Affilorama My Honest Review 2018

Affilorama my honest review 2018

Here is my honest review of Affilorama. I want to give you my own personal review if  Affilorama works. I have tried this platform and want to give you my unbiased review. First and foremost well done you for checking out the platforms that are on the internet before you buy. I will also share my recommendation that earns me honest money.  I can honestly say I have found it so much cheaper to be with Wealthy Affiliate. Why I hear you ask. Its because There are no upsells to scare me off and its where I first started to earn my income.  This is my honest review however if you are a complete newbie even more so you need to try out My #1 Recommendation Is Wealthy  This has also been a fabulous platform for advanced online marketers too.

Wealthy Affiliate is still the best Platform 2018.

Wealthy Affiliate is still the best Platform in 2018

If you feel have the extra cash to spend then please go ahead and read my honest review of Affilorama in 2018.

About Affilorama:

Affilorama is an Internet Marketing Course which consists of hundreds of hours of video training lessons and written materials intended to teach affiliate marketing to you. Founded in 2005 by a successful entrepreneur, Mark Ling, who is the owner of “Jamorama” and “Rocket Piano”.

Price: Free (Basic), $67/month (Premium) + Upsells
Free Training: 80+ Video Tutorials with written notes covering the basics about setting up your affiliate marketing business, SEO, PPC and some interviews. Needs updating!

Premium Training: Monthly subscription-based Affiliate Marketing resources and training which include webinars, interviews, etc.
Support: Call & Email support provided but not 24/7, hard to get any support from the owner directly, support from thousands of Affilorama members worldwide

Resources: AffilioBlueprint ($197), AffiloJetpack ($997), AffiloTools .

#1 AffiloTools (Free for Premium Members)
AffiloTools is a tool package that includes:
Search Engine data
Keyword Research
Website Stats Tracking
Competitor Analysis
Site Health
Backlink Builder
This is a decent tool for the package for internet marketers. However, tools like backlink builder are kind of outdated as building backlinks are not that relevant today.

#2 AffiloBlueprint ($197)
AffiloBlueprint is a 12-week step-by-step course with detailed videos to guide you on how to set up your affiliate website and how to start running your own affiliate marketing business.
With AffiloBlueprint, you’ll have access to 1-month Affilorama Premium Membership. However, this is a one-time investment of $197 which makes me wonder what’s the difference between AffiloBlueprint and Affilorama Premium since they are very similar. I’m also wondering why this step-by-step video course is not included in Affilorama Premium. Probably it’s just an additional upsell?

#3 AffiloJetpack ($997)
AffiloJetpack is a done-for-you affiliate marketing package which includes:
5 high-profit-potential niche packs
WordPress theme
90 top-quality newsletter
3 ebooks
20 articles
Professionally designed graphics
One-click hosting for 1 year
Traffic generation training

Basically, this is for those who don’t want to do-it-yourself and have the capital to invest in this high-ticket package to get results faster.
Affilorama is an Internet Marketing Course which consists of hundreds of hours of video training lessons and written materials intended to teach affiliate marketing to you.

For Affilorama, the supports included:
Call Support (Mon-Fri 5 pm to 1 am EST)
Email Support (reply within 24 hours)

I can’t really understand the support.  I need help 24/7 365 days a year. I hate waiting in a line with an operator giving me different options to follow. Having to keep repeating myself is not something I like doing. Also, the pressure to upgrade or option to the upsells far surpasses me. I hate pushy upsells.


Not very happy to get email offers from Mark Ling, cross-promoting products, and services. I am aware that many of the “gurus” hang out with each other and run promotions for one another. I am an all in one budget kind of girl. So was not happy to see added things in my emails. Especially as a newbie confusion is something we try and limit.
I have found one person who was promoted in my email often charges thousands of dollars for mentorships and exclusive programs. You know the ones – “Join a free webinar”, and then they try to sell you a $10,000 mentorship package. That goes against what I believe in. Especially if you are on a budget. Not only that its a webinar that is not worth it.


The Affilorama Blueprint is one of the best on the Internet for teaching how to build a website (on their platform) and begin successfully marketing. But, they will attempt to upsell you on their other tools and that can get pricey. Do they help? Yes, for the most part. But, not always. All in all a good platform to work from but I can’t find anything that beats my #1 recommendation. 

My scores. Affilorama:7/10

Wealthy Affiliate: 10/10

Wealthy Affiliate surely beats Affilorama hands down that’s my honest opinion and the reason is that’s where I earn my biggest money from. Follow us now at Wealthy Affiliate it’s where success happens. JOIN NOW IT’S FREE 

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