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Knowledge is never a waste of time.



Hi Everyone,

Thank you visiting my site. My Name is Deborah although most in my family call me either Frankie Or Debs. Frankie Is my middle name by the way.

I, am a Mom with two teen kids and happily married. I live in London UK and I hate this cold weather we are having right now.

I am a great believer in  Knowledge is never a waste of time.  I am also the owner of S.W.A.   https://superwealthyaffiliates.com 


I am in the top 100 which is now rank 88. I’m not far off becoming an Ambassador. I shall keep you updated on that.


I am ranked in Google on many pages of My Websites. I have 5 Certifications. Within the Wealthy Affiliate platform 2018.


Yes I am pretty good at ranking in google. I beat some of those who get paid thousands. To do SEO and pay ads PPC to get there. I dont pay anything and haven’t had to yet. Its all in my training.



Everything you do online today will in a sense change tomorrow. Most platforms are years old with no updates at all. Its actually common sense that technology updates within a blink of an eye. Techniques and strategies are changing all the time. Like Facebook and yes Google.


So in the long run whats going to happen to you when the techniques and strategies change are you going to be left behind. Think about this. If you have a website.

Imagine this!!

Do you have a team of tech experts or a team of SEO experts like the successful companies do?  No you dont just like I dont. Knowledge is key and updated knowledge is essential. Stop thinking and start doing and Join me on your way to becoming a successful online Marketer.





The first time I entered into a successful affiliate marketing properly was just over a year ago. I did however spend ” Years beforehand trying to Become a successful Entrepreneur.” That time was wasted and YES I HATE TO ADMIT IT I HAVE HAD MY SHARE OF SCAMS. “Which” I will  share with you in the contents of My Blog. WiX being one of my mistakes which I have written about


Too many to be exact for my liking. Luckily I didn’t waste too much money. I, am a Wealthy Affiliate associate. I, am in  the ranks of the Top 100 86 to be exact so you could say I know my business well. I, am working hard to become an Ambassador. I, will be achieving that very soon.


Just finding the right place to work from is essential. I love what I do and if you think I can offer you overnight success I, am  afraid I can’t. Steve Jobs if was here today he would tell you straight up.

More about Me click here.



Simple can be harder than complex:

“You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. ” A quote By Steve Jobs. 





Good luck in all your endeavors. I, am always happy to help you in becoming a success!  As, I, myself have. I have  built this website as a pay it forward and I want to share my success with you all.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


I am thriving and up and coming business online I am quite a success in my own Rights. So my Website superwealthyaffiliates.com  is dedicated to those who want to get ahead but dont know where to start.

Just remember success does not happen over night it takes Time but it certainly doesn’t take years neither. You have to be with the right Platform and Wealthy Affiliate is that platform.

All the best,

Deborah Thake owner of www.superwealthyaffilites.com


Here are my other Websites all built within Wealthy Affiliate.






I am ranked in the top pages of Google Yahoo and Bing  and I did this all because of Wealthy Affiliate.




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