Avon Review-MLM Business Pros and Cons

Hi, welcome to my MLM business pros and cons – Avon review There are always negatives and positives associated with any job and the same goes for multi-level marketing companies. You might have heard of Avon before, one of the most successful MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) agencies out there. If you are thinking about becoming an Avon representative, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will be highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of signing up with them. I will also offer AN ALTERNATIVE WAY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

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Avon-LogoThe pros of selling Avon products

  1. Exceptionally low start-up costs

When you are contemplating on starting a business, there is typically a start-up cost involved. This might include renting a place from where you are going to run your business, merchandise that you’ll be selling, equipment needed for running a business and any other expenses that must be paid or bought upfront before getting started. By becoming an Avon representative, this starting cost involves a small investment of $30. However, at the moment you get up to sign up at zero dollars for a limited time. By signing up you will be given everything you require to begin a successful business, including your very own online store.

  1. There is no cap on the sales you make

Avon has an earning chart in place, therefore the more products you sell and the more you expand your team, the more you will be earning every month. There is no cap on the revenue that you can earn with Avon. Besides the normal earnings for leadership and sales, you can also get incentives from Avon like cash bonuses, free prizes, and trips, and more.

  1. They have your back

It can be nerve-wracking and downright scary to start a new business. It helps to join an MLM business that comes with an amazing support system at your disposal. Once you have registered as an Avon representative, a mentor will be assigned with you. This person is the contact that will give you guidance and support to get started and expand your business. Apart from the support, you will be getting from your mentor, you will also find a broad variety of useful resources online, like blogs, YouTube videos and Facebook groups as well as fellow representatives.

  1. Access to free web online shop and training

When it comes to MLM pros and cons, one advantage that stands out with Avon is that if you are one of their representatives, you receive your own personalised youravon.com. You will receive free tools and training to assist you in managing your company. Avon U provides mini-courses to help you learn, expand, and manage your company at a pace which is convenient for you. Why not go one better and build your own website. It is super easy to do. You can start with a Free Website right HERE!

  1. The perk of being your own boss

You have complete control over where, how, and when you run your company. You can work from home and set up a schedule that works best for you. You have the means to individualize your business according to your personality and that suits your lifestyle. If you are selling Avon products part-time, you can show the brochures to co-workers during lunchtime. If you travel for business often, you can even leave some of the brochures with your business cards where you go. It is not difficult to fit your Avon business into your life while earning an extra income. However you still need to do lots of running about collecting orders delivering etc.


The cons of selling Avon

This will not be a proper review if we do not share the disadvantages of selling Avon products as well.

  1. You are not going to get rich quickly

Many MLM agencies are cons. Avon is not one of them, however, one of the issues that various ex-representatives have is that they expected to get rich in a relatively short period. There are many representatives that are successful and that earn more than six figures, however, like with any other business, you must be prepared to invest a substantial amount of effort and time into your venture to reach success. Avon does, however, has a kickstart incentive program in place which is designed to reveal earnings potential as well

as sharing ways of how to establish a solid financial base to implement. This incentive is made up of three components:

  • Sales component – if you reach your campaign sales goal, you can earn forty per cent on all sales.
  • Recruitment component – representatives receive fifty dollars recruitment bonus for every new qualified recruit.
  • Bonus component – if you reach all seven sales goals and have recruited three qualified new recruits, you are eligible for a $200 bonus.


  1. The competition is relatively steep

With every business, you will have competitors. As far as Avon goes, you might encounter other representatives in your local vicinity, or even other direct selling stores or companies. Avon has a broad range of available products that include fashion, beauty, home décor, jewellery, and more. Therefore, there is a definite possibility of steep competition. By offering exceptional customer service and creating opportunities for individuals to sample the products, you can build up a solid customer base and expand your business.

  1. You are your own boss

Even though we have listed this item as a positive, it has the potential to be a disadvantage as well. When you are your own boss, it means you are in charge and must come up with your own inspiration and work ethics to make a success of your business. There is no one else that will tell you what needs to be done. The best way of making a success of your company is to set up a routine as quickly as you can. Sticking to a routine will assist you with staying on track and evaluating what must be done every day.

  1. You will encounter ups and downs

Anything that you choose to do, including your own business, will have a fair amount of ups and downs. There will be times when business is slow. However, if you stick to your routine and remain consistent and refuse to give up, you will continue to expand and earn cash. It is extremely hard work.


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Other benefits of becoming an Avon representative

Besides the benefits mentioned above, there are additional perks of becoming an Avon representative:

  • Sell anywhere and anytime – After personalizing your online shop and texting or emailing the link to family, friends, and colleagues, you can make instant sales. You can use the mobile app to sell anytime or anywhere and get paid via Rapid Pay within two business days.
  • Networking made easy – You can promote your shop and use the made-for-you-to-share post on social media platforms to share special offers and products.
  • Enjoy the additional perks – joining the Avon team means you have access to tuition grants and discounts for higher education and health insurance for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Special gifts – Upon joining, you will receive a complimentary sampler with some products, a full-size surprise as well as $10 credit for the next order once you place your very first $60+ Avon Now order.
  • Free training – you have access to best-in-class training offered through AVON U when you are learning on the go. You can also chat with the Avon care centre specialists or contact your assigned mentor via email, chat, or phone.

How does payment work?

It is super easy to receive payment. You can choose between two payment methods:

  • Signing up for a direct deposit to receive payment for your online sales within two business days after your customer’s orders were shipped.
  • Placing an order on your customer’s behalf and earn the variance between the discounted sum you paid and the full price the customer paid.

Must a minimum order amount be placed every month?

The good news is that there are no minimum order sums or minimum orders that must be placed each month.

In conclusion

As mentioned before, each MLM you choose to join has its individual advantages and disadvantages and ultimately the success of your business is in your hands. Once you’ve decided to become an Avon representative and start your own business, whether part-time or full-time, you have to set your own business goals, remain consistent, and never give up, no matter what. Remember, with a positive mindset you can move mountains. And every business has the potential of being a huge success. However, in order to reach your goals, you have to put in the time and effort required. That can mean extremely long hours. If you prefer to do what I do which is Affiliate marketing then click the link below.




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