We aren’t sure why this is, because later in the video, he is shown, sitting next to Tim Stafford trying to sell us all the Cash Formula.


Apparently, from doing our homework nobody has heard of any so-called “secret algorithm. He seems to have appeared on the auto trading scene out of nowhere. He does not have any online presence which is strangely abnormal for someone who claims to be so entrenched in the binary options industry. Red Flag.


Here is the image or the founder Shrouded in Secrecy. Doing a reverse checkup. He’s just a model/actor. Michael Green Aka The Green Machine Lol Michael GReen the green Machine false persona.


This is incredibly sad as they spent quite a lot of money on promotion. Just to dip your pockets. They did a pretty good job of it but not good enough, to be honest. We know what to look for.


More fake testimonials. Bless him just an actor. Promoting himself to all Platforms. Not a real Binary trader at all. A rather good actor though. False claims actor. For Cash Formula.




Fake Testimonials


While they consistently lie in order to mislead you into purchase a product that’s nothing like what they claim. It’s still possible for you to get a refund through ClickBank if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.


This is only because Click Bank always lay that rule down and you will be hit with up-sells. Major ones. They talk about bad gurus on the video. I had to sit through the whole thing. Totally does my head in sitting through these videos and I hate it when I cannot fast forward it.


So, all in all, do I trust this new trading Cash formula. Not at all. I certainly will not be duped into “Only so many places available!” I could come back next month to them and be hit with the sorry story. I don’t hack it at all. Complete waste of our time and a total head pounder.


No, I do not recommend this Cash Formula Scam at all. The only good thing is that it’s a click bank product so it has to come with the Money Back Guarantee. $37 seems ok but the up-sells they have forget it. The Disclaimer policy states they will share your data too. Yet have no reason too. Read my latest scam review right HERE!


So please be careful. This is not a good product and we would never promote it ourselves here at SuperWealthy Affiliates.


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5 thoughts on “Cash Formula Scam Review | Is it Legit or another Binary Scam? 2019”

  1. Thanks for the heads up review on this obvious waste of money and time product called cash Formula. It looks like yet another copy-cat product that is misleading people and essentially is making money only for the product owner. There is just too many out there and they give the making money online niche a bad name.

    That ClickBank does not review these products for obvious fake testimonials, for misleading earnings claims, and for fake owners is a tragedy. As an affiliate marketer, I am on the lookout for reputable products to promote to my subscribers, and they are hard to find.

    I have better luck with tools and services, such as Wealthy Affiliate you mention, among others. I also have developed my own products that do what they claim and I do not use false scarcity to sell them. I do run sales once in a while, but for the most part, the price is the price.

    Thanks for taking the time to expose this Cash Formula product for what it is. I do hope that anyone considering investing will do their research and find this review. They will be better off for having saved time and money.  

    • Hi, Dave,

      Thank you so much for passing by my Website. I have to admit the deeper I go into these Scam reviews. The worse it gets. The more they are based on the same kind of “Make Money Quick Scams.” It is no wonder that lots of people do fail at Affiliate Marketing. 

      I watch these Videos as I have to do the whole process to find out everything about the reviews. I often think to myself wasn’t this the promotion I watched about 10 videos back. They just changed the voice and name. I do find that scary and also quite sad. 

      After 16 hours of reviewing everything and yes I even sign up with them. What saddens me more is the sharing of my details. I have a spare Cell/Mobile that I use for this kind of thing. The number of spam callers and spam emails I get also are atrocious. They literally wreak havoc with my data. 

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is my #1recommendation. Above all simply because that’s how I earn most of my income from. I also get the use of Jaaxy Lite that is an amazing tool.

      Thank you so much for passing by. 

      Wishing you all the best. 

      My Kindest Regards. 

      Deborah 🙂 

    • Thank you so much for your comment and I wish you all the best in your own products that is amazing and it’s brilliant knowing that Wealthy Affiliate helped you to achieve this.
      Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours.
      Debs 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing your review about this so called cash formula, any sane person reading through the website and also your review will know cash flow is pure scam and it was just created to scam innocent people, I wonder how u will tell people they will be making $5000/day and it all started after 30mins of registration, that’s just a pure scam and Michael should even be arrested 

    • Hi,

      You did make me giggle here. 

      Michael isn’t a real person and we will never get to the bottom of these Scammers. As one platform shuts down another will open. They do it quite consistently and believe it or not they even use the same Sales pitch. 

      I have to sit through hours and hours of these scams it simply does my head in. That’s without my Data they share. I use another Cell/Mobile/Phone and bogus email. I cannot believe how that Personal data is shared and how quick they share It.  

      However, If I can help just one person not be scammed then my job is done! Looks like you have found you vocation within Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Both W.A. and Jaxxy are my top #1 recommendations simple because they are legit and it’s where I earn 6+K a month and growing. 

      Without Jaaxy I doubt I would even know where to begin. That keeps me above my competition and on the top pages of Google Yahoo and Bing. 

      Catch you on the inside of W.A.

      Kindest Regards 

      Deborah 🙂


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