7 Steps to get to Google Page One Fast in 2018

This is my own personal preference of how I get to page 1 in Google in just a few days. With my Website that is just a few months old. It’s not as hard as people may think. It can be done and it just means sticking with a strategy that is proven not to fail. I always use my training which I get within the platform Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is a strategy I use often use and it certainly works for me. “After All”, a Website that doesn’t Rank in Google is a useless Website. It might look good but that’s about it. Without Traffic getting to your Website you will not generate an income simple as. I also use Jaaxy to find out more about Jaaxy HERE!

How To get to Google Page One Quickly in 2018.

As we all know getting our website ranked in Google can seem like an uphill struggle but it doesn’t have to be. I do work from a Platform that has helped me become quite a successful entrepreneur in my own rights. I actually love what I do.

You do have to remember a Domain Age and Website age. Does come into it too. “After All”, a Website that is obviously going to be an established website will rank quicker.

That doesn’t have to mean that you cannot get into the Google page one though even with a new Website. I will show you how I do it and I will show you some proof too.


The 7 steps I use to Rank in Google page 1. These are in no particular order by the way.

Step: 1 Consistently Writing Out new content

Keep on writing out new content on your Website once or twice a week at least. Consistently adding new content keeps your website interesting, Alive and Vibrant. I tend too if I can write out content at least once a week. I keep an A4 notebook which I keep for all my new content.

I will spend a whole day for instance just researching what’s out there on the internet and see what’s coming up that’s new. Write out as much as I can on my given subject. I do this within all My niches.

I like to use my A4 note pad too also within my Platform Wealthy Affiliate we have a Tool called Site-Content which is free for me to Use. That checks my Grammar and optimizes my images. It’s free to use for any premium member.

Step 2: Engage with your Visitors.

Google like to see engagement in other words. I will answer all my comments in my comment section. I will engage constantly with my visitors. Helping them and yes even learning from them. This is an absolute must.

Comment engagement and been up to date with all your comments is crucial. Google like to see engagement on any Website/Blog. “After All” what would you prefer a website that is buzzing with people interacting or a silent one that has no interactions what so ever. That’s why A forum or discussion is great for leveraging your business too. Here is an article I wrote on Forums and Discussions can benefit any Website in 2018

So do not forget to engage with your customers and answer comments as soon as you possibly can.

Step 3: Alt tags in images.

Images are great as long as they go with your content you are writing about. For instance, I wouldn’t use an image that is not relevant to what I am trying to explain in my article neither. Your Image has to reflect and enhance what you are trying to say not detract from it.

Do not forget to Add in your Alt Text. Google also picks up on your images but they cannot do that properly without any Alt Text. So do not forget to add in your alt text too. You can also link your images to externally or internally.

Here is an image I have added so you can see where to add in your Alt text in WordPress dashboard. It’s as easy as that and I have linked this image to my about me page. So you Can actually see my Ambassador status. Just click o the image. My about me page will come up.

How to Add some Alt Text To your Images.


Step 4: Use Internal Links and external links.

Google like to see you have links to other pages in your Website. For instance, on this page, I have added in some Internal links where you can click on them which will take you to different parts of my Website.

Google also like External links too, but NOT to many and make sure they are Authority Websites like Wikipedia for example. That is a very good example of a good External link. I like Wikipedia too. I use it a lot when researching some content in my niches. It’s a brilliant Encyclopedia.


Step 5: Google Webmaster tools.

This is the most obvious of course because without Google Webmaster tools and a google sitemap. How is Google going to find you? Not only that it gives you data on your visitors and keeps you notified if your Website has any problems. Google Webmasters tool.


Step 6: A good Keyword Search tool.


I absolutely love Jaaxy and it is free to use for Premium Members I use the Jaaxy Lite and I use it often.

Here you can have a go right now if you like and add in some Keyword search tools.

I also like to use Jaaxy to check on my google rankings the page and the position. Her is an image of this very website and how I ranked in Google page one in just 5 days. I am also in Yahoo page 1.

Site Rank using Jaaxy Google page 1 Postion 3

I couldn’t really do this without Jaaxy it is the best keyword Tool I have ever used just click on the image and check it out. You can just add in some keywords and see if you like it. It has to be my #1 for searching good keywords and brilliant for checking my page and position in Google Rankings.

Step 6: Google +

Do not forget Google + why I hear you ask, because it belongs to Google. So yes you need to have a Google+ account set up too. Which you will have if you have a Gmail account. If you don’t have Gmail you can’t have a google account so you need that right away.


Step 7: Fetch and Render.


Every post you do or page. Do Not forget to fetch and Render using Googles Webmaster tools. The quicker you do it the quicker you are found in Google. Request indexing and resubmit a SiteMap. For instance, as soon as this post is finished submit it to Google once I have checked all my grammar and have optimized all my images.

Here Is a list of some things that you should not do. If you want to keep in good stand with Google.

Step 1: Don’t be impatient.

Like everything. It takes time, especially with a new website. It’s no good sitting around and waiting. That’s like waiting for paint to dry. The longer you keep looking the longer it seems. So instead of waiting around and hoping. Get on with writing more content and keeping yourself up to date with the ever-changing ways of the internet. Remember technology today is changing within a blink of an eye so keep on top of all the internet changes. Especially in Google.


Step 2: You Do Not Need Fancy Automation Tools.


You do not need any fancy automation tools or software at all. You just need a good platform to work and learn from and of course a really excellent keyword search tool like Jaaxy. That is free for Premium members too and I use the Jaaxy lite. I am going to upgrade though to the pro as I will need it as my businesses grow.

Step 3: Do not leave comments pending without replies.

Keep in touch with your visitors. Do not leave comments without you replying to any of them. Always acknowledge your potential customers. “Once again” ignoring visitors is a surefire way to losing your rank status in Google. Engagement is a must and the sooner the better too.

Do Not t leave comments without replies even a week is too long be on it immediately. “After All” if you are running a Business the treat it as a business. Do not get complacent and like I said stick with a training platform like My #1 that I use. That way you can never go wrong and you are staying above the Curve and ahead of the competition. It’s the only way to go in 2018.

Please drop me a comment below and let me know how you are getting on with your Google ranks and the rest of them like BING and YAHOO too. Here is a link to Bing which is offering a £30 discount to advertise on bing search engines. Don’t forget to reach out to me if you need any help.

All updated content to comply with 2019 and the NEW GDPR COMPLIANCY. 


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  1. Great article! I, too, have a website and will definitely be incorporating some of these ideas into mine! Your quick success on the charts is amazing. Thank you so much for the pointers!


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