Bossless Forever vs Wealthy Affiliate – Is Bossless Forever a Scam

Bossless Forever vs Wealthy Affiliate

Is Bossless Forever really worth the cost?  Not to mention the added extras of $200 websites Aimee Ball offers you. If you are starting out as a Local Marketer why pay out 5K for Bossless forever. Here is my full review of Bossless Forever and will include an alternative. Is Bossless Forever a scam? No Bossless Forever is not a scam however what may work for Aimee Ball, but will it work for you?  There are better ways to get the same kind of training in the Local Business sector. Without paying Aimee Ball 5K and without paying an extra $200 for websites. 

In my review, you will probably be wondering why I am comparing Bossless Forever to Wealthy Affiliate.

The simple fact is Wealthy Affiliate also teaches us Local marketing not many people realize that. Building any online Business is going to take time and work. There is no magic button that will earn the money for you.  This has to be done by you. No amount of software will help you achieve this. All you need is the right training and you can do that without paying out 5K just to start up. 

How do I know keep reading on?


Quick Summary

  • Product name: Bossless Forever
  • Website URL: http//
  • Who is the founder/owner/: Aimee Ball.
  • Who is it for?   For those who are interested in Local Marketing, Work From Home and Aimee Ball herself.
  • Do I recommend it?   No.     Not a Scam but I hold reservations about it! Read on to find out why!


Keep your money in your pocket and at least decide for yourself after my Review.  The case of the matter of fact is we can all get ahead online but the hardest thing is finding a platform that will offer you excellent training and free websites. I know Aimee Ball is quite cooky but just remember this on top of the massive upsells there are hidden extras that will cost you more money. Her websites Aimee reckons will cost you a $100 to $200.. I do not pay that so why should you.  

I wanted to dig into ”Bossless Forever” because quite a lot of people don’t really know that ”Wealthy Affiliate” also has excellent training in  Local Marketing.  So let’s dive into this comparison review. Bossless Forever versus Wealthy Affiliate-Is Bossless Forever a scam? Let’s see what Aimee ball is offering on her training platform. I want to see if I could do any better by joining her platform. Bossless forever is not a scam and neither is Wealthy Affiliate by the way.

I am also a local Marketer and I made 5K last month and I did the because of the training within Wealthy Affiliate. I want to see if Bossless Forever is, in fact, worth buying into Aimee Balls strategy. Which of the two platforms would I rate as been the better one? Would it be worth me joining Aimee’s platform? So let’s not waste time and find out more in my review.


If you don’t want to carry on reading then please find out more about my #1 Recommendation. The place that taught me how to be a successful online Local Marketer/Affiliate Marketer. If you don’t want to pay out Bossless forevers $5,000+ then you should really just check out my recommendation. That is like a six or seven year membership for me at Wealthy Affiliate. Which certainly works out cheaper and I do not like the Call system/software Aimee harps on about. That part really got me going. It wasn’t that brilliant and I could do it myself anyways…


Free Tools free Training Free Websites. superwealthyaffiliates



Here is a bullet list of what I will cover with Bossless forever with my comparison review at the very end. Please keep on reading.  This will save you money before you even start earning any money with Bossless Forever. Be sure to check out the video below a breakdown of Aimee Balls Ad. It’s all very cagey.

  1. Who Is Bossless Forever?
  2. What does Bossless forever do?
  3. Is Bossless Forever a Scam?
  4. Dare to compare Wealthy Affiliate Versus Bossless Forever?


Who is Bossless Forever for?

  1. Bossless forever is for those who want to do Local Marketing..
  2. Who want to build out websites for potential customers and who want to offer Marketing services.
  3. Those who want to buy their domains etc.
  4. For Aimee Ball herself.


What does Bossless Forever do?

In a nutshell, Bossless forever teaches you how to build up a niche website that will help you find potential customers in the local Marketing sector.  Meaning you will then go looking for local businesses that do not have websites. You will then contact those companies and you then sell them your product. I:E what Aimee Ball heavily promotes in her system.

