Affiliate Marketers Sick of all the B.S and Lies. A complete scam proof Guide, To getting Ahead online 2018

Affiliate Marketers Sick of all the B.S and Lies. A complete scam proof Guide, To getting Ahead online 2018

This article is written for those who want to Own there Own Online Business.  Scammers need a good story to get your cash once they find what works they will use it time and time again. Are you an online Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Local Marketer and your tired of being Scammed and are sick of all the B.S and Lies in 2018.  The list is endless so if this is you and your sick and tired of all the B.S and LIES, SCAMS.

Here is just an example of the things we need to do and learn about in Affiliate Marketing Below.

If you want to cover yourself even further you can always check out the FTC Consumers guide also. 

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So the list will show you at least some of the scams we come across and why there is an abundance of Getting Rich Quick scams out there and the upsells they just keep selling.  Please Beware of all the B.S, Lies, Scams. Save your money don’t waste it So if you come across any marketing places on some of these subjects below just be careful  Most are just full of Scams Lies B.S and Major Upsells. Not all but most of them.

My Disclosure page Here.

Here is one I have written about and they are under investigation with the FTC.  Ecom Cash Code

You can find more Not Recommended Here


So Let’s get you all started first with a list of what we need to begin an online Affiliate Marketing Business. If you are a complete beginner this is a list of just some of the training you will need. So you can see why so many online scams are widely available. You really have to be careful here. Getting the right place for training is hard to find without been scammed.

 Social Media Training,

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • Pinterest,
  • Youtube,
  • Reddit,
  • Quora,

Google Webmasters Bing and Yahoo 

  •  Google,
  • Google Analytics,
  • Google Console,
  • Webmaster tools,
  • PPC,
  • Adwords,
  • Yahoo,
  • Bing,
  • Badu,


  • Website and Design.
  • Plugins Themes and
  • Page Builders.
  • Funnels
  • Email Marketing.
  • Logos
  • Banners
  • Images
  • Email Marketing.


  • Amazon Affiliates,
  • Shopify,
  • Click Bank
  • JVzoo and much more.


So Affiliate Marketers are you Sick of all the B.S and Lies. A complete scam proof Guide, To getting Ahead online 2018.

Here is a list of some things you need to Avoid.

1: Nobody online can make money overnight do not fall for the Get “Rich Quick Scheme!”

2: Never pay with MoneyGram you are not covered and you will never see your money again.

3: Automated calls don’t even go there. They are out and out scams.

4: Do not fall for Massive upsells. Do your Homework most of the platforms have massive upsells.

5: Just because you see tons of ads and they look good and promise you the world forget it its all lies.

6: Google will never call you scammers are targeting online local Businesses owners so beware.

7: Just because they sound official and look official doesn’t mean to say they are official. Use your due diligence.

8: Outrageous claims — “You are about to receive a very special guide that reveals how you can make six figures online in the next ninety days or less”

9: Deceptive testimonials — Videos of members scuba diving, hiking, Flying in Private Jets and lounging by a pool as money poured in on autopilot. Yes, even young actors and actresses are being used for fake Testimonials saying how they can make fortunes.

Videos used in Scam Promotions like this one. Get The Discovery.Get the discovery unethical promotions done by Actors/Actresses yes even the Young are been used.

It’s a good idea to research other people’s experience. Try entering the company or promoter’s name with the words “complaint,” “reviews,” or “scam” into a search engine. Read what others have to say. After all, it’s your money on the line. Just are you doing on my website right now. Remember if you’re worried then check out the FTC. This is a snippet I took from FTC Website

Go to my #1 Recommendation this one has no upsells and all the points of training that you would need are included in the membership. I should know I have been with them since 2016. They are not a con 100%


There is so much more and I want to share my personal experiences too. So please carry on reading below.

I am so happy you are reading this. Not in a bad but in a good way. See Before 2016 I was like you. I was sick and tired of all the B.S and lies. I can remember the countless times I have been duped into thinking I am going to earn some money. Yet only to realize as a matter of fact I am not going to earn a damn penny. That is a fact and it disheartened me so much.  I seriously nearly gave up. I can honestly tell you hand on my heart I cried a lot. Banging your head against a brick wall is no laughing matter.

Somehow along the way, I just knew I would find what I was looking for. I have to admit that something to help me get ahead online took me a good few years. Why because I wasted my time on pointless platforms. I was lucky though I never wasted a lot of money. For starters, I had hardly any spare cash. I suppose the ones I thought were ok.  Like the open university would cost me thousands and thousands. I didn’t have a £100 or $100 spare let alone money into the thousands.


Trying to find a way to earn money online without spending money just seemed impossible. That really drove me crazy. Yes, I did eBay and I did ok at it. However, it’s not as easy now as it was 6 years ago to earn money on eBay. They have got rather expensive. I couldn’t really get why I would have to be taxed on things I had already been taxed on once. Getting taxed twice on an item that is a second-hand item just seemed well not right for me. Well that’s is in the UK not sure of what tax laws other countries have by the way.

I have done the MLM. I have been with LifePlus and was with them for 1 year 6 months to be exact. What did I earn? I earned about £3.60. Why because I was just another product buyer. See my up-lines actually were friends of mine. They were just out for themselves. They were not interested in helping me and I had to travel to Liverpool to get to see them. Wasting more of my money.  I was quite clever and all the ideas I had, they took from me.

Why because we weren’t allowed to promote on Social Media. Then I found the secret group she was taking all the people I was working on/, In fact, three of them were doing it. That was a big Smmhhhhh for me. They didn’t even use the products. Another Smmhhhh on my part. Never again on MLM for me.

