Affiliate Marketing Pitfalls You Must Avoid.

Avoiding the pitfalls of Affiliate Marketing.


This is just a heads up and any professional Affiliate marketer will agree with me.


I am not trying to be negative here , but there are a few common traps that new affiliates often fall into. I did myself and some times still do when I embark on a new project.


If you’re aware of them, you can nip them in the bud before they or you sabotage your business.


Pitfall #1: “Over Analysing ”


The Pitfall:    When you’re a newbie  affiliate marketer, it’s easy to get stuck on tiny details. Maybe you spend two weeks researching domain names, or you get bogged down and confused by keyword research. Everything becomes confusing, time ticks by, and you may end up giving up before you even get started! Why because over analysing brings confusion.



The Solution:  Maintaining the moment is much more important than getting things exactly right. Treat your first affiliate site as your “test” website, and don’t expect it to be 100% perfect. If you find yourself getting stuck on something or over analysing it, over something difficult, try to find a way to move past it. You can even jump into the W.A. Live chat and ask  “is this important?” We’ll let you know!



Pitfall #2: “Shiny objects”


The Pitfall:   Almost every new affiliate can admit to suffering from this! It’s the habit of getting distracted by every new product or system that comes along.


You might start a project, but you never end up completing anything because you’re dragged off in a new direction by the next “bright shiny object”.


You end up with a whole bunch of unfinished projects, incomplete knowledge, no money and no income!


”I have a whole bunch of sites like that where the confusion set in and something else looked better. The thing is it really doesn’t. I was lucky enough to ground myself before just wandering back in to the dreamers land I once came from.!!”



The Solution:  If you start a training course, make sure you work it all the way to the end. This is the only way you’ll really get any benefit about it. If you’re following a system… finish it. Half-finished systems won’t make you any money!



If necessary, cut down on  the number of blogs you read. Or the shiny objects you want to follow.  There are hundreds of ways to make money on the internet, but at this point you only need ONE. Its really important to remember this. Choose one niche, and then give it a chance to work! You must always stick with the training. It really is essential.



Pitfall #3: Unrealistic expectations The Pitfall:



Many affiliates dream of becoming millionaires overnight. (A lot of people will tell you overnight riches are possible — because they want to sell you something!) Building a great passive income as an affiliate is absolutely possible, and it’s much easier and faster than building a traditional business. But it still takes time and effort. Even easier and more profitable than MLM. I found that out for myself.



The Solution:  A little perspective adjustment is all you need here.
Think about it this way: Traditionally if you wanted a great income, you’d study to become a Surgeon (or some other highly-paid professional).


You wouldn’t give up within your first month of study, complaining that you weren’t making any money yet, would you? You’d realize that getting to that high salary requires years of study.


As an affiliate, there’s definitely the possibility of earning as much as our Surgeon  friends. (You might even earn more.) And you won’t need to study as long, or incur a crippling student debt along the way. But you will need to put in SOME work and spend SOME time before you get it right. It might not take years neither. My first pay check came in at 4months the big one anyway.



It’s not a total piece of cake, but it’s easier than putting yourself through top surgeon  school! You will find those that promise success overnight are the ones who are marketing other products as you or I. The difference is they sell it and they dont tend to last long. It can happen in months and some have achieved this in weeks, Never over night.



Stick with it, set realistic goals, and view success as a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time.





The next thing is do you need a website. Although some say no in 2018 its becoming a bigger factor. In a sense nowadays Affiliate marketing companies prefer you to have your own Website. The thing is. If you have no idea how to build one it becomes a whole different ball game.



Yes there are a ton of free programmes out there for free websites but building one for a beginner isn’t as easy as it seems. Thats why being with wealthy Affiliate seems so much easier. You  wouldn’t be torn between two training platforms go back and fourth.





Having your website built and powered by yourself within the same platform as building a business is an absolute must. After all things can get pretty hectic for a newbie. Just check out here the “Four most important things to building a Website. Having them hosted all in one place seems so much easier. I build all my Businesses in one place. Why because I have so much back up than most could imagine. If my website fails it’s not a problem. Its back up again in seconds. I have no worries at all. Thank you to the platform I build all my businesses from.

Please drop me in comment at the bottom of the page and my contact email  if you prefer a  One on One is in the footer.  I love to help anybody




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  1. Hello Deborah,

    I am in awe of the website. I love the approach to conventional education, because, while I have never gotten ripped off trying to become an online earner, I have certainly been taken in by the promise of student loan scams. Much more expensive!

    I always wondered how all the people trying to sell WA could come up with ideas for 1000 words posts. I can see it happening. You do a great job of that.

    perhaps you could stop by my site and give a look. I certainly would value your input, because you are a success here at WA . I must make this work. No more school for me!!

    • Hi, Sue,
      First of all thank you for connecting. I get alot of interaction from college students too. I would love to come by and have a look at your Website. I shall do that right now.
      Thank you for coming by my Website. You could actually be suprised on what more Wealthy Affiliate do offer.

      I have multiple businesses now and I grow stonger on all of them daily.

      I absolutly love the Local Seo. I love implementing this too into one of my businesses. Most however seem to by pass the real potentials on doing Local Seo. It’s a fabulous way to begin too. It is one of my most powerful business projects.
      Thank you for connecting keep in touch I shall go and check out Your Website.
      Regards Deborah 😉


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