Affiliate Boot Camp Education

Affiliate Boot Camp Education Updated.

keeping up with the New UX at Wealthy Affiliate 2019.


 The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp training has now been updated for 2019 for the new UX at Wealthy Affiliate. Lots more great updates coming for 2019.  and I will also show you what you can get in your 10 Free course lessons below. This course alone has been recommended by some of the top universities to date. The only platform that taught me how to achieve success and to earn a living. Stepping out of my own comfort zone. Without costing me a fortune in Up-sells and breaking my bank. I care about you and so does Wealthy Affiliate. 

Quick Summary:

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp free training.
  • Website:
  • Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim
  • Recommended: Yes! [yasr_overall_rating size=”small”]
  • Who is it for? For those who want to learn all aspects of Affiliate marketing, Digital Marketing, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing.


I will show you here the first Phase of Affiliate Bootcamp as you can get this course consisting of 10 lessons totally Free. Let’s get you all started. To the best online Journey of your life.

Course Description of Phase 1 of 10 Courses in Affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most lucrative “recurring” affiliate programs on the planet and within the first phase of the training, we are going to get your business built on a solid foundation.

A long term businesses start with a vision and a brand and we are going to help you get this in place in the first phase of the Affiliate Bootcamp training. Be the best you can be and more. The training works. It certainly worked for me.

This course is 10 lessons and by the time you have finished this course, you are going to have your foundation for a long term and very lucrative business online set out! I have also included here the course outlines for Premium Members. That’s a snip at $49 a month and works out even cheaper when you go Yearly or now even for 6 months. The prices are updated. You can just start for free right here. 

Our Online Affiliate BootCamp. 

Introduction to Getting Started into Bootcamp Training!

Free Bootcamp Courses Getting your business rollin. Lessons Start for Free.


With 7 Phases in Boot Camp and each Phase comprising of 10 courses in Each. The first Phase of boot camp is totally free.  All of the courses do come with Video training too. I prefer to learn via visual education it makes everything seem less daunting. 

What the first course consists of I have added in a list below The first part is the Free starter course. Consisting of 10 Lessons. You should be up and running by then. The rest after are all premium members only.  Try out the Free starter course it makes sense. 

  • Understand the WA Affiliate Program Opportunity
  • How to Set and Reach Extraordinary Affiliate
  • GoalsLearn How You Can Meet Us in Vegas next year!
  • How to Share Content Within Wealthy Affiliate and Earn
  • Finding and Creating a Successful “Authority” Style Domain
  • Creating a Massively Successful WA Affiliate Campaign.


Phase  1: Getting your Business rolling. 

Wealthy Affiliate Free training Getting Started lesson 1.

Welcome to the Affiliate Bootcamp!

Are you ready to learn a lot, have a bunch of fun, build a full-time income and brand, and promote a platform that you can believe in, trust and that can truly help people in a positive way?

If your answer is yes, then you are definitely in the right place and I know you are going to love what we have in store for you in the upcoming lessons. Just click on the image to the left to get started today totally Free.


Lesson 2: Choosing your direction.

BRANDING. Getting your Brand.Wealthy Affiliate course 2 Choosing your Direction.

Like Wealthy Affiliate, the brand, your goal with your website is going to be to create your own brand online.

This is going to be done through your website and if you approach this as a “business” (which it is) from the very outset, then you are going to be aligning yourself for a long term, sustainable success online. Click on the image above to go to the course for free.


Lesson 3: Build your Free Websites. 

Cootcamp Lesson Free Build your Free Websites with Wealthy Affiliate full training.

Building a Website Ain’t Scary, It’s FUN!

Building a website sounds like a “scary” process, but fortunately, you have access to the most advanced, yet simplistic website platform in the world here at Wealthy Affiliate.

We pride ourselves as a technology company here at Wealthy Affiliate and we are the industry leaders in the website development space.

This is and was the favourite part of all the training. Click the Image to view the course outline its free. You do not need any design skills nor coding skills great even for complete newbies.

Lesson 4: Website Look around. 

Lesson 4 Free Training Website look around.

