”Builderall Versus Wealthy Affiliate” An Honest Comparison Review.

“Builderall Versus Wealthy Affiliate.” My complete and very honest comparison review.

I have been meaning to do this review of Builderall versus Wealthy Affiliate for a while now and seen as it is trending as I found out while using Google Trends a great free tool from Google free for anyone to use. .  I thought what a good time to write up and give you my experiences.


I have come across some secrets the Affiliate Marketers don’t want you to know especially the more advanced Affiliate marketers. I am going to share these with you all. It’s only right you need to know. That put me off quite a bit. Keep reading to find out more. You will be shocked!


First of all, Builderall is not a scam as it is similar to Wealthy Affiliate. They are both training platforms. I wanted to see what was the best platform especially for newbies trying to get up and running online in Affiliate marketing or just promoting your own bricks and mortar businesses.


“Builderall” is a stand-alone platform which means you’ll have to switch to a totally new platform if you’re already using WordPress to build websites. I love working with WordPress so this was going to be something new for me to try out. I wanted to see if the drag and drop in Builderall.  Read my Wix Comparison Review Here!


Wealthy Affiliate is my #1Recommendation simply because it taught me how to build my own successful online businesses. One of those successful businesses of mine is Local Marketing. With Wealthy Affiliate, they don’t just teach you how to do Affiliate marketing. Here is a quick video showing you some of what we get as a Premium member.


This platform should be worth thousands to buy just a few of the training modules but it’s only $49 a month cheaper if you go yearly. I pay $29.92 a month as a yearly member. Best thing I ever did.



We are also taught how to do E-commerce, Amazon, Local Marketing, WordPress. Including WordPress 5.01 and the new Gutenberg training. SEO Optimization, PPC, Social media marketing, Adwords, Google analytics etc.


Builder All is another training platform in Affiliate marketing and Building out your own websites learning how to monetize your online business.  Builderall is a website that provides all the tools an online marketer will need to run an online business or does it?


I came across this and although it has been around a while it never really appealed to me. I see it widely publicised in different websites. They are promoting it for Affiliate commissions. Today I decided to give it a try. I wanted to see if could lure me away from Wealthy Affiliate. So I joined up to see what they had to offer.


I immediately knew that I wasn’t going to be overly impressed with Builderall. I do wonder that if I had found Builderall first I wouldn’t have succeeded as I have with Wealthy Affiliate. However, we are all different. So if you want to know more then please carry on reading this article.


Just an insert

If you don’t want to read my comparison and are eager to get started.

You can by just clicking the button below join us for free its the place where I was taught to build my Own online money making businesses. I am a long-standing member and have been now for 2 and a half years. I like to take care of my referrals so I am always around to help you anytime.

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For those who want to find out more about “Builderall” carry on reading my comparison review. Don’t forget the secrets some of these Affiliate Markets Don’t Want You to Know! Read that right at the end of this article!



Product Name: Builderall
Founder: Founded by Erick Salgado in 2011
Product Type: All-in-One Internet Marketing Platform
Price: $9.90, $29.90, $49.90 (Per Month)
Best For: Anyone who wants to make money online or do any forms of marketing online

Recommended Yes But Its, not the best! 7 out of 10

BuilderAll Price Chart pricing plan for BuilderAll

Some of the tools you can get with Builder All.

Some of the training videos.

Builderall dashboard training videos.


HTML5 (Drag & Drop) Site Builder – User-friendly interface that even beginners can create beautiful websites (include thousands of templates) This is great but you can also get this with WordPress. As wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress that means if I did want to leave Wealthy Affiliate which I won’t I can take my sites with me.


Email Marketing Platform (Mail Boss) – Unlimited Autoresponder campaigns up to 10K subscribers. In Wealthy Affiliate, they do have emails but no autoresponders, That’s not such a big deal. I have since found out most in BuilderAll do not use Mail Boss. They tend to do use ones like Aweber etc.


Animated Video Creator – This is a very cool feature. You can easily create your own animated video to promote your business. Now this is cool but then again I just use Renderforest it’s free to use and I love it. It has more options that BuilderAll offers..


Floating videos on your Websites. WordPress has this too with a free plugin. So the same goes really. Nothing special there.


Design studio Mockups is another extra tool the Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t have but I use Canva it’s totally free to use. Same thing really.


On-Page SEO Report Tool – Another good thing about Builder all is that their website can be indexed and rank on Google. This tool helps you optimize your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) settings. That’s also great but we have all those for free in Google Webmasters and lots of us at Wealthy Affiliate have Jaaxy.


Facebook Integration – Builderall websites can seamlessly integrate with your Facebook page to gain more leads and customers from your followers on Facebook. Same as Wealthy Affiliate no tools are needed for this really. We can use plugins in WordPress too.


Browser Notifications – Your audience will receive notifications about your website even if they’re not on your website. Commonly used as push notifications. I am not sure if I like these as I am driven mad by these sometimes they distract me from what I am doing. Not bad but horrible if they have many in constant succession. Can be a pain but also helpful.


Lead Capture Tools – It helps you collect your subscriber’s Email addresses. I use Aweber. I also use Contact Form 7  depending on my websites.


Click/Heat Map Tool – This is another interesting tool. This is often a paid service from other companies. You can track how your audience behaves on your website to optimize your conversion rate. Once again you can use free plugins for this too. Google analytics and we also have something similar in Wealthy Affiliate.


iOS/Android App Creator – Last but not least, another unique tool. You can easily build your own mobile App on the Builderall platform. This isn’t as easy as it looks. I have heard people getting frustrated with this.


