“AMAZON CASH WEBSITE” | Scam Alert an Honest Review. 2018

I have spent a lot of time looking into the Amazon Cash Website and what it claims to be and do.  I wanted to see for myself what I could find out about the Amazon Cash Website. I wanted to know for myself If it is indeed a legit company or really just anoher Big Fat Scam. First of all I am in no-way associated with This company nor am I an affiliate nor do I sell any of their products.

Amazon Cash Website has quite a lot of hyped up claims of being a good money makng system on the internet and is highly hyped up on Social Media. So I wanted to dig a little deeper and find out what Amazon Cash Website is really about. Lets see if those claims they are talking about really do measure up.

There is also lots of confusion on this system some say its legit others say its a scam. This is my honest review. I know exactly what to look for. I have spent lots of hours looking into different companys and I always look for any hidden loop holes that most of you may miss. I now have a small team and we work on this all together.

So you can imagine it will be a very indepth review. We tend to dig a little deeper than most of the reviews out there. We take our time and we endeavour to come up with the truth and nothing but the truth.

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So lets get you started see what the hype about Amazon cash website is about.  I have listed below some of the stuff I will be covering. so grab a coffee and have read through.  Included in My review below I will explain what I see that you may not even notice and why these kind of sites could be just a way to take your money or if indeed earn you money.

My Amazon Cash Websites review will be detailed out in the following sections to the best of what we could find for you all. Well done to you all also for doing your homework before you part with your hard earned cash and of course your time.

What Is Amazon Cash Websites?
How Amazon Cash Websites Really Works?
Is Amazon Cash Websites A Scam?
The Real Way To Learn How To Build An  Amazon Affiliate Website!

What Is Amazon Cash Website?

Program Name: Amazon Cash Website
Website: orbitorg.com, orbitnam.today, (Including others!)
Price: Small Fee or so it reckons.
Recommended? NO!!

Amazon Cash Website make it all sound very easy to do and all you have to do is not much since they give you a website that makes you money 24/7. BIG RED FLAG THERE!
They even tell you a story of a guy that makes $14,000 a month for doing basically nothing. ANOTHER RED FLAG RIGHT THERE!
This all sounds great but guess what I found out. Read all the way through. It will save you time and help you also.

I started out reviewing this website after I received an email from them. In this Email, it contains links that if I clicked on directed me to another website that clearly looked hideously fake to me. Then again I know what to look for. After years of experience in this sector of online businesses and Affiliate marketing.

This is a ploy to suck you into this so-called sucker site called Money Sucking Website (MSW) System which I’ve already reviewed and you can read that right HERE! I think the whole name says it all. It’s definitely going to sucker your money for sure. There are more lots more. You will be surprised what I and my team have found out. So keep reading.

How does the Amazon Cash website Work? 

Every single link you click on the Amazon Cash Websites takes you to the Money Sucking Website System’s sales page.
There, you will be told you’re going to make so much money with their appearance so-called money sucking sites but none of it is true and you can get to find out why it’s not all its cracked up to be. Via My Review of the Money Sucking Website System. I call that a site Sucker punch. It’s not all it makes itself out to be.

Please be aware because they can contact you by telephone too. You need to ask your self how did they obtain those details. They obtain them by other scam websites where they sell on your info onto websites like the Money Sucker Website.

Here at Super Wealthy Affiliates we never pass on any of your information what so ever. YOU CAN READ OR PRIVACY POLICY HERE


According to the Amazon Cash Website, you will be receiving your own websites. According to these guys, you will earn thousands of dollars a month. This is a total and blatant lie. You will not be receiving websites that make you thousands of dollars without doing much work at all.

Websites don’t just make you money as easy as that it is impossible, you need to work very hard at this and if you don’t have a clue then forget it. Your just opening yourself to more scam websites.

{Scam websites love each other and you will be continually contacted by more scam websites. It happens and you can find out more about this on the FTC Website. Please be vigilant always!}

Working an hour or two a day will never ever make you $14K a month, making money from websites takes much more work and effort than that and time to build. Remember most of these sites won’t even be found on any of the Google Pages.  Not been seen on Gooogle or Bing or any other search engine means literally no traffic to your website means you will not earn any money at all. Those claims they are saying are false and total lies.

I have been working with websites for a good few years now and I really understand how they work and what it takes to really make money from Amazon.  The Amazon Cash Websites are just there to trip you up and trick you into thinking everything is very simple so you will buy into their Money Sucking Website system where they will keep pushing upsell’s to you over and over again to keep getting you to spend your hard-earned cash.