Which is building out niche sites for local businesses? To me, it isn’t worth the cost I am afraid. That is my opinion it’s entirely up to you what path you choose to take. Either way, Local Business Marketing is a brilliant business to be in.

I can only offer you guidance and better and cheaper alternatives. After all, we are all trying to make money online and get ahead online. If we can do that without having to take a large loan out.. That is even better for us all in the long run. So let’s not defeat the object keep open-minded as being a Local Marketer really isn’t as easy as Aimee wants you to believe.

What Aimee offers you is no way enough for you to learn everything you will need to learn to be a successful Online Marketer. Trust your own Judgement it is totally up to you in the end.. Keep reading I will cover as much as I can..


Want to know where your $5,000 could be going. Then you need to watch this Breakdown Ad of Aimee’s Youtube Ad Video. At 2:00 Aimee goes on to say she does all of this by not investing in MLM with no Start-up costs and she does it all free by building out teeny bitty websites. However, Aimee has spent $76,000+ and counting in Youtube ads alone.

This was the end of last Year so you can imagine how much more she is spending. This video is a must watch. No way am I going to buy her system. 100 or 200 bucks for her first website mine cost me nothing. Just $13.99 a year for hosting. This woman sounds cool but she really isn’t. By the way the same AD is still used today so there are no updated content as of yet…



Bad Reviews Bossless Forever


During the 5 courses that Aimee offers you. You are taught how to find potential customers and how to help them create an online business. Now you can do this as a flat out rate or you can charge them on a monthly basis depending on what service you want to offer as a Local Marketer. Although Aimee helps you get through this and does give good guidance sort of. It really doesn’t compare to the guidance I get at Wealthy Affiliate.


In all essence, some of the training is really quite simple and easy to do and you can find potential customers from Local Business just by flipping through Yellow Pages even. Yes, most businesses listed you can tell if they have a website or not. I could find 10 customers today online just by flipping through the Yellow Pages or


Basically, Aimee talks about Lead Generation simplified is attracting potential customers and turning them into paying customers. That is part of Aimee’s strategy. Part of her training. Which is good as you are not left hanging and not sure what to do. It’s not rocket science neither. I do believe however that you will need more training in online marketing.

What Aimee Ball offers is totally legit but do you really have to pay out thousands of dollars just because Aimee was a success at this. I know full well I never had to pay out thousands of dollars to be taught what I know now. I often wonder and probably would have failed if I had met Bossless Forever before Wealthy Affiliate.

Bossless Forever 5 step Blue print.

Now, this kind of networking or lead generation into local marketing is not a scam but are you willing to pay out thousands of dollars just for Aimee’s expert advice. Is it enough though for you to be able to help any Local Business, after all, there is more to Local Marketing than meets the eye.


Aimee goes on about how you need to find a niche. Like a Gasfitter for example when you look up to see things like Gas leaks or emergency services. Basically, see what people are asking for. You build a quick sales funnel for the company. Then according to Aimee you give these companies a call and use your Due Diligence to see if it is, in fact, a good company or not. To be honest I can think of better ways to do this.


You get taught SEO or some of it and how to use her call tracking software where this will be used to send calls out that will send leads to a prospective customer and it will disclose the leads are coming from you. Then you will call them up and try and close a deal. Sounds good but does it work. I doubt I would do that.

I mean where do those ”supposedly leads” come from first of all. I really do not think using software like Aimee Balls is necessary, to be honest. Anyways we get that tracking software for calls for FREE inside Google My Business and Bing My Business. So it seems to me that is the tracking software that Aimee is pushing is FREE anyways.


You need to think about this too.  The leads where do they come from and do you have to generate them yourself? Are they old leads and used leads? It seems to be a long way around to getting a potential customer. What if you can’t get a customer then you are going to be thousands of dollars in debt. Not to mention all the ads FB ads you will need to create. Certainly not cheap if you do not know what you are doing. Then you will need email lists too. That all comes at a cost.


