Affiliate Cash Club Review | Legit or Just Another Big Fat Scam.

“Affiliate Cash Club Review” is it Legit or Just Another Big Fat Scam? 


You have found my website because you are looking for reviews on “Affiliate Cash Club.” I know that sales page looks pretty cool and enticing is the fact they say you can earn 4K a day with just 10 minutes a day of work. Yep in the past, I may have fallen for these hyped up claims. I certainly don’t fall for them anymore. Some of these systems are so similar in how they operate. That after being an Affiliate Marketer for nearly three years I know what to look for.  Lets dig a little deeper into My “Affiliate Cash Club Review.”


Just as heads up if you want to join the Affiliate Cash Club then please do it via Click Bank and not the original Website as Click Bank has a 60-day money back guarantee so you will get your money back, it’s more difficult to get a refund if you go via the so-called owner’s Jordan Mathews Website. I don’t even think Jordan Mathews is a real person because you don’t get to see him. So why hide your true identity. That alone shouts “RED FLAGS” to me!


I am going to dig a little deeper into this review so you can find out yourself and make your own decisions if Affiliate Cash Club is, in fact, a Legit system or just another Big Fat Scam. Personally, I could promote this product myself on my website but I won’t because I don’t actually believe in it. This review is just to give you guidance.

Do I recommend Affiliate Cash Club?  NO! 

Read on to find out why!


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So let’s get started and see what we can find out about this Super system that says you can earn money by just using their software and it will only take you 10 minutes a day and 14 clicks leading you to an income of $35K a month.

These are the list of contents I will cover below.

Who is the Affiliate Cash Club?

What does the Affiliate Cash Club do?

Is Affiliate Cash Club a scam?

How to earn money without a Done For You System?


Who is the Affiliate Cash Club

Name: Affiliate cash club

Owner: Jordan Mathews (Pen Name) Red Flag!

Start date: March 2019

Who’s it for Affiliate Marketers.

1 out of 10

What does the Affiliate Cash Club do?

rob spense paid actor gig from fiverr fake testimonials. Fake video claims for Affiliate Cash Club.

“Affiliate Cash Club” claim to have ready-made or done for you system to teach you Affiliate Marketing a  system that you can use by just using it for 10 minutes a day you can earn a daily income of 4K+ a day.  Yet right now any real Affiliate Marketer will tell you that is B.S. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money but not like Affiliate Cash Club says it is. It doesn’t work like that.


This guy above claims he has earned a fortune in just a few weeks. Yet in all essence, he hasn’t really as he. This guy is a paid actor from Fiverr. No offence RobSpence and he is really good as it goes and I would have fallen for this if I hadn’t got the knowledge, I have now on Online Scams. So I am hoping you get my jist with this. Please keep reading on.

Robspense fiverr Gig.


All you are is basically just another person that will end up wasting your hard earned cash. who will more than likely end up on their email list which they will sell on your personal data? Check out their disclosure page they will sell on or share your data to third parties.

How do I know that? I give up my email and phone numbers ones I use simply to find out about these systems, and you can guarantee, I will have calls and emails from the same kind of systems. It can get you down after a while but I use a different mobile/cell and email every time so as not to affect the emails that are good that I do want.


I feel kind of good doing that because. They will have made no gains out of me. It’s also kind of sad for me too because I know many who fall into this trap. Luckily though and thank goodness Click Bank does have it’s 60-day money back policy otherwise you would have a fight on. Although it’s only $37 this does has up-sells and can end up costing you more so please be careful.


With a highly used sales gimmick, they try and suck any new people into this kind of Affiliate marketing system simply because people are looking to make money online. The whole sales videos the usual stuff narrated by someone else who is not real and using fake testimonials. This really is just an easy way for affiliate marketers to earn a quick buck out of unsuspecting people who want to believe you can earn big money just by a few clicks by using a so-called system like this.


It’s a big flaw that many rogue Affiliate marketers and some Click Bank products use. Why do they do it because they can and it works?

Who doesn’t want to believe the big quick money making lies? Gosh, even I did back before 2016. The only person that loses out is the person who buys into this kind of scam. That used to be me and could be you or any of us.


See this Jordan Mathews goes on to say in the video how his wife got ill so he needed to find a way to make money online and he stumbled on this so-called system that he put together and he is now according to the video a very lucrative online marketer. They tend to use the same storyline similar to my other reviews you can read in my Not Recommended list in the drop down above in my main menu.



The thing is if you have such a wonderful system and all you want to do is share it with everyone why would you shroud it all in secrecy and lies. Why use fake testimonials and why lie about you as a person. The reason they lie is that they are simply just liars. You’re just going to be another product buyer and you will not stand a cat in hells chance of earning money unless you know how to market this kind of product.


As I am not a rogue Affiliate Marketer then I cannot and will not promote this system “Affiliate Cash Club” its as simple as that. It’s full of too many Red Flags and B.S.


Any Newbie Affiliate Marketer will not earn money with this system you are going to be open to more scams and it certainly will cost you more money in the long run. Below I will tell why I don’t use the Done-For-You Systems.


How to earn money without a Done For You System?

A Done For You System screams to me personally GET ME OUTTA HERE!. The reason why is because if the system goes down my work goes with it. Now imagine that not only you paid you’re $37 + mega upsells but you lose absolutely everything with it. That means your own email list your referrals your own PPC that can turn out mega expensive even a facebook/Instagram even Pinterest all your work goes with it. You’re going to lose the lot and who will trust you after that.


I have over 2K+ on my Instagram alone. I couldn’t do it.  The thought of having to clean up all of that just for a rogue system. I like to keep everything as clean as possible. I simply do not have time to promote a product just line my own pockets. The system I use is Legit has no upsells and each business I have of my own and run belong to me. I am not beholden to anyone.

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I run my businesses and I like it that way. The Done-For-you-systems never last long. There is no way I would want anyone to sell on my data so why would I do that with you.


There is a system we use with a proven 4-step blueprint that works. If you want to find out more then please do not hesitate in leaving me a comment below to ask me any questions. I am always happy to help. Simply Join me now and get One on One mentorship right now with me. I will guide you every step of the way.


Not only that you can find out real time how I earned 7K in February without scamming a single dime from anyone! I mean that. I am proof of who I am no fake testimonials no lies no B.S. Join me today. Let’s earn money online together without all the B.S. and Scams. Go ahead click the button below. you can’t miss it!

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