In this lesson, Website look Around.

we are going to be learning all about the “back office” of your website and how the different aspects of WordPress function. WordPress is a framework in which you are building a website on. Many of you probably have experience with WordPress already, but many do not and that is perfectly fine (it can be learned very quickly).  It’s super easy when you know how.

In the following video, I am going to walk you through the “back office” (admin area) of your website and also show you how to clean up the initial DUMMY content of your site. Click the image for the free course Outline.


Lesson 5: Activating your plugins. 

Lesson 5 activating pliugins Free training at Wealthy affiliate.

One Important Aspect of WordPress is Plugins.

Plugins are feature enhancements that you can install on your website. There are over 49,000 different plugins, everything from social plugins that allow your visitors to share your posts on Facebook/Twitter/etc, to e-commerce plugins that allow you to sell your own products directly from your website.

** As a Premium Member you have full access to ALL 49,000+ of these plugins. **
Basically, anything you want to do with your website, there is a plugin for it.


Lesson 6: Getting your Website ready for SEO. 

Getting your website SEO ready. Free Taring lesson 6 at Wealthy Affiliate.Introducing Search Engine Optimization…

Our goal with our website, in particular in the first 6-12 months with it is to get lots of rankings in Google (and other search engines) and to do so for FREE.

This is accomplished through what is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is something that you are going to become very knowledgeable within a short period of time.

You are going to learn how you can show up in Google, get traffic, and generate a lot of revenue as a result. Click on the Image to go to course Outline.


Lesson 7: Your Initial Framework of content. 

Fame work of content.

If you can build out your website in a way that is ready for SEO (as discussed in the last lesson) and create quality, relevant content, you are going to have a bright journey ahead of you within the online world.

The thing that most people stress about is being a “writer”, you DO NOT have to be a writer to be successful online.
You simply need to communicate with your audience, the same way that you would with a friend or a family member. And if you put the emphasis on helping people, you are going to be able to build trust, which is going to lead to long term and sustainable success online. Click the image to view this free course outline.


Lesson 8: Understanding the keyword search process.  

Understanding Key word search process lesson 8 of 10 free bootcamp lessons at Wealthy Affiliate.

What is a keyword?

It is a word or a phrase that someone types into a search engine. People use words or phrases to find things they are looking for online and there are BILLIONS of keywords out there.

As an affiliate marketer and here within Wealthy Affiliate, you are going to become an expert with keyword research and coming up with search terms that people type into search engines. Click the image to view the course outline.


Lesson 9: Creating Thoughtful, insightful reviews. 

Creat thoughtful insightful reviews. Free course lesson 9 bootcamp training at Wealthy Affiliate. Where is the first place we come to do our research?

The Internet is the gateway to information and being an affiliate marketer, of course, this is where you are going to be delivering your reviews to a captive audience. If you understand how to effectively create a review, you can drive a lot of traffic to your business, and effectively convert a lot of “prospective” buyers into actual buyers.

There are some KEY elements to any trustworthy, authoritative websites online. One of these key elements is reviewing products and services within their respective industry. Click on the image to view this course in full.


Lesson 10: The exciting journey has begun. 

Lesson 10 your exciting journey has begun at Wealthy Free Affiliate. Free course in Bootcamp. Lesson 10 of 10.

You have made some wonderful accomplishments in just your first 10 lessons of Bootcamp thus far! Woohoo. I loved every second of this journey.

You not only have set out on a journey to carve yourself out as an authority online, but you also have the underpinnings and structure set up for a long term and very successful business online.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform and community that you can believe in and your income from WA alone, could drive you to a FULL-TIME INCOME and far beyond. That is our ultimate goal with the Bootcamp training and that is exactly what you are going to accomplish if you give yourself time to achieve success. Click on the image for more details. It’s totally free.

Don’t forget to read my Free money making guide. 

Free make money online guide.
Make Money online Guide the legit way. No B.S



In phase 2 of the WA Affiliate Bootcamp, our main focus is going to be on content. To get this course you have to be a Premium Member. 

