24/7 Wealth Club Scam? Review Contains Red Flags!

24/7 Wealth Club Scam? Review Contains Red Flags!

Is the 24/7 Wealth Club a Scam or is it a legit platform that can make you over a cool  $13,000+ a week.  Is this a cool legit system though? or is it just full of Red Flags? You have landed on my website as you are looking for reviews on this system. I always like to dig a little deeper and I am here to help you decide on what you want to do.

I am an Affiliate Marketer now for three years and I love digging into these sort of reviews. I do test them myself and yes I do sign up for them too. I like to get the nitty-gritty on this sort of system. I am going to tell you right now though this system Does Contain Red Flags. I do not recommend it but you have to trust your own judgement and you may not even be interested in what I say.

However, I have also been scammed in the past so if I can help anyone not to waste their hard earned cash I will try my best to help you. Like I said it’s up to you if you decide to go with 24/7 Wealth Club I can only offer you guidance. I am not an affiliate of this system so I won’t be selling you this product this is just an honest review.

There are ways to generate a passive income and become a successful online marketer. I must admit Affiliate Marketing is defo not an overnight success big money making thing. It’s gonna take some hours and lots of hard work. Even the top Entrepreneurs will tell you that!  If you want to know how I generate my income online then you can read my#1 recommendation.


Now let’s get back to see if the 24/7wealth Club is really a legit system or just another big fat scam.

I have made a list below so you can navigate this scam review more easily.

Who is the 24/7 Wealth Club?

What does 24/7 Wealth Club do?

Can you Make MONEY with the 24/7 Wealth Club?

Is 24/7 Wealth Club a Scam?

Do I recommend 24/7 Wealth Club? ::: Big fat NO!


Website URL: 247wealthclub.com

Name:  24/7 Wealth Club.

Launched: April 2019.

Owner: Richard that’s all I know for now. A pen Name may be?

Price: $37


What does 24/7 Wealthy Club do? 

According to Richard who doesn’t show his face, we don’t know who he is?  This guy Richard reckons if you spend $37 you can start making thousands of dollars. Wait for it Low and behold watch out you will have three more upsells waiting for you.  That all adds up to a  to a cool sum of nearly $500+ .. Wow you are already 500 out of pocket what a way to go for a simplified well-overused sales pitch and system.

Look If you go on to sell his product you can earn a whopping $350 dollars a customer apparently well according to the spokesperson. By selling on his done for you sales funnel.

Now if you are an experienced marketer and have a fabulous email list in the tens of thousands man your sure on to a winner to dupe the Newbies. Hey, I remember the days I used to be a newbie myself. There is nothing funny about wasting money here. Just for a Richard or any other person says you can do it on his fancy sales pitch. It’s not happening not in my world in any way.

(I already know they shared my email etc I know they would they always do.)

As I was looking into the 24/7 Wealth club the first things that came to mind was oh dear I have been down this route before. That’s how shockingly similar to another scam review I have done in the past.

However, I always want to give these systems the benefit of the doubt. I also like to find good Affiliate programmes to promote. I also have other Niche sites of my own and I also am a local Marketer. So I like to see if something is worth promoting. After all, that’s what we do.

I cannot and will not promote something I do not trust. That is just a waste of my time anyways as I have to keep going back and redoing my broken links etc. Or even the whole website and that is no fun whatsoever. These systems seem to change their names very quickly. If they go down which they do then my hard work goes with it.

This kind of systems never lasts long. I really do not want to be bothered backtracking on my work because that just takes up my time. Anyways who wants to be messed around doing all Of that. That’s why I don’t promote these not so ethical products. They waste my time.

The sale pitch same old story morning glory lol.

This is just the same old hyped up video. Richard goes on to tell you. How special you are and you are a fabulous candidate. How you do not need any experience and you can literally start earning thousands of dollars a week. That is complete B.S. BIG RED FLAGS HERE! Gives me flaring nostrils more like!

Look at the Youtube Video It goes onto say ”Please do not tell your friends and family”  I thought what is all that about. They know friends and family will tell you-you are insane to waste your money that’s why maybe hey huh doh! oh and by the way, comments are disabled on this video I wonder why lol. Here it is and I can share this video by the way as it has sharing turned on. That’s why it’s embedded in my website. Oh, the shame of some of these systems. I can’t tell my friends and family though. oh dear looks like I already did.


He goes onto telling you there are only nine spots left if you go back to that video in a weeks time  Guess what you will be the special number 9 again. Of course, the more people use it the more he earns. In other words, if you do not know what you’re doing you can all line Richards pocket. More like.

These kind of systems are so cagey on what they actually do. The bit of training you may get will be free on the internet. Remember google is and can be your friend too. Not only that I already noticed this training wasn’t all that. The youtube video with comments turned off and the big sales price was $197 but now it’s down to $ 37.  No worries they will still hit you with the mega up-sells if you wanna sign up..

In fact, come to think of it. I would have failed instantly if I had have gone with24/7 Wealth Club system when I first started out in Affiliate Marketing. Please believe me I was scammed in the past lucky for me though. I never wasted that much money. If I had have stayed with a system like 24/7 Wealthy Club.,  the money I earn today which varies between 4 to 7 K a month right now. I would be still a broke Mom.

Hey, I remember the days I used to be a newbie myself. There is nothing funny about wasting money here. Just for a Richard or any other person says you can do it on his fancy sales pitch. It’s not happening not in my world in any way. I already know they shared my email etc.



Is 24/7 Wealthy Club a scam?

So yes in all essence this is a scam. If I had found this before my #1 Recommendation I would be still crying my eyes out and struggling to get ahead online. Thankfully I don’t have that problem today. That’s up to you if you believe me or not. I will still carry on working on all my websites. My local websites too. I can only help and guide you but in the end, it’s your choice in what you want to do.


If you want to find out how I earned the money I do then you can find me and read everything you want about me. I don’t just build out one website. I have different businesses. I am the Ceo of all of them. I do not believe in those done for you systems. I would lose everything if they go down. All my businesses belong to me. A real business that can last a lifetime.

That depends on what you want. If you want to earn a quick buck or think you can then that’s ok but if you are like me and want to succeed in Affiliate Marketing then this is going to take some hard work and some good hours and no it’s going to take longer than a week lol.


Those that work hard will always see the results those who think they are onto a biggie. Buy a lottery ticket you will have more chance at that.

If you want to find out how I am a successful online Marketer Go ahead and click the button below it’s free. How I do everything I do without been duped go ahead and try out the system that taught me everything I know and I am today.

No Scams, No.B.S. No keeping you bound down to charging you for mega up-sells.  We simply do not roll that way. Build out your own online business the proper way.

It’s Free for as long as you like. If you don’t like it no worries leave it still costs you nothing 🙂

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  • Cagey
  • Bad sales Video.
  • No realistic proof of income.

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