Well, you can imagine the outrage I gave them when I found out. Please believe me to have 750,000 in your downline is not going to make your fortunes and the work is so so hard. Unless you have a lackey as my upline did. Did I feel sorry for her, no I didn’t she was as bad as her up-line? Would her work have been easier 9 to 5 yes? She lost her house and couldn’t afford to keep it.

See not all is roses out there. Listen and this is the truth honestly it took nearly 6 Years for my upline to earn 5k a month if you’re lucky.


Not to scams online.

MLM is not for me. Besides I have done so well with Online Affiliate Marketing.

So just in case, you don’t want to read My Complete Scam-Proof Guide in Affiliate Marketers Sick of all the B.S and Lies. Without the scams and upsells in 2018.

You want to be Your Own Boss. Find out how I am a successful online Marketer /Mompreneur. How I got started with Zero Cash, without any Degrees or coding skills or degrees in online marketing. Then just click the link below.  I know you can trust this Platform. Why because I am always in there on the inside in Live chat helping out writing blogs answering questions. I have been since 2016. Click the link below see you on the inside.

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Anyways Back to my Scam proof Guide for those who want to read on.

Say not ato all the B.S and scams online.




To be honest I am not sure if you are like me but I went through tons and tons of pages in Google and Yahoo and Bing. I clicked on thousands of Affiliate Marketing promises. I watched countless youtube videos. Some were really good but the upsells were astronomical. Most wanted in the 10,000’s to get even anywhere near what I wanted to do. The ones that were reasonable just droned on and on about nothing until I either fell asleep or lost my temper. Same old stuff that wasn’t even updated.

I got so tired of it all. I knew what I wanted to do I just didn’t have a clue how to get started. I wanted my own Website too. I didn’t have a clue how to do one. I had no coding skills or any marketing skills. In fact, who was I. A nobody a complete nobody I had no degrees anything? Why was I trying to kid myself that I could build my own online business? I didn’t even know how to begin or where to begin.

Everybody seemed to be making fortunes. Not me. What was it that I was missing. Why are so many people out there blogging or building websites with big flashy cars and houses yet I was struggling. It didn’t matter what I did all I kept getting was scam after scam after scam. If it wasn’t a scam then It would cost me well over a $1,000 and more.  I just couldn’t win. I was feeling so depressed.

No more scams online.

Then I decided to try one last time and it would only cost me a $1. I looked at it and I thought no something wasn’t right so I decided to see if I could find out if it was real or if it was a scam. I landed on this website and I found out it was a scam. I was so fed up but then this big Banner popped out at me and read the same thing my banner reads here.

ARE YOU SICK OF ALL THE B.S. and LIES? I thought yes I blummin am. In fact, I couldn’t take any more. That’s when I got an invite to another platform the only difference this Platform was free and I didn’t need a credit card and bank Details. I thought oh yes this is a sure bet to another scam. However, once I got into the Platform I fell in love with it immediately.

I started to listen to a video By KyleGetting started online A video by Kyle who is one of the founders and did you know this guy wasn’t droning on about anything he actually made some common sense at last. I couldn’t believe it. I was like a kid in a sweetshop running around like a lunatic. Then people came to greet me and left me messages. They were super friendly but I didn’t want to talk to anyone I just wanted to get on and explore this platform.

I could start building my own website. Well yes If you could imagine me running towards it. I swear down the fastest runner on this earth like   Mo farrow he wouldn’t have a look in. Well from that day on November the 16th 2016 changed my life totally. As you know the rest is history. So before I carry on blabbing on. I shall you some Key elements that you need to stay away from scams. Below you can check out my Affiliate scams in 2018 in my Not recommended Categories.

Since 2016 there is so much I have learned. I want to share with you some of the facts I wished I had known sooner. Nobody, not one person online will earn Money overnight. It is impossible. All the hyped up scams promising you big houses and cars in a few weeks are months is a total lie. It takes a long time to be a successful online Affiliate Marketer. You cant make thousands of dollars overnight its impossible. If it was possible then none of us would be struggling would we. We would all be mega rich.

To be a success online it takes times and tons of hours. You will need all the training too. Everything to propel your online business and monetize it. Its easy enough nowadays to build a website. That’s great however what happens if your website breaks would you know how to fix it. Then you need to learn how to use Google. As we know Google is not easy and they are forever updating within a blink of an eye.

As you have seen the list above. That list is endless this is all the things you will have to learn to keep ahead of your competition. I don’t know if you’re all like me or not. I personally couldn’t stand wasting my time and my money going from one training platform to another. I see a lot of people promoting social media marketing. Why on earth would you go from one platform to another to learn about it?


Getting all the training you need to build a money making an online business just seems the only way to go for me. With over 500 training modules you can’t go wrong. You won’t be charged any more money Neither. Its all included in the one Premium Price. $49 a month and if you take up on the Black Friday Deal coming soon you can build an online business for less than a cup coffee a day. Not forgetting your first month is only $19. Now I was broke and even I could afford that why because I gave up my coffee that’s why. Simple as that.

I could carry on forever on this subject but instead, why don’t you just give Wealthy Affiliate a go. Ok if it’s not for you no problems it’s cost you nothing so you lose nothing. Join us now and have a free look around for as long as you want. If you need to ask me any questions or leave me a comment go ahead drop some comments below or you can simply email if you like. You won’t find us in the FTC for scammers and lies.

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Earn Money Online the Legit way.

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