21 Days To Find Your Passion and Build a Successful Money Making Website/Blog

21 Days To Find Your Passion and Build a Successful Money Making Website/Blog.

Hi, I have updated my content on my 21 Days To Find Your Passion and Build a Successful Money Making Website/Blog to bring it up to date for 2019. I have decided I want to offer all my visitors a challenge. I would love to welcome you all to see if you can build a business from home for free and tap into your true passion as your Niche.


Imagine making money from something you love doing. You could have this as a side-income or even better and build yourself out a lucrative online business and yes you can turn it into a 6 figure passive income. Anyone can do this. It’s just most people do not know how. If you can give me just 21 days of your time and I will show you how.


No experience is necessary. No coding skills no design skills no marketing skills. Find out how and get started today.  You will learn how to build your own website and learn how to earn money from your passion. Yes actually make money from doing something you love. That could be anything from Knitting to Driving your Super Cars. Even write out your own music. Anything that you feel passionate about.

  • Snowboarding
  • Rock climbing
  • Photography
  • Designs
  • Travelling
  • Campervans
  • Pets
  • Fashion.

 All you are going to need is… YOU AND AN INTERNET CONNECTION!


You can earn money online.
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Imagine working from home and even better-doing something that you totally love. When we do things we love things happen naturally and our time becomes more fulfilled. No more dragging hours. No more dragging ourselves out of bed to jobs we hate. No more long and stressful commutes. Imagine just working for yourself. Not having to worry if you want to go on holiday. Or you want to spend a day off with the kids.


So many of us want to work for ourselves. Yes, wouldn’t it be lovely to actually sack your boss? Imagine having that amazing feeling of turning around and saying see ya. I have my Own Online Business to take care of. What an amazing feeling that would be. Even for the retirees who like to keep active. Students, Moms Dads, or even earn a side income if you want.


Imagine a life you totally love and a job you love because you love what you do. If I told you that yes anyone can do this. All you will need is you and an internet connection and you are off to build your own Online Business. It really is the easiest things to do. You don’t even need any Qualifications to do this.


Yes, you are going to have to build your own website but if I told you this. It is so easy and you can have a website up and running online within less than 15 minutes. Yes, you can even start a website for free today. The best thing is I will help you as much as you need me too.
If I can do this anyone can. Please believe me I had zero skills in websites and designs I didn’t even have skills to do online marketing. Honestly, it is that easy. You do not need any skills to do this. You do not need any coding skills you don’t even have to learn any CSS or HTML.
I just need you to follow a few rules and if you can answer yes and you really want to do this then let’s get started now. I will also be your one on one Mentor and you will mix with some of the Most Successful Internet Marketers on the internet. I am going to help you turn and hobby or passion you have and you are going to learn how to earn money from it.
This will cost you nothing you are getting Free Access to top Online Marketers. You are going to have two free websites. You are going to have access to free training. By the end of your Free training, you will have your Niche website up on the internet and you are going to learn how to make money from your Online Business.
I am asking you for 21 days to at least give it a try. By the end of the 21 days, you will know then if working for yourself and being your own boss is right for you. I think you will know then how you can actually make money online. We are going to help you build out a very lucrative online business that will be down to something you