Auto Affiliate Machine Review.

If you do a simple search for “Auto Affiliate Machine review”, you can find lots of reviews highly recommending this product.But what these marketers are really doing is that they want to promote it to you to earn affiliate commissions. Personally, I’m not an affiliate of Auto Affiliate Machine and never intend to be. So be rest  assured that I’m not here to promote this product to you.  Infact I am here just to give you an honest Guide line on whats out there right now.

Auto Affiliate Machine Review Summary:

Product Name: Auto Affiliate Machine (AAM)
Founder: Founded by Billy Darr, David Kirkby & Justin Opay on 26th April 2018
Product Type: Affiliate Product Review PDF Generator
Price: $17 + 4 upsells & numerous down sells

AMM Sales Page

Upsell 1: Auto Affiliate Machine Elite Edition ($32)
The initial AAM software only allows you to integrate with 5 social media.
With this Elite Edition upsell, you can get access to 3 additional social sharing site integration. Also, there are some additional training.

Upsell 2: Auto Affiliate Machine – $1 Weekly Edition ($37)
Well, this is nothing much. Just another upsell with even more “training”. Not really useful at all but just another upsell.

Upsell 3: Auto Affiliate Machine – Done-For-You Edition ($27)
This upsell includes a Done-For-You package with 50 ready-made landing pages, 49 Email swipes and 1000+ graphics.

Upsell 4: Auto Affiliate Machine – Reseller Edition ($47)
Last but not least, this is a $47 “resell license” which you can resell up to 500 copies of Auto Affiliate Machine and keep 100% profit.

I will admit, perhaps I’m doing something wrong, but I’m a full timer within the online business world, so perhaps it may be possible that something is missing from that formula I was given, because I can tell you, there’s way more details that should have included in this eBook but weren’t.

The first is Facebook. It is explained how you should start a page and give niche ideas and reviews on a certain subject and attract people interested in it, then to link them to your opt in page, but that is it. Nothing more nothing less. You can actually go to Facebook yourself and join the academy built for Facebook by Facebook for free.

Literally, this is all you’re told. There’s no instructions on set up, no detailed thoughts, no case studies, there is nothing but a BROAD explanation of the strategy. It is almost worthless and like I said the Facebook has its own strategy tools. Which you will still need to use so no hidden secrets to help you here.


Summary: Auto Affiliate Machine is just a software to help you generate a simple PDF document. It claims to help you make thousands of dollars on autopilot but it’s really not the case. It’s doing affiliate marketing in the wrong way. So basically this is another hyped-up product claiming that you can start making instant commissions on autopilot in just 47 seconds. Would I recommend this product absolutely not.

Scam 10/100

Any Body can do a PDF for free with Google Doc for example. So I dont actually get why they are using this to sell.

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4 thoughts on “Auto Affiliate Machine Review.”

  1. Hi Deborah, interesting review about Auto Affiliate Machine, personally, I don’t like programs with upsells, you never know where it ends:( One to stripe through on my list.
    I see you recommend Wealthy Affiliate, their website looks quite good to me 🙂
    Thank you.
    Kind regards, Loes

    • Hi, Loes,
      I too have steered clear of companies with big upsells. There is nothing worse than laying out tons of cash when really all we all want is to earn money. I have been through quite a few companies that give you promises of earning money overnight or in a week is simply not true. Those ploys are only there to take your money not earn you any. I have been bitten a few times because I fell for there sales pitches. Loosing money is no fun when you cant afford to.

      Thats why with Wealthy Affiliate there are no upsells. I have been with them since November 2016 and I haven’t looked back. I have paid my yearly membership and I shall carry on paying every year. I would be crazy not to after all I have earned a very large amount of money all because of Wealthy Affiliate. Infact once I found Wealthy Affiliate I upgraded almost immediately. I was like a kid in a sweetshop. Infact now because of Wealthy Affiliate I have earned enough to put a big deposit down for my own sweet shop bricks and mortar business if I wanted too.

      Wealthy Affiliate teach us how to build multiple businesses too. With Jaaxy Lite included in premium its even better. What more could we ask for. I am always on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate too. We work alongside all our referrals we take of everyone. Its simple has the best strategy and a pay it forward system we can’t go wrong. Click here you can try us out for Free if you like for as long as you like also.
      Looking forward to catching up with you Loes inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform you will love it.
      Regards Debs 🙂

      The highest amount I have had to pay is for one of my websites for the whole year with SSl included and more it was $15.99 that was to turn my into my own domain .com.

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