AZ Millionaire Method Review-Scam? What they Don’t Want You To Know?

AZ Millionaire Method Review-Scam? What They Don’t Want You To Know?

Well done for doing the homework you have landed on my Website because you want to find out more About AZ Millionaire Method. I am just about to let the cat out of the bag so make sure you continue to read my AZ millionaire Review and whether it is, in fact, a Scam. I will also show you some stuff they don’t want you to know.


If you are wondering whether I am qualified to write this. Then yes I am I have been doing reviews long enough now and sign up for all of them so I get to take a look on the inside too. I take my time to write them and I also have a small team with me that dig in deeper than most scam reviews on the internet.


There are so many scams online today and I am happy you are doing your research and reading what you can about AZ Millionaire method. If you are fed up of scams and trawling the net looking for something that helps you get ahead online the real legit way. Click on my link below.

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Here is a list of things I am going to cover in this AZ Millionaire Method Review. So grab a coffee sit back and enjoy the read. Rember I did deeper than most so sit back and enjoy.

Who is AZ Millionaire Method?

How does Az Millionaire method work?

Can you earn Money with AZ Millionaire?

Is AZ Millionaire a scam?

Who is AZ Millionaire Method for?  E-Businesses E-Marketers. Affiliate Marketers For the Owners and definitely not for newbies.

Find out how to earn a Legit living online with Amazon the real way?

Recommended:  No!



Who is AZ Millionaire Method.?

Name: AZ Millionaire Method

Website URL:

Owner: Ryan Ford

Price: $37 + Up-sells.

Recommended: NO!


If ! you are sick of scams and just want to get ahead online then read my #1 recommendation. 


What does AZ Millionaire Method do?

Getting started I sign up for every system I review. There is one thing I notice and it happens really quick they sell on my data pretty quick. So I get lot’s of these kinds of systems in my Emails. Now first of all I know they are probably similar companies or they buy my data at a cheap price but this big Money making Quick money making Schemes always tend to group together.


They know that these systems may not last long but they are in it for the money so they don’t care where my data comes from to them. Unlucky for them though I use a fake email fake phone number that I just keep to one side to see how quick they release my data.  Hence I get tons of emails inviting me to their links.

There are three upsells

The first is $37 where all you are going to get is a 13 page PDF.

2: Pro method which is to teach you how to get more traffic. Is $197.

3: Is a Downsell that will Turbocharge your sales 5x for $ 177.


Now its common sense to know you will need a website first.  Not only that the commission basics for Amazon are 70% commission on $2.99=$9.99 and 35% Commission on $0.99=$2.99 so that is a whole load of products to sell to become a millionaire in a year. Now just before you all start going on one. Yes, Amazon and being an Amazon affiliate is a very good business to be in but you are going to need the right training and website and that’s before you start paying out for Ads.


PPC FB ADS ETC.  So there is a whole load of other stuff you need to take into consideration before you even buy this AZ Millionaire system!


So according to this AZ Millionaire method. With their bulletproof system, they say ordinary people can become millionaires in less than one year. According to this system, you can make money on the first day you get started.  According to the hype, you can make money with Amazon Affiliate programme meaning that if someone clicks on your Amazon Affiliate link then you will earn a commission. Which in all fairness this is quite a good business to be in. That’s only if you know what you are doing.


AZ Millionaire Method is a click bank product which in all fairness is good because any systems or platforms on Clickbank have to be backed by The 60-day money back Guarantee. That is for all products. That is the only thing good about this AZ Millionaire System.


As always the sales video is the same old B.S  citing all the stuff we all wanna hear. Make money quick in a day become rich and in this case be a millionaire in a Year. I mean come on if it was so easy wouldn’t we all be rich just sitting around on our backsides. Tapping a keyboard a few hours a day and Voila by the end of the year your gonna be a millionaire. That is just crazy. I too used to fall for that hype believing in all those fake testimonials. I mean really believing them too. That’s how sucked in I got and you can get.


So what comes with this system a few PDF’s  And some videos outdated may I add showing you how to become an Amazon Affiliate.  Now, this is where making money in a day is a complete lie because to become an Amazon Affiliate they don’t just let anyone in and it takes longer than a day. Here is a peek at the $37 PDF That has no links to any support. Some of the links in the PDF do not work. Not Only that AZ Millionaire don’t even have a disclaimer page. So they are going to sell on my data. I knew that already though.

