Amway Review- Is Amway A Scam MLM?

You have found my article because. You are looking to find out more about Amway. This could be an invite from a friend or from someone who has contacted you online. Or you just want to find out more about Amway. You really want to find out if you can actually make money from Amway. I will show you How To Make Money With Amway’s and any other Multi-Level Marketing company or Direct sales Company.

First of all, Amway is not a scam and it seems to be the most searched MLM company online from what I can find out. It really is the Big Daddy of all MLM companies. They are a Direct Selling Business. They sell their products through ”Independent Business Owner” (IBO) Or ABO Amway Business owner. I do not use Amway products so this review is based on the How to Make money side of things rather than a consumer of their products.

Amway Sales & Marketing Plan still reflects the original business concept developed by Amway founders Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, introduced for the first time back in 1959. It is based on a multi-level marketing structure and a compensation system that rewards Amway Business Owners with bonuses for their performance. Amway made over $8.8 billion in sales in America in 2018.

In 2019 that has gone up to a cool 9 billion that is 3 billion more than Herbalife. The way you can make money is by selling on Amway’s products that you buy at a discount. In the UK it is  20% cheaper. According to Amway, Business owners earn money by selling on the products and not recruiting. They say recruiting without a product is illegal otherwise and then it would be a Pyramid scheme.

Of course, we are not silly to realize that recruiting is in fact where the big money is. I have been with MLM companies long enough to know this. Most MLM’s work the same but their business models may differ slightly. MLM is hard work and obviously, the more you put in hopefully the more you will get out of it. Amway has no quotas or purchase requirements but make no mistake you are going to have to sell. That is a fact.

I have to admit that Amway’s compensation plan is one of the best. However, the Amway Products are expensive and they cannot be purchased on the high street. I do see though you can buy Amway products on other Market places online. Most of these are unwanted products from Amway’s. So people are just trying to get some of their money back they spent on Amway’s.


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How did Amway’s company get started?

Super Wealthy Affiliates-Amway


Let’s go back to 1959. When Amway first started. it was normally targeted at women and still is mostly today. Back in 1959, the majority of women stayed at home housewives and Mums. Of course, some did work. Mainly women were at home while the husband went out to work. So what a great way to target stay at home Mums and wifes.

Lot’s of women enjoyed doing this and of course if they like the product and if they liked a product they could go on to tell their friends about the products. Remember in MLM companies you really are the consumer. You try the products you like them and so the lady would go on to refer to friends and family.

There was no internet back then so it isn’t as it used to be. Today it really is mostly targeted to the woman and those that are staying at home Mums That is how they could earn themselves an extra income or a side income if you like. Nothing much has changed since back in 1959 and it really is still the same concept today.

The thing is it isn’t as easy as it was back in the ’50s ’60s ’70s’ ’80’s and ’90’s. Things have changed and more and more women work full time. Those that want to Work From Home you Need to get to grips with the Internet and learn Internet Marketing.. That is the only way you are going to be successful in any direct sales or MLM company. Period.

Working from home 1059's vs 2020
Working from home in the ’50s up until the ’90s is so different to 2020. You need to learn online marketing. You can. For Free All the Training you Need and two Free Websites included Zero Risk Zero Cost. Just click the image and it will take you straight to setting up the foundations you need for your Own Online Business.


So although you think you can earn money with MLM nowadays honestly it really is not easy at all. There is a lot of work involved believe me I know. I shall cover all of this in my review of Amway. I shall also show you an alternative way to Earn Money Online or at least help you generate more leads more sales to your MLM business.

In fact, Jay Van Andel Richard DeVos started out with Nutrilite. Previously called the Californian Vitamincompanyy. Impressed by the direct sales model both Rich and Jay I will call them for short became top-selling distributors. They liked how the company offered commissions on sales newly recruited distributors they introduced to the business now know as MLM. Both Rich and Jay both grew their business to 5+=thousand distributors took their best sales team and went it alone.

Jay and Rich launched their company the American way which became Amway/. There first rights to a product were, in fact, a super-concentrated household cleaner called Frisk They changed the name to Liquid Organic or LOC for short. They also added the Nutrilite Vitamins to their business Amway and was their main products. They have since added more than 450 products.

