Affiliate Marketing Faq. Q&A 2018

Well if you can’t hack it then Faq it my complete Q&A. Guide 2018 for all you newbie affiliate marketers out there. Just to make it easier. I shall give you a guideline on what to expect. If I have missed something out then please give me a shout. just before we get started so not to confuse you there are MLM and Drop shippers, Ecommerce.  This Faq is only about Affiliate marketing. 




General questions on Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing where you the middleman will promote other businesses products. The best thing is you dont need to buy inventry and you dont have the worry of sending parcels out. Affiliate marketing comapanys come in different ways. Amazon has an affiliate scheme as does Wealthy Affiliate which happens to be one of the highest payers in commissions out there to day. .

Merchant/seller  You the Affiliate and ofcourse the customer. When a transaction takes place The customer getss the product they want and the Seller gets the sale. You as the Affiliate Marketer gets a commision all commisions vary.

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You do not need any qualifications at all.  However some training in getting started is essential. Here at Wealthy Affiliate is all the training you will ever need. Its also free to join for aslong as you want. With this it will give you two free websites. Essentail really if you want to make this a life time business.

No if you want that quick rich get scheme you may as well just go to the scam sites that promote this. There is no quick way to get rich it takes time and hours. So Think of it as a long time business not a short lived one like most of the scams out there offer.


A Niche and what does it mean?

A niche could be anything you love doing a hobby for example. Say if you like to fish then you could choose a Niche in fishing. Maybe you are an expert in playing the guitar you could build a niche on how to play a guitar or even the new music you have just written. If you dont have a niche then dont worry at wealthy Affiliate we have ways to help you fInd one. 

We all have a hobby or something that gets us excited and motivated when we think about it. It only takes one idea to create a very successful business online. Don’t have any ideas? No problem, Wealthy Affiliate will help you choose a direction of your business from over 1,000,000 different niches.

Its more profitable to be a big fish in a small pond so cutting it down to a specific niche within a niche makes it easier for you to be able to build a profitable business. Starting out you dont want to be going head to head with super large companies so pick your niche and find something specific and stick to it. 

When I say content you need to know enough about your niche to write about it. If you dont know what to write then in Wealthy Affiliate we can also help you with that. 

You will need a platform that will help you build up your Niche. Some say you dont need a website but without a website the best affiliate programmes wont accept you. My #1 Recommendation will teach you how to do this and you will learn how to monetize it. 


Most frequent questions and answers about Websites.

Having your own website means you have more chance of getting accepted by the higher end of the Affiliate marketing. They say you can do this without a website but in the end you will need a website. 

AT wealthy affiliate we will teach you how to build your own website. You dont need any qualifications at all. You dont even need computer skills. I didnt have any skills at all now I can build any website I want.  

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You can get a free website almost anywhere today but its not so good if you are not offered any training or assistance at Siterubix you can have two free complete with free SSL and super fast loading included all mobile friendly too which is essential in todays internet world. You also get free training on how to setup your site and you can have it up and running in seconds 

Most people aren’t when they start out in Affiliate marketing. There are many useful apps you can use like Grammarly or in Wealthy Affiliate they have  site content  which is free and has grammar and spell check. So you dont have to be a writer at all. Those who didnt have a clue in the beginning are some of the best bloggers today 


Most frequent questions and answers

To get started you need a really good platform to work from. One that will not just sell you more upsells one that is constantly updated and one that wont leave you all alone and not sure what to do next. This is one that is free for aslong as you like and is my #1 recommendation. It has to be its the place I earned my money from. I am now living my laptop lifestyle Free website

If anybody sells you an online get rich in a week or earn thousands overnight that is just a lie. Its common knowledge Affiliate Marketing takes time and hard work. My first check came in at 4 month for me some do it quicker others not so quick. It depends on your self. You need to put in the time and learn Earning while you learn is the only way to go. 

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