Now the secrets they don’t want you to know at Builderall. This is a must-read. 


All in all “Builderall” is quite a good thought out training platform. To be an affiliate you do have to pay the $49 a month. The affiliate commissions are pretty good and many compare this to a pyramid scheme. It isn’t actually a pyramid or MLM scheme as some people say it is..However, there are some things I found not quite ethical if you are just starting out. I’ve left that for last in my conclusion. So keep reading!


This is something I found out which I hated instantly. The affiliate commissions are good because if you do get a referrer or sponsors as they call themselves. If the person you sponsor also gets more referrers you get paid a commission too. That is like a 2 tier commission. Very similar to how MLM works. They don’t call it an MLM  product. The 2 tier payout system is quite like MLM. So this could cause controversy.


The only thing is. You can actually change your sponsor. Now imagine this. I work closely with my referrers. That takes lots of my time. I like to help them set up their websites if they struggle and I help them move on and understand what’s important for them to succeed. In fact, I help many that are not my referrers but I will never take them. Not like they can at Builderall.


Imagine if somebody in Builderall recruited any of my referrers. I would then lose all my downline commissions. I don’t really think that is a good and honest ethical way to work. Yes, it does happen. I have heard it happens a lot. That would be like stealing referrals.


Not only that although this isn’t bad they have put some Affiliate marketers in the head marketing team.  They are obviously going to easily recruit my downline as per say. That means all my hard work goes out the window. They have a similar system to MLM and to be quite honest I have never had any luck with my sponsors in the past in MLM.


Ethically and Morally  I find this rather unsettling. I also think I would spend a lot of time worrying needlessly about my referrals. I do not need any extra stress why building out my online businesses. I also do not like their stand-alone website builder. It is sluggish and has glitches. If you want to transfer a website you already have. From other hosts like Go-Daddy etc that can take up to 72 hours. If I decided to leave Builderall  I lose all my work and my websites. I don’t want to be bound like that. If the company does go down all my work goes with it.


For those reasons alone I wouldn’t be joining Builderall anytime soon. I prefer WordPress. I prefer to work and learn and study from a safe and ethical working environment as I have as a Wealthy Affiliate Member.


I can transfer my sites if I like. I build many websites inside Wealthy Affiliate for Local businesses. I keep them there until the owner wants to run the site themselves. It works for them and it works for me. After all, I have 50 websites as a premium member. I am never bound to Wealthy Affiliate and that means I will never lose my work.


My conclusions.

I often wonder if I had started out as a complete newbie with Builderall I would have failed in affiliate marketing and Local Marketing. I don’t think for one second I would be as successful as I have been with Wealthy Affiliate. I continue to be successful. The truth is those who have Websites within Wealthy Affiliate we rank faster in the search engines. Google loves Wealthy Affiliate


Builderall is a legit platform and is not a scam. The few very important factors that are not ethically right for me in their tier marketing system. So on that note. I am thankful I found Wealthy Affiliate first. It gave me the chance to earn a very good income and also I am able to help others succeed. I am top notch at helping local businesses succeed too.


6 thoughts on “”Builderall Versus Wealthy Affiliate” An Honest Comparison Review.”

  1. Hi Deborah,

    Thanks for this honest review. You took much time in laying out the differences between wealthy affiliate and Builderall.  Builderall even though it is similar to wealthy affiliate just wasn’t for me. I love wealthy affiliate, if I were to chose between the two as a newbie I would have always chosen wealthy affiliate because of its features. It holds tons of training that I haven’t been able to start yet. I am so excited as a newbie here. 

    Thank you Debs I am in a good place since meeting Wealthy Affiliate and it’s very helpful members. It truly is a pay it forward community. 

    • Hi, Sammy,
      Thank you for your comment. I know you love Wealthy Affiliate. It really is the best place to be. Rember to shout me out if you need any help.
      Debs 🙂

  2. Hi Deborah,

    Great review! In fact, l have signed up to Buildrall’s 7 Days Free account last month to try their platform, but l don’t see much value l can get as compared to Wealthy Affiliate.  They do have all the marketing tools, but  I preferred to use Thrive Theme and its plugins to building my landing page and capture leads which are more versatile than Buildrall. 

    Yet, l never knew that you can ”Steal Referrals” which is allowed in their Affiliate program and l totally disguised with unethical practices. Luckily, l have deleted my account with them.

    As always, l have no hesitation in recommending Wealthy Affiliate to anyone, anytime!

    Thank you and best wishes 

    • Hi,

      Builderall don’t actually steal referrals but if your second tier of referrals wish to change their upline they can. So in all essence yes any newbie is going to go with the more experienced marketer no doubt about it. 

      As you use Thrive already that is easily integrated with WordPress and we use WordPress at Wealthy Affiliate. Yes you have no need for the extras like a sales funnels etc.

      To be honest Wealthy Affiliate stands way above the rest simply because it is so versatile. I:E  local marketing is an exception that we are also trained in at Wealthy Affiliate. Not lot’s of people realise that.

      Thank you for passing by and leaving me a comment on my website. . Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours. 

      Debs 🙂

  3. HI Deborah!

    You presented again another great comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and other program available online. I need to admit that it is hard to beat WA when it comes to education, support, creativity, earning potential, affordability, engagement on site, and with many other features.

    Whenever WA is compared with other programs, it stays ahead of them. This comparison of yours proves that fact again!
    I am glad to be part of WA!

    Thanks for your effort and sharing!

    Best regards,

    Stay well, market better,convert best


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