Content Keywords and conversion. Phase 2 Of Affiliate bootcamp.

This includes the actual creation of content on your site, how to make it presentable and readable, how to leverage “keywords” to create content that ranks, and how to make your content to convert. This course is now for Premium members but it does include tons of stuff for free including Jaaxy Lite. 

There is a big difference between just creating content and creating quality content that carries a substantial benefit. Upon completing this course, you are going to be prepared for a world of success with your content.

Lessons Included

Lesson 1: Creating Readable Content that Converts
Lesson 2: Properly Using Affiliate Links
Lesson 3: Understanding Keywords & A Day of Selling
Lesson 4: Creating Reviews and Using Targeted Keywords
Lesson 5: Take a break, catch up
Lesson 6: Backing Up Your Website
Lesson 7: Enhancing Your Website “Experience”
Lesson 8: Building MORE Content Through Internal Links
Lesson 9: Write a Review and Share It
Lesson 10: Offering Bonuses the Easy WA

Phase 2 Of BootCamp Premium Members only at Wealthy Affiliate.

Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes.

How to Make Your Content a Wonderful Reader Experience The 6 Rules to Creating Quality Content Mastering Conversions Through Your Content Flow How to Avoid the Biggest Visual Mistakes on Your Website Properly Using Affiliate Links so Everyone Benefits Maximizing Your Profits By Leveraging Products That You Are NOT Promoting nor are you selling them So no inventory needed. No posting no dealing with customer services. No posting the items. That gives you tons more time to leverage your online business. Fewer Payouts too. Affiliate marketing does work with the right training.

Phase 3: Giving your Site Social Value.Giving your site Social value. New updates coming 2019 at Wealthy Affiliate. Premium Members only.


If you have a website that has quality content, you need to make sure that your visitors can share that content. In this phase, we are going to be discussing a variety of social aspects that you can incorporate into your site to make it more social, more engaging, and that you can use to get more reach (and traffic). This is going to be even more updated for 2019 so check back for the updates.

Lessons Included

Lesson 1: Making Your Site Social With Plugins
Lesson 2: Making Your Social Profiles Brand Friendly
Lesson 3: How to Create Socially Engaging Content
Lesson 4: Social Waste Vs. Productivity
Lesson 5: Take a social hiatus!
Lesson 6: Power Writing Gone Wild!
Lesson 7: Adding Google Analytics to Your Site
Lesson 8: Leveraging the Jaaxy Affiliate Program
Lesson 9: Making Promotional Use of Your Sidebar
Lesson 10: Build, Build, and BUILD!

Boot Camp Course Phase 3 Giving your site social value.



Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes.

How to Add Social Plugins to Your Website The True Benefits of Going “Social” What Social Networks You Need to Use and Which Ones to Avoid How to Write Content That is Socially Engaging Effective Sharing Techniques Creating a Website That is Socially Friendly With Google The Financial Benefit to Contributing to WA
Build, Build, and BUILD! Check out and read here How I made $4.7K in December 

Phase 4: Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a brand through media.Get Visual Boot camp Training Phase 4 at Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members only.

Appearance matters. Media Matters. Design matters. In this phase, you are going to be learning all about “sprucing” up your website to make it a better experience for your visitors. We are also going to be touching on the most powerful elements of media, including imagery, videos, and how to incorporate these into your day to day marketing activities.

Get Visual. Get Aesthetic learn what it takes to brand through Media.

  • Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes
  • How to Design High Converting
  • Web Pages Making Your Content a Brilliant Visitor Experience
  • Adding Charts & Graphs to Your Pages
  • Using Screen Captures to Emphasize Your Expertise
  • Leveraging Pinterest for Visual Traffic How to Pin It


Phase 5:  Knowing your Audience and catapulting Referrals.Know your audience and catapult your referrals Phase 5 bootcamp training at Wealthy Affiliate. Premium only members.

In this phase of boot camp we are going to be covering a variety of topics, but at its core, this training is going to lead you to a better understanding your audiences and having improved skills in respect to converting a visitor on your website to an invite… a referral. Getting Referrals makes sense.