There is also a ton of stuff you are going to need and learn. I mean anyone can pop out a Website nowadays but can you get that website to generate leads. I mean there is a whole load of other important stuff you will need to know. It isn’t just a case of blipping out Websites for potential customers. If you don’t know anything about ad campaigns. Then you need to be so careful those ads can turn into costing you thousands of dollars you need to learn about all that too…

Is Bossless forever a Scam?

In all essence what Aimee Ball does is not a scam. It may sound really good and I am not dissing this kind of Marketing Aimee is doing as Local marketing works and I am a successful online Local Marketer so I should know. I earned 7k last month on one local business alone. I wouldn’t join her platform as it would be a waste of money to me. I simply have everything I need and I do all of it at a blip of what Aimee would charge me. Her training simply does not cover it, to be honest.


Why I Prefer Wealthy Affiliate To Teach Me How To Do Local Marketing?

Here is my Comparison Review… Bossless forever vs Wealthy Affiliate. 

If you are savvy enough you can actually get all this training at a mere snip of $29 a month. That includes all the training you will need. Including all social media training, Email Marketing, SEO. You will also have 50 Websites all hosted on super fast servers. All included with SSL. Access to the best Site-Support on the internet. If you crash a website do not worry you can have it back up and fixed all included in your $29 a month payment.  Sounds crazy. Check out Wealthy Affiliate’s Hosting.


WordPress Hosting.

It’s Brilliantly Powerful, Intricately Secure. Hosting your WordPress websites has never been a more secure, yet powerful. The brains behind any successful hosting platform is the intricate technical process that nobody ever sees. Wealthy Affiliate provides a hosting experience you can feel safe running your businesses on. We take care of the technology so you can focus on your business.

Dare to Compare Best Managed WordPress Hosting
Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Compared to the best WordPress Hosting


I have updated this since I tried to get in touch with Aimee and Bossless forever myself. I was left kind of hanging. So I wasn’t happy at all. I have saved a fortune just by the training I get at

I am not happy at all with the services I was given and was hoping to get with Bossless Forever. It all depends on what you do. I certainly am not willing to part with 5K just to fund Aimee Ball and her Ad campaigns which to be honest are not really transparent enough. Mind you her doggy Piper is so cute. Another tactic I am afraid widely used for a campaign,  Pets, I mean who doesn’t love dogs or cats.



That is down to me though but it is up to you what you decide to do. That campaign Aimee uses needs to be updated for sure. It is an old Ad now and needs some updates..

Now lots of people inside Wealthy Affiliate tend not to realize the local marketing section. One of the first websites I built within  Wealthy Affiliate was for a local business. I secured a good deal with a local company and it was because of Wealthy Affiliate I was taught how to attract visitors to that website and gain them not only a good income but also a good income for myself.


Every Bricks and mortar business today should have a website online. It is sad because many businesses do fail. They can really boost their business with an online presence. Lots of small companies are worried about setting up websites and going online. Simply because they are unsure what to do. In all essence, Local Marketing is a very good business to be in. Especially if you can beat the competition in the local marketing sector. Some small businesses do not fully realize the full potential of having a website online connected to their Bricks and mortar businesses.


Jay our Training Coach at Wealthy Affiliate

Jay is our Training Chief and he is also a Super Successful local Marketer. This man is super clever and is such an expert on everything to Websites Seo generating an income and even generating new leads to your local marketing strategies.

Youtube marketing PPC you name it Jay does everything and his live training is included in my Premium membership

I have gone from being a complete novice to owning my own online businesses and this has a lot to do with being a member of Wealthy Affiliate. With the Guidance of Jay, I couldn’t go wrong. I have never known an expert share so much advice and help and does not badger you to buy expensive products at all.. Jay has more expertise than Aimee Ball has in the tip of her little finger.



The knowledge I have today because of Wealthy Affiliate is so much more compared to what I could ever get at Bossless Forever. Not only that it would cost me nearly $5,000+ before I even got started that’s without the extra tools I would need to build up my Local Business agency.

I mean do I really want to be funding Aimee Balls extreme ad campaign and big youtube videos of fancy cars and houses. That is where my money is going to go too. I cannot see me being successful at all with Aimee Balls Bossless Forever. What is thrown out isn’t nearly enough information what you will need to run that sort of business.