Amway was also connected to Quixtar. Meaning they could order their products online instead of filling out order forms but that failed 7 years later and ended in a class-action lawsuit. So they quietly phased out Quixtar.

So what does Amway Sell?

I have heard they have awesome products. However, I am not here to judge that as I have never used their products. I am not a nutritionist so I cannot even tell you if the products work or not. I do hear the products are really good and come with a satisfaction Guarantee. They come also with some cool products. You guarantee everyone that is selling weight loss supplements and dietary stuff will swear down they the best. Just like Forever Living to think their C9 cleans are good too.

None of these products are cheap. There are literally hundreds (450+) of other products in Amway’s catalogue including Amway Home, Satinique (haircare), and Atmosphere Sky (air treatment systems)…
… but I’m not going to bore you with a long list of their entire product line.
Needless to say, they’re well-covered in terms of product variety. Here are some of their top products.


Amways Products
Some of the products Amway sells.




How does The Amway business model work?

Getting started with Amway the Costs?

Amway charges an annual registration fee to cover expenses on resources the company provides to help you effectively run your business. These resources include setting up your virtual office, providing online and offline training materials, product and marketing materials, customer service, and mobile business management tools.

Amway products can only be purchased through a distributor to ensure quality products are being delivered and customer demands are being met. The Amway business model is built on the personal service and thoughtful product recommendations you get from an Amway Business Owner who knows the products and their benefits.

First of all, you will be taught to yes you guessed it change all your household products and all your Cosmetics and vitamins as you are the consumer and what better way to promote your products if you use or consume them yourself.

Yes, you guessed you are going to have to buy all the expensive products yourself. Just simplify this for you. You are going to buy the products yourself. You will consume or use these products and then you are going to try and sell on the products to family and friends obviously you will get them 20% cheaper and that is how you make your money.

Sounds simple well it isn’t really selling products is ok but you aren’t going to earn as much as your sponsor tells you. It’s damn hard work. You recruit people and they in return recruit more people and the bigger your group is the products you are going to sell as a group. That is when you start to grow your commissions as a big group. This is where you are going to get hit as like so many other MLM’s you are going to be pestered on selling and you ill always see someone trying to push the points to the next level.

It happens and I know it does as I have been on enough Facebook MLM groups to last me a lifetime. Things can get pretty bad if you do not meet your quota and this is where many IBO’s end up buying the products themselves just to keep up with that monthly quota. I know many that are paying at least another £200 or $200 more just so they are hitting their quota hence the move comes in as being cults. Remember they are all selling their dream of financial freedom and Amway’s are known for brainwashing their recruits.

According to only 48% IBO’s are active and only earn $200 or £200 a month. That isnt all the work they have to put in and not to mention added costs will eat into that easily. Believe me I know.


1 BV and PV

Bv stands for Business Volume and PV is Pont Value. The BV determines how much you make each month and the PV determines the bonus you receive. The higher your PV the greater your % of BV will be.

All Amway Business Owners (ABOs) may purchase products directly from Amway. Below is for Amway U.

  • Bonus Payment
  • Bonuses and Customer Volume Rebates will be paid directly to all Amway Business Owners who have earned them during the calendar month. ABO payments will be paid directly into their bank account on file with Amway.
  • Performance Schedule
  • PV Performance Bonus
  • 10000 21%
  • 7000 18%
  • 4000 15%
  • 2400 12%
  • 1200 9%
  • 600 6%
  • 200 3%
  • PV/BV Ratio
  • The average PV/BV ratio for Amway products as of March 2019 is 1.50.
  • Retail Margin
  • Customer Volume Rebate (CVR) – Amway will pay an ABO for every month in which the total orders are £100 or greater.