13 page pdf From AZ Millionaire Method.


I Know many Affiliates refused by Amazon. The reason Amazon may not accept you is they prefer you to have a website but that website has to have lots of relevant content on it and when I say relevant that means in your chosen niche. They will not accept brand new website s with zero content on it.


So for that reason alone, you will not be making money in a day. So you can scrap that and the only people who will be making money is those Affiliates with a website with content with big traffic and a massive email list. That’s the Affiliates who don’t care what products they sell to there customers I on the other hand do. I am not willing to push something forward if I do not believe in it.


tried and used the system fails they close shop open another in a different name and back to selling you the false dream again. I have seen it so many times I watch them change there names but not the sales tactics.


Here are some similar products to AZ millionaire I have written about and some others that are affiliate Marketing E-marketing.



Ryan Ford the so-called owner of AZ Millionaire Method. I mean come on we don’t get to see his face. We don’t know who he is. If? he is as bad as his Fake Testimonials and the lies he tells then why should anyone trust him. He claims to be super Rich. I believe this guy does not exist like the other in the other reviews I have written.


What about the Fake testimonials. Here is one guy he was also on my most recent review Secret Millionaire Bot you can see the link to my review just above in the list of my other scam reviews. It seems to me they use the same actors on these Scam Platforms. I mean if they are not fake why have actors faking how much they earn. Let’s take a look at these fake Testimonial. Once again Fiverr actor.

AZ Millionaire fake testimonial Fiverr actor on AZ Millionaire


Is AZ Millionaire Method a scam?

In all essence no because Amazon Affiliate marketing is a good business to be in but if you are new you won’t be earning that amount of money anytime soon. The only people this is good for is for those who are Super Affiliates. I personally wouldn’t sell it because I don’t believe the System is good enough for any newbie to start up an online business.


Here is a proven system I use and it works as I work alongside many Amazon Affiliates and yes they can make big money. I see the proof daily and so do I. I have many little Amazon niche Websites on the side that bring me in money like an ATM cash machine. Yes even when I sleep.
4 step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint


The selling circle is so easy to see. Look. All you need is the right training. Get started today and stop wasting money on B.S scams 🙂

How does affiliate Marketing work

Stop wasting money on Sytems that do not stand the test of time and literally all they want is your money and start to earn a passive income like I do the legit way no lie no B.S. No Up-sells. No big sales Gimmicks just the right training free websites and all the help you need. Click the button below and I will see you on the inside.


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If you have any comments or questions I am always happy to help just pop in a comment below.


4 thoughts on “AZ Millionaire Method Review-Scam? What they Don’t Want You To Know?”

  1. Thank you for the post!

     I learned a more about AZ Millionaire Method. Reviews such as these are always helpful as there are certainly lots of scams out there. I do like your transparency.

    You present some great questions and your review is definitely thorough yet to the point. All the information provided is pertinent to the issue. Thanks again Could I possibly reach out to you more. 

    Looking forward to hearing back from you. 🙂

    • Hi,
      You certainly can reach out to me more. I actually love helping people. I have sent you an email or you can contact me here by clicking on my link. I will get a notification as soon as you are on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Join here! I shall be waiting on the inside and I will mentor you if you like along with the help of the founders also and some of our top online Marketers.

      Looking forward to meeting you.

      Debs 🙂

  2. I read these reviews and note the names of the platforms. For someone who is looking for an online career, this explains a lot. The details about the cost and the expectations are very helpful. Then there is the actor !! Wow, that sounds like it cannot be trusted. I recently signed up for Wealthy Affiliates and, so far, I have learned so much. The best thing about it is the options for earning income and if you can work hard at it you will definitely see good results. Thank You

    • Hi,
      Yes, there are lots of things to consider when signing up for these kinds of platforms. Some are ok and some are not ok. Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best platform around.
      As you have noticed yourself. Once I see fake testimonials who are actors then I can see almost instantly that it is not a good platform to be on. Especially not for newbies.
      Thank you for passing by my website and leaving me a comment I appreciate that very much. Shout me out if you need help indside Wealthy Affiliate.
      Regards Debs 🙂


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