I am growing my Local marketing Business now in a bigger way. Yet I didn’t have to pay out thousands for this training. Like everything online it isn’t just about building a website you need to learn how to Generate traffic learn FB AD’s PPC SEO SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. Different kinds of  Websites and designs. I use WordPress which is always the best.


I am taught everything I need in Google My Business.  This is one of many free tools we use from Google. 

Then we have Bing my Business.

We have training in  Google Analytics and Google Console. Bing Webmasters. Email Marketing. That list is endless. I am taught all of this and more without any massive up-sells. In fact, I have never ever paid that much out yet in the three years I have been With Wealthy Affiliate.


I pay for Yearly Membership and that is an absolute blip at $359 per year. That’s less than a cup of coffee a day working out at $29.98 a month. No way have I had to waste thousands of dollars. With Aimee Balls Bossless Forever series. Thank goodness.

Paid premium Membership costs at Wealthy Affiliate.



Jays Live training is so brilliant I couldn’t live without it. There is updated training on Local business marketing to be rolled out in the next few months at Wealthy Affiliate. Below are some screenshots of all the training that is rolled out every Friday in Wealthy Affiliate. We are constantly been updated too. Local Seo training from Jay is excellent too. The man is a super expert in SEO and Local SEO.


Google my Business with Jay
Google my Business Live Training with jay

Recent Live training modules with Jay

everything to wooCommerce E-commerse Amazon. Live training with Jay.


If you want to find out more about my earnings in Local Marketing then just click on the button below and I will be there on the inside to help you become a successful online Local Marketer. It makes sense and from what Aimee charges and her up-sells, Wealthy Affiliate beats hands down all the way to the bank. That link below also includes Local Marketing it includes everything to building out your own successful Local/Affiliate Marketing businesses period!

Hey, and you will not need $200 to pay for the first website with Aimee Ball.

Find out more what Wealthy Affiliate really do.



Read More of my Comparison reviews below.

Dare to Compare. 

If you want to delve into the local Marketing Sector and Affiliate Marketing go ahead and click on my link below. I will be there on the inside and I will also be your one on one Mentor for free. Start earning money and stop wasting it. Start building a successful online business the right way with all the essential tools you will need to be a successful Online Marketer.

Join Wealthy Affiliate free zero cost zero risk


17 thoughts on “Bossless Forever vs Wealthy Affiliate – Is Bossless Forever a Scam”

  1. Hi Deborah, 

    Thank you for sharing this comparison review of Bossless Forever and Wealthy Affiliate.

    Encountering Bossless Forever in one of the you tube videos already made me conclude right away that it is just one of those money making platforms that are very expensive and yet won`t really help you create a very good business.

    I am glad I read your review which just confirmed my decision not to join Bossless Forever.

    That’s why I joined W.A. and I am happy where I am right now.  I got all the tools and help that I need. Yes you are so right they have some brilliant training in the Local marketing sector. 

    All the best!


    • Hi, Hanna,
      You have made the right choice I made &K last month from one Local Website alone. Just give me a shout inside Wealthy Affiliate and I will help you out any time. The training in Wealthy Affiliate in the Local marketing sector is excellent and will not break your bank either. No major Up-sells inside of Wealthy Affiliate and to boot we get 50 Websites included in our premium Membership. No way am I paying $100 just for one of Bossless Forevers Weebly websites. WordPress is ways better anyway. Used by all the top Busineses like Apple as an example.

      Remember to shout me out inside wealthy affiliate. You can catch me in Live chat or just send me a Private message if you like.

      Kindest Regards Debs 🙂

  2. Hi,

    This article is about Bossless forever . This article will be very helpful for them who want to build up local marketing who want to build out websites. I am trying to build out websites for local marketing but in vain. But from this article, I learned about how I can build up a nice website. I am going to try this for sure. The way described everything in article is best .It is a great article.Thank you for sharing this article with me.