I hate things like that. I know so well how hard it is to struggle. I have been there and it’s not funny parting with your hard earned cash just to line somebody else’s pocket. These kinds of sites need to be and will be struck off you watch. It happens you bet it does. Look at what happened to Mobe.

It’s no secret that Amazon makes a lot of money but just because Amazon does, doesn’t mean you will too just because you become one of their affiliates. It is true that you can make money by becoming an affiliate of Amazon’s by joining their Amazon Associates Program but you’ll need a website to be approved.

There is a lot more to it that’s why you need the right training. Just because some Websites ride on the back of Legit sites Like they do with Amazon it’s not to be believed. This can be fake with fake testimonials too. If they were legit why not use the real Amazon websites. Not only that why not build your own online Amazon shop or Ecomm shop even if you like.

One that belongs to you forever. Owning your own online business can be done from the right training platform. Look at WealthyAffiliate.com. They are the most legit company I have ever found. Check them out if you like it is totally free. They are 100% legit.

Is Amazon Cash Websites A Scam?

From my honest point of view on what I can see and what I have found out. Those claims they are telling you are fake. Nothing good can come out of these Amazon Cash Websites, that is why it’s best to avoid these at all cost.

To keep the false claims going, AMAZON CASH WEBSITE CLAIMS (false claims may I add!) Work from home opportunities have been featured in FORBES, FOX, CBS,  NBC.   This might look legit at first, but in reality, it’s just another trick from Amazon Cash Websites into leading you to believe that this is the real package. What nonsense. They are no way associated with any of these company’s go and see if you can find them because I couldn’t find them on any of these legit websites.

Amazon Cash websites Scam reviewed. Just because it looks legit doesnt mean to say it is.

As if that all wasn’t bad enough, Amazon Cash Websites goes those extra miles by displaying fake customer testimonials, too. You will not have any training to really learn how to build an affiliate website that will make money from affiliate programs as they are just not legitimate in any way at any shape or form. They sell you a lie and false claims of earning tons of cash a month. You can not earn fortunes a month with just a few clicks. Use your due diligence. I can only guide you. I hope that I have helped you.

Amazon cash websites homepage scam reviewed

The Real Way To Learn How To Build An Amazon Affiliate Website!

Yes, it can be done and yes you can earn some really good money from it. That’s if you know what you are doing. You need the right training and that just doesn’t include popping in links here and there. To be accepted by Amazon Associates you do need a Website that has content on it and good content with good Seo needs to be included also.

I can imagine what your thinking. How on earth do you build out your own Online business?

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Yes People do and can earn Money with Amazon so can you with the right traing. Start your free training today.

You really should read my post on 8 Unbelievable things most people don’t know about Wealthy Affiliate 2018. 

If you have received bad experiences and you have feelings of being duped into something your not happy with from Amazon Cash Websites or Money Sucking Website System, or any other system you come across you should file a full report with the FTC to look into them because it’s worked for other big scams like MOBE.

Please do not hesitate in dropping me a comment below or sending me an email if you like. I will help you as best as I can on what you need to do.

Lets make money online together the 100% legit way.

Debs 🙂

2 thoughts on ““AMAZON CASH WEBSITE” | Scam Alert an Honest Review. 2018”

  1. Deborah, Wow! I have learned so much by reading your article here. I was not aware of the MSW and them grabbing information then calling you. I get so many spam phone calls and am wondering if that’s how they obtained my information!

    Thanks you so much for your review. It is wonderful for you to share information so we can be truly aware of scams we can get ourselves into. You’ve done a great job of giving a complete review that’s packed with awesome information.

    Thanks to you and your team for all the work you do to keep consumers like me informed. Keep up the great work.


    • Hi, Yvette,

      Yes, it happens and the worse thing is once you interact with one scam website then you are on the list and will be open to more scam sites. So its always best to use your due diligence in any of these circumstances. Not everything that looks and sounds good is not all it seems.

      If I can help anyone not get scammed then at least what I set out to do is going to be worth it for sure. Just don’t trust anything and if you feel its a scam do some homework first and find out the truth and if your not sure what to do drop me an email and I will find out for you with my team of experts and myself we know what to look for sure!

      Thank you for passing by and please check out the platform that taught me everything I know today and has earned me no less than $ 3k+. That’s without been scammed and without paying out thousands of dollars in upsells as well. ZERO RISK ZERO COST JOIN HERE IT’S FREE.

      Thank you for passing by. Don’t forget if you’re not sure about something then please reach out to me here on my website https://superwealthyaffiliates.com

      Debs 🙂


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