#8 Qualities we all need to Succeed in Our Online Businesses 2018

# 8 qualities We Need To Succeed in our Online Businesses 2018

Do you ever think in life that you wished you could succeed. Does it often cross your mind and you think why can you not be as  successful as some of the other Entrepreneurs.
What makes them so special that they can succeed yet you can’t. ​. Every successful business owner Entrepreneur knows they have to stick with it. They adopt these 10 qualities that helps them succeed.

Success is not final Failure is not fatal its the courage to continue that counts Winston Churchill. 8 Qualities we need to succeed in our online businesses.


Over coming your fears.

overcome your fears

Over coming your fears! Here are some that I know you can relate too.

  • Fear of not making ends meet
  • Fear of nobody wanting your product
  • Fear of what others will say if you fail.
  • How to keep the fear factor crushing you.
  • Willingness to got out of your comfort zone.
  • Push past your comfort zone and so something that scares you.

Keep your focus.

stay focused and try

keeping your focus will help determine your reality. Use your time wisely and say no to the things u dont want to do. Doing something that you dont want to can hurt your mind-set so if you dont want to do something then so. Saying no is a great feeling sometimes. That alone can empower us all.


Staying positive.

own your own business online.

See the bright side of things. Stop blaming everyone else on your miss fortunes.

Positivity is a mind-set you can develop, but you need to be intentional about it.

Try not to let negative thoughts creep in…and if they do, replace them with positive.

Your goals need to be crystal clear, but the path you’ll take to achieve them may need to change along the way. It’s important to have a plan in place, but hold onto it lightly…knowing you may need to adjust or even completely revamp it in light of real-life challenges or circumstances.

Keep track and monitor your progress.

track your success

Rich people are experts at tracking there progress from loosing weight calories consumed money they save. Banking every month they have this all down to a fine art. Something you need to focus on too. Keep a Track of how you progress. Realise that you are making it work for you.

 Commitment to being a lifelong learner.

Book of Success

Did you think that once you graduated you could stop learning? This couldn’t be further from the truth! To succeed in business, it’s important to always be learning, reading and growing.

There are tons of examples of successful business owners who know the importance of learning: one example is Warren Buffet who dedicates 80% of his day, every day, to reading!

Keep on top of your industry read blogs use feebly Quora, Google, Alerts, Wikihow.

Subscribe to magazines and journals. ​To keep ahead of your competition.

Dressing professionally, even when you don’t feel like it. When you’re working in your P.J’s or sloggis, it may be harder to muster up self-confidence.

Realizing you can become smarter through working hard…intelligence isn’t just something you’re born with we learn something new every single day.

Never ever give up. Giving up is a sure way to fail. Meet Like minded Entrepreneurs.

Be prepared.

Be prepared

Before you approach a project, meeting or assignment, prepare yourself as much as possible.

Read, take notes, and make sure you really understand your topic.

This will ease any nervousness and ensure you project an air of self-confidence.​

Preparation is essential in todays busy life style.

Working For Yourself.

Work from home


YOU’RE the only one who can solve your problems…and while this may seem scary if you’re not used to it, it’s actually very empowering.​ People who work in a niche that involves what they are passionate about do so much better. People with great passion can make the impossible happen. ​

Your path to succeed in business will be different than anyone else’s. But there are certain qualities and traits you can develop that will give you the best chance of success. You can join me in my 21 days to find your passion it’s already working out for some of my newest clients.

 Being Passionate in mind and Body and Soul.



  • Passion can manifest itself in a number of ways:
  • Passion for the product or service you provide.
  • Passion for helping your target market.
  • Passion for running an ethical business.
  • Passion for solving a common problem.

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4 thoughts on “#8 Qualities we all need to Succeed in Our Online Businesses 2018”

  1. Hiya, Deborah. You’ve just about summed it all up here.
    Each and every quality will be displayed by all successful people and are vital if you want to not just start your own business online, but to keep it going forwards and up to date with the latest systems, progs, online tools, etc.
    This info is what all newcomers to online marketing need to see because, as you know only too well, running sites online and keeping them fresh is a case of always continuing to learn.
    Successful entrepreneurs don’t give up until they achieve their goals nor are the subdued my their own imagined problems of lack of self belief, etc.
    All the best and keep up the excellent work here, please. – Andre

    • Hi,
      Thank you Andre for passing by first of all. Yes keeping ourselves up to date but also engaging helps. As does your wonderful feed back here.
      Thank you so much
      Regards Deborah 🙂


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