Phase 5 Know your audience includes mega traing for catapulting referrals in Amazon or any where else you want to gain referrals with 2019.

  • Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes
  • How to Write With Intent
  • Amplifying Your Conversions Through Subtle Content Additions
  • A Community Commenting Project
  • The Best Way to Share to Encourage Engagement
  • How to Get Your Comments to Convert
  • Blasting Traffic Using Video
  • Harnessing the Power of Youtube


Phase  6: Bing, Yahoo and the power of PPC.Bing Yahoo and the power of PPC. Training at wealthy affiliate pahese 6 Boot Camp.

With most people emphasizing their marketing efforts on Google Search, it is often times forgotten that Yahoo/Bing own 30% of the search engine market share. That is A LOT of potential traffic, regardless of your niche. In this training, I am going to be showing you how you can leverage the “other” search engines which can lead to an incredible amount of traffic to your business. Video tutorials included also.

Phase 6 and the power of PPC. Wealthy Affiliate premium training only.

  • Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes
  • An Introduction to PPC on Bing Ads
  • How to Submit Your Website to Bing
  • Letting Bing Know How to Find Your Pages
  • Creating a BingAds Account
  • How to Create a Quality, High CTR Ad Group
  • Tracking Free & Premium Referrals Through PPC
  • Refining Your Campaigns for Maximal Conversion
  • Rates Using Hidden Pages To Direct Link or Not to Direct Link
  • How to Properly Leverage the Content
  • Network Spying on Your Competition For Your Own Benefit


Phase  7: How to scale Successful PPC Campaigns.How to scale Successful PPC campaigns. Premium members only at Wealthy Affiliate.

Creating success within the PPC world is one thing. It is not as elusive as it sounds and once you figure it out, the next dilemma naturally becomes SCALING your campaigns to create more success. In this lesson, we are going to be going through the process of scaling PPC campaigns in a way that leads to profitability and long term success.

Scaling your PPC campaigns to the max premium training only at Wealthy Affiliate.

Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  • Properly Creating and Setting up a Google Adwords Account
  • Understanding How to Create Relevant PPC Specific Pages
  • How to Set-up Google Conversion Tracking
  • Setting Up High-Quality Score Ad Groups
  • Creating High CTR (Click Through Ratio) Ads Managing
  • PPC Prices for Maximum Benefits
  • Maximizing Review Pages With PPC
  • How to Get Google Adwords Support When You Need It
  • Using Comparison Tables to Maximize Conversions
  • The Relevance Checkbox Strategy
  • To Direct Link or Not to Direct Link
  • Maximizing Your Profits By Understanding the PPC Math
  • Creating Long Term PPC Success

That is everything I conclude in this Article. You have your free starter training. That should get you set up and even to just leave if you cannot hack it. Some people can’t I did. I carried on with all the training and past each section. As I went along I built out powerful money-making business. However, I still have never paid for ads nor traffic. My traffic is all organically earned. I did all of this without spending a fortune.

I did all of it for less than a cup of coffee a day. I still feel no reason to buy ads I believe and I actually succeed in just building out a good website with a good domain name that belongs to me. I do not pay for banners nor landing pages. I do not pay for anything much. Maybe because I am a budget kind of girl still. Like I said you can check out my testimonials just follow me in Wealthy Affiliate. I am happy to help anyone that wants to just get ahead without all the scams and B.S. I was the same as you all struggling.

Now I have to employ people to work for me. The work I have just got too much. I can only thank W.A. and its training I have done this. I am a success. I love my new Bossless life.

See you on the inside let’s make money together the real way. No Scams no B.S. No quick money making Schemes.


Say not to all the B.S and scams online.


For Premium Members only. Find out more about what Premium members really get and more just click on the image below. 

As you can see in the Image below I am a yearly member from my own billing page. I don’t need to upgrade till March which I will do of course. It just makes sense to me. 


Premium Options now have 6 months options at Wealthy Affiliate.


Drop me some comments below and let me know what you think. I love to help. Have you been scammed? Let me help you sort it out. 🙂 Say no to all the B.S. Lies and scams today!!

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