    • Hi, Shahed,
      I am a successful local marketer and if you join us at Wealthy Affiliate I will help you succeed in the local marketing sector. Follow this link
      Join me here it’s free
      see you on the inside and I can join up with you and give you one on one mentoring. Local business marketing is an excellent way to make money and it really is a fabulous business to be in.
      Bossless forever really do not hold all the skills that you need. Wealthy Affiliate has more training in the Local Marketing sector.

      I know I would rather keep my money in my pocket. Not only that I am not going to pay 100 dollars to get one website up and running. When I have 50 included in my premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate. I need no fancy call software neither which would cost me more money and I doubt would even work.

      Go ahead and join us if you like it is totally free to start and no credit card is required.

      See you on the inside Shahed. 🙂

      My Kindest Regards Deborah 🙂

  3. It is cool to read this comparison network bossless forever and wealthy affiliate. Looking at the comparison for both platforms I think wealthy affiliate is far better beyond bossless forever. Though bossless offer trainings as well but they still have alot to do to catch up with wealthy affiliate. I chose to remain with wealth affiliate.

    • Hi, Brent,
      No doubt about it especially for complete newbies. Seriously for those on a budget, I wouldn’t waste my money with Bossless Forever. It’s certainly not a scam because Local Marketing is indeed a good business to be in. I wouldn’t pay for Aimee Balls costs it is just ludicrous to pay out that amount when you are first starting out. That’s without the hidden extras Aimmee Ball does not shout about.

      Wealthy Affiliate is way above what Bossless Forever can offer you and I know that Wealthy Affiliate are in the midst of rolling out more new training in the Local sector which is nothing short of exciting. I am so looking forward to that.

      You are right to stay where you are I know I am. Catch you on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate.
      Kindest Regards Debs 🙂

  4. Thank you for this post Deborah. I like your comparison of Bossless forever and Wealthy Affiliate.

    Though, I have seen some YouTube videos on Bossless forever and also some posts on its reviews and stuff. But there is always an air of suspicion around it. Though it promises great wealth and breakthrough but I figured out they are more concerned about getting your money than actually delivering a unique product that is worth the pricing of the program.

    thanks to this your post, now I’ve a strong conviction not to delve into it. Wealthy Affiliate is more than enough to set me through.

    • Hi,
      From what I can make out. Bossless Forever is very cagey on the cost. I have dug really deep into this and I made a call. The call back I waited for never arrived from Aimee so I tried again. This time I got the call. I couldn’t really make head nor tail of what they were saying. Still, comes across as rather cagey.

      I am a local marketer and quite successful at it. What I realised is most of the info is common sense. The tools bossless forever provide do not compare to Wealthy Affiliate. I do believe If I started with Bossless forever first. I would be still struggling online and I would be $5,000+ out of pocket. That’s without even getting my first website up. As Aimee says it can cost $100 just for that alone which is absolutely ridiculous.

      I get in Wealthy Affiliate 50 Websites included in my premium with all the backup and support I need including SSL. I host all my Local Websites from Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is simply the best thing I have ever done.

      Great to meet you and I will catch up with you on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

      Kindest Regards Debs 🙂

  5. This is a great review and really opened my eyes because when you first see Aimee’s video she says if you habe $10 or a hour a week you can start. Doesn’t appear so. I am totally new to WA and new to all of this. I am losing my job at the end of the month and I have nothing to lose by trying to build my own business. Corp. America is draining and the rate I’m going I’ll be working until I’m 80. I sure hope to find WA mentors and plan to work hard to make a life for myself where one day I can look back and never have to work for anyone else again. I currently have a boss who has bullied me since Mar. 2018. I will be exiting soon because I have fought the bullying and stood up for myself all along. I am happy to see what the next chapter holds… Thanks for all of the insight.. Thanks, Angie

    • Angie,
      Thank you so much for passing by my Website. So sorry to hear of the bullying you have endured that is totally unacceptable.
      I see now you are powering forward with Wealthy Affiliate. It really is worth it and It is lovely to see you are doing so well.
      Debs 🙂

  6. How long does it take to get set up if I work this full time? I’m wondering how long it takes to start making revenue? I almost bought into the Bossless Forever today and heard about Wealthy Affiliate several days ago and bumped into your pg. here. I’m interested in doing local websites.

