“Bulletproof Profits Scam Review” | Warning Contains Red Flags.

Bulletproof Profits Scam Review. Warning this does contain Red Flags. 

Hi you guys, You found me because you are thinking of joining Bulletproof Profits. So you want to know if this a legit new system from Click Bank. Thankfully for you, I have done this review because if you join you will be losing money not earning it. I am going to cover as much as I can here.

This is just my complete and honest review. I have nearly three years experience in Affiliate Marketing so I know exactly what to look out for.  Obviously, it’s up to you what you decide to do. I am here because I too was sick of all the B.S scams and lies. So If I can help even one person avoid being scammed then my job is done.

This review will contain Warnings and Red Flags. The first thing I always notice is these massive income claims. That already raises its ugly head to me. What a better way to sell to those looking to earn money online by banging out these big income claims. The usual overhyped stuff.

Looking at the income Claims you think wow this is going to be so easy in just a few clicks. Stop right there because this is not true and I am going to show you why.


Just an insert

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Let’s see if this latest product on Click Bank is a cool as it looks. Can you really earn $3.750  in just several clicks? 

Here is a list of contents I will cover.

Who Are Bulletproof Profits?

What do Bulletproof Profits do?

Is Bullet Proofprofits a scam?

How you can earn Money Online without been scammed.


Let’s begin and find out who Bulletproof Profits are?

Product Name: Your Bulletproof Profits
Website: yourbulletproofprofits.com
Owner: Justin Tyler – Not sure if he is real.
Price: “$9 and lots of up-sells
Recommended: NO!



What do Bulletproof Profits do?

According to Justin His mate Alex in the video claims he has found a loophole in the Affiliate Marketing system. Justin thought it was a good idea.  So they got together and with Justin’s help, they tweaked it a little and apparently you can make thousands of dollar by just a few clicks. BIG RED FLAG!


As their so-called story continues you are given some PDFs and some outdated training which is put together in such a manner that they claim it’s the best thing ever. This training leads you to earn money on Amazon. It simply does not work that way. It’s not as easy as they say and you certainly will not do it as they say.


Bulletproof Profits go on to say that with a few clicks of a mouse you can tap into their secret system. They don’t really promote products as such and it’s so vague from what I can work out it’s mainly about joining their membership system. They reckon that you can tap into the affiliate marketing world by just by a few clicks of a mouse. That can earn you thousands of dollars. I mean come on That is ridiculous!


Affiliate marketing is a brilliant way to earn a living but any top Affiliate marketer will tell you it takes hours and days and even months to build up a good Affiliate system that works. Without the right training and resources, you do not stand a chance of making money. You can read my Free Money Making Guide Here!



That’s a good thing they wrote that because everything in their promotional video is all false. They are using actors even Facebook users are not real. Let me show you why.


Here is an example of the “LIVE FACEBOOK” User Liz Tyler Not live on FB at all she isnt even on FB as that person

Doing a reverse check up I found this lady on Shutterstock. So she isn’t live on Facebook at all. Shame on them. Why lie if it’s so good.

Shutterstock Photo.


Heres what else I found while watching the Video apparently this lady has earned over 50.000 dollars. The only thing is! She is a paid actress from Fivver. Look at the proof.

Here she is again on the promotional video For Bulletproof Profits.

Fake video actress off fiver


See none of it is really trustworthy. They simply use the same tactics. If your a complete newbie and don’t know what to look for of course your gonna get duped. They use that super way of grabbing you in with these totally fake lies. The only people hear earning money will be Justin and his Mate whoever they are if they are even real. Don’t for all the lies peeps it’s not worth it.



Here is the last bit. Isn’t he so kind Justin he will give you a 60-day money back Guarantee? He probably doesn’t want to but he is forced to. All Click Bank products have to give a refund.All Click Bank products have to give the 60-day money back Guarantee. So that is nothing special it’s just how it’s worded like he is doing you a favour. That is about the only good thing I could find about this whole product. It is all based on lies.


Is Bullet Proofprofits a scam?

Would I recommend Bulletproof Profits? I promote Affiliate products myself and I could easily promote it but for morals and ethical reasons. I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. Simple as! Like I say this is my honest opinion but it’s up to you what you do in the end. I would never waste my money on this kind of product simple as. I think the proof of what it is all in my review above.



Last but not least.

How you can earn Money Online without been scammed?


First of all, you are going to need the right training. You can start the training I started out with that turned into the best thing I ever did.

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