Amway’s Pros

  • They have a good track record spanning 6 decades.
  • They are still today the best MLM company in the industry.
  • Amway is a Legit Business.
  • Amway’s Products do have an excellent reputation.
  • There are 450 products ranging from health Wellness skincare

Amway’s Cons

  • Amway’s reputation is poor, to say the least.
  • It costs about 100 dollars to become Abo
  • You are going to have to shell out for products,
  • You are constantly pushed to buy extra resources.
  • The company does admit that only48% of sponsors are active and earn around only $200 a month.

Read the full PDF file by clicking on this link.. FTC GOV Website PDF Concerning MLM Biz Ops



Is Amway a Scam?

No Amway is defo not a scam and I have to admit. I do like their Compensation plan better than some like Life Plus. It is common knowledge though that you are going to work damn hard at this and to be able to get anywhere right at the top it could and can take up to 5 years +to get there. The more I dig deeper into Amway’s the more disheartened I become.  Data does not lie and to be honest there are not that many people making money with Amway’s. The more I dig deeper I could source Amway products cheaper and I calculated with a good 20%. I could still source some of Amway’s products cheaper even if I had signed up from Amway’s.

In fact, I could probably source a job lot of the products and make a bigger profit than Amway’s will give me. I see this all the time with MLM products. You know what your sponsor will say to that, don’t you? Oh, they are not supposed to be and I wouldn’t trust the seller. More like I wouldn’t trust a lying sponsor. Just go online and find out for yourself. I go to places like eBay. Facebook Market Places Amazon even.

  • Chasing Friends and Family
  • Hosting Home Parties
  • Invites To Hotel Meetings all costing you money
  • Zoom calls and Conference Calls
  • Passing Out Samples At The Mall/supermarket Products paid for by you.
  • Placing Leaflets at Bookstores/neighbours/ Cold Calling.
  • Attending MeetUps and Networking Events
  • Daily Facebook Live Videos that don’t convert
  • Recording YouTube Videos with zero plays
  • Hosting Webinars and converting no sales
  • Adding and Following 100’s of People Every Day
  • Posting in 100’s of Facebook Groups
  • Starting 5 New Conversations Daily With Strangers
  • Doing never-ending house parties that are not cheap.
  • Following up on your downline making sure they have gained their monthly BV PV.

Why I find Wealthy Affiliate an easier platform to not only learn from but earn from too. Every perfect business really does need its own Website. So you will too.. That is if you want to get more leads to your MLM business. Learn to do what the top MLM’ers are doing. They won’t teach you this. Think outside the box and do what the top Mlm’ers do.. It’s a no brainer.

Dare to Compare?

When Amway started this back in 1959 the whole concept of MLM was targeted to housewives as the majority didn’t work like we do today. Imagine having that routine today. Especially if you are working also and not to mention having a young family around that is not going to be easy and for many single mums. Or even single Dads you are going to have to shell out for child care. Whilst you get your work done and the party’s well we can all say right now women together love to have a giggle and a laugh and Amway is not going to supply you will any of the things you will need to host a party.  There is so much more to MLM that many don’t really see. If you think selling MLM products is easy. Let me tell you it isn’t as many products are so much cheaper on the high street anyway. I was in MLM for 2 and a half years and I never earned a dime, in fact, there are more loopholes that nobody will tell you about so please be careful.

Amway boast good customer services and to be honest I called them myself today and they didn’t really help me at all. The guy didn’t seem interested nor did he seem to want to tell me what I wanted to know. So that was a real downer for me.

What your Amway Sponsor will not teach you!

Amway’s and Amway’s sponsors will not teach you what you really need and that is marketing yourself online. If you want to succeed in any MLM company then you are going to need to learn how to market your home-based business properly. By the way, you never own your own business with Amway’s or any other MLM company you are just a rep and if you want to learn the real way to start earning money online or how to generate leads then please join me here. So many other MLM reps are doing this and they are flying at it. You should do the same if you want to start earning money instead of lining your uplines pockets start lining your own pockets instead it’s a no brainer.

Free to start for as long as you like. ZERO RISK ZERO COST. I am not here to dis Amway I am here to help you learn how to market yourself properly online. Get your Free training and free websites today. Join over 2 million members who know what is best for them.



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  • Expensive Products
  • Not enough training
  • Hard work
  • Hidden costs

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