    • Hi,
      I have been really successful as a local Marketer. Like anything, it can take time to build up an online business. The local marketing side of things I was earning money within a matter of months. I will be there to help you and yes it certainly works out a lot cheaper than Bossless Forever. To be honest I don’t think I would have done as well as I have if I had of met Bossless forever first.
      I see you have already Joined Wealthy Affiliate you can reach out to me inside Wealthy Affiliate. I can point in you in the right direction. Just give me a shout and let’s get you Started.

      Debs 🙂

  7. Great comparison for local business building Deborah!

    I will absolutely take your advice and utilize Wealthy Affiliate & not the Aimee Ball Bossless Forever overpriced system!

    Thank you for saving me thousands of dollars as well as many hours of research.


    • Thank you Tony..
      Haha believe it or not I am still waiting on that call from Aimee Ball. Not happy I had to wait so long. Wealthy Affiliate has definitely saved me a fortune that’s for sure. Not to mention the Money W.A. has made me in Local Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.
      Thank you for passing by my article.

      Debs 🙂

  8. I was one step away from giving $5000 to Bossless forever, even went through their strategy call and all that. Then I went back and watched Bossless forever video again where ami mentioned don’t listen to those review sites about bossless forever. Anyways I did exactly that and stumbled across this fabulous article, which left me little doubt about WA. The other thing bossless forever (overpriced) system won’t tell you is actually its gonna be a lot harder in local SEO which is what they do, because Google has gotten in the local leads business too, making it much more harder to find success with Ami’s system because google leads aka local services by google, takes up more valuable real estate, in the local SEO space on Google and probably will be give much more competitive price leads for small businesses. To me its direct competition for Bosslessforever. When I asked them about Google Leads service, they told me not too worry about it. I’m like yeah right, more like they dont need to worry because they already got paid, and the new person in their system just found it incrementally alot harder.

    SEO takes time (months and monts) and rankings can change, so I dont think their system is fool proof. Plus who wants to pay $5k to get their system work for months to get a site ranked, then sell those leads to local business. I dont have that kind of time to work with no immeadiate results with no return on capital. Plus even if I did, then what if rankings drop, I cant sell leads to local business, then I got a bad deal, out of money, but Bossless forever got paid. Good for them. Anyhow im glad she mentioned dont listen those reviews, which is what I did.

    If you join WA…deborah takes the time to personally help you as much as humanly possible. I have no regrets for joining them via her link. Glad I did.

    • Hi,
      I am so happy you found my review. As I also was the same as you with Bossless Forever, I didn’t really like what I saw neither. As you now know that Wealthy Affiliate really is a platform we can learn from including Local Marketing. Without that hefty price tag. Not to mention also how we are kept up to date with Google Algorithms so important for us if we want to keep ahead of our competition. It seems Bossless Forever won’t even give that kind of training. Which could be detrimental to anyone if they join Bossless Forever. Funnily enough, I don’t really see many happy Bossless Forever referrals leaving any great reviews as it goes.

      I am super happy you joined me at Wealthy Affiliate and I love networking with you too. Asking questions is what helps us move forward. I am now watching you build out your very own Website and you are doing so well with it. To be honest, watching my referrals do well, makes my day for sure.

      Great to have you on board. The best thing is also with all the new updates coming inside the W.A. platform. 2020 is going to be an even greater year for us all.
      Thank you for leaving a comment on my site. Looking forward to connecting with you even more inside of the Wealthy Affiliate paltform.
      Have an awesome rest of the week.
      My kindest regards,
      Deborah 🙂

  9. Good evening Deborah,

    Very good that you warn people about this bossless lady, really not a good plan to get involved in.

    I hate it when one is told in the beginning it will only cost a couple of dollars to join. Then, when you are caught there are upsells and in the end, you have paid a fortune.

    Thank you for this review. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate stands heads above this. Anybody who finds Wealthy Affiliate and joins will not be sorry as their platform and teaching are excellent.

    Regards, Taetske


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