5 Reasons Why Wealthy Affiliate Works My 100% Honest Review 2018

Wealthy Affiliate has been online now for 12 years. A platform that is growing stronger by the day. The Owners Kyle and Carson, Are very active members on the inside of this platform and have created to date A very successful learning Platform. It is one of its kind. Commonly known as Wealthy Affiliate University. It is now known as one of the most Legit company’s to date in 2018

You will not find anywhere online that will have a bad review of Wealthy Affiliate. This is my complete an 100% Honest review with 5 Very good reasons why Wealthy Affiliate works for me and Countless online like-minded Entrepreneurs.

I should known I have been with them Since 2016 and I have just paid my yearly membership. So I will not be leaving ever. I would be crazy to leave I want to stay ahead of the curve and ahead of the competition. At the end of this article, I am going to give you some added bonuses on what Wealthy Affiliate offers the most do not realize.


Helping You to Build a Fully Functional Money Making Website.

This is the 4 Step Blue Print To getting started within Wealthy Affiliate.

4 Step Blueprint For Wealthy Affiliate.

Embarking on any new business online nowadays to succeed you need a Website.

For ‘Starters, you’ need a Website to be accepted in any of the top Affiliate companies. “If” you don’t have a website. Then you don’t stand a chance of been accepted. Even if you are starting a new business on any homemade product you make for example its common sense to have a Website. Most new businesses do fail without a website.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you the chance to build multiple businesses not just one. You can actually have 25 Hosts by SiteRubix and another 25 hosted in your own domain. That’s with the premium membership.

That’s at a cost of $49 dollars a month. Imagine having 50 websites for $49 a month. That’s impossible to beat.


Not only building a website you will also learn how to generate those Websites into Money making Machines. Teaching you how to attract the right traffic to your Websites is an absolute must. Not only that having full back up and support from Our Site-Support Team that are consistently live and active 24/7 365 days a year.

That means no waiting around for automated calls that end up in nothing but wasted time and in turn losses you revenue and in turn, loose you your Customers/Clients. That alone can kill your Business.

They typically take up to no longer than 60 seconds to get back to you. I have fluffed a few websites in the beginning. They have had me back up and running within Minutes. You cannot get that sort of service anywhere. All our Websites have an uptime of 99.99%

The actual average time to build a website is 34 seconds. Obviously adding in all the customization does take longer. You can have your Business live and on the internet In less than a Minute.

Wealthy Affiliate Teach you How to Use Different Marketing Streams.

Affiliate Marketing Amazon ClickBank Ecomerce

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you in aspects of affiliate marketing. You don’t just have to promote Wealthy Affiliate. I have multiple Businesses now. I wanted to build this website to show people. What Helped me propel all my businesses to into Money making Businesses. It’s obvious that Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 simply because they taught me everything I am today. A success in my own right.

You can build an Amazon store if you like too. There are tons of training on how to build a successful Amazon store or even any E-commerce Website. The training is endless and we have so many affiliates who are a success in Amazon Shopify Clickbank etc.

The lists are endless and every single website that is built Via the Wealthy Affiliate platform are all different. With over 1,000,000 affiliate programmes you can join. You can send traffic to any company and earn up to 75% in commissions.

In Amazon, for example, there are 488 million products online to choose from so there is room for everyone. Amazon typically pays between 6-10% for any referral you send. Imagine just one referral could earn you up to a 1,000 dollars in commissions.

Imagine getting to earn massive profits for literally just referring customers from your website. You don’t even have to buy any inventory. You seriously do need the proper guidance and training. “If” don’t have that then you may well as forget. I know there are tons of training out there.

The only thing is they hit you with the cheapest prices ever and then charge you for all the extra training. Within Wealthy Affiliate, they don’t do that. It’s the same price every month and it obviously works out cheaper if you decide to go yearly. So many of us do. The absolute key is getting the right training platform to learn from.

Education within Wealthy Affiliate is the Best.

Get started with the free Training

With over 52 live classes a year which will include task orientated training. We even have Affiliate marketers who have been doing this for years but turn to Wealthy Affiliate simply for the training. They can’t find it better anywhere else at all. Not only that we also have Live Training every Friday which is always jam-packed full of Information.

Wealthy Affiliate has helped over 217,513 entrepreneurs last year and alone. I am proud to say I am one of them. Wealthy affiliate do not believe in failure and the only way you will fail is if you give up and leave. You will not find a platform that is as truthful and as honest as this one and has no hidden shocks.

I have been with countless programmes to date I have even tried Affillorama their training may be great but the upsells certainly are not and I found the training, not to my liking but that is my own opinion. In fact, I didn’t really rate their training at all. I came away empty-handed and a lot less in my own pockets too. So I have been there too.


Here you will be taught everything you will need to scale your business to even bigger heights. With fabulous and easy to understand training in Pay per Click, Adwords. Facebook Ads Etc. You will learn absolutely everything about using all these systems and more with some easy strategies for beginners and more for when you get that more advanced in building up your businesses.

With step by step training and video training, you cannot go wrong and also some Live training from Jay. There is nothing you can miss. All the training is constantly been updated. Most of us who are now more than qualified help out with our own training Videos. “After” all we are all constantly learning. So you can Guarantee nothing ate all is missed out and that is a promise.

I am constantly learning something new every single day. Technology updates constantly so we all need to be kept up to date and so many training just don’t get updated I have noticed on some platforms. After all, I spend most of my time checking out this kind of platforms.

I am doing a whole article on Some scams out there so please keep in touch. That is taking me some digging so it’s not something I just want to write about on a Whim.

It has to be all 100% accurate and true.

Site Engine Optimization Commonly Known As SEO.

SEO training at Wealthy Affiliate

Without any SEO our websites are virtually nothing so this is such an important factor for any online business. Without SEO we cannot be found in search engines nor in turn, we don’t have traffic which in essence means we don’t earn any Money. Building any business online or off-line needs to generate an income that’s obvious.

Here there is so much training on everything SEO. There is no way you can actually fail not a chance. Live training in this subject is consistent and kept up to date on a daily basis. “Once again” unlike most platforms that I know of that are not kept up to date. SEO IS SO IMPORTANT BUT YOU CAN CHECK THIS OUT HERE IF YOU WANT TO GET THE BEST TRAINING ON THE INTERNET.

I always Use AIO SEO there is a free version and a pro version.

MY 100% Honest Disclosure about Wealthy Affiliate.

“If” want to make Affiliate marketing work then I can honestly not give you any other Platform that I would use. Wealthy Affiliate are true to their word. There are absolutely no hidden upsells. I have been with them since 2016 I have no intentions of ever leaving. Every single day is a new day and always a consistently learning day.

Try out the free education courses in Bootcamp. 10 free affiliate boot camp courses read more about it Here!

I want to stay ahead of the competition and the very updating Technology and like all Social Media Platforms and All Search engines Google Bing, Yahoo are constantly been updated within a blink of an eye. Are the Likes of Amazon so I have to stay in the known. I don’t want to be just another outdated website and its common sense this website will never be finished. It’s crazy to think it ever could be.

Things change and new things take places of the old things. I am consistently in the known. I need to be and in my eyes

Knowledge is never ever a waste of time.

Here is the one thing that I wanted to share with you is within Wealthy Affiliate I was taught and I love everything Local SEO. Some Wealthy affiliates have a tendency to bypass this. Not all but some. I didn’t I am a Local business Marketer and because I am trained by pay it forward community I do like to help any failing Local Business or even New Businesses. I am good at it too.

In fact, My appointment Diary is rapidly filling up. Which is absolutely fab for me. Don’t forget I would love to answer any of your questions or Queries that you might have. I love to help anyone who is interested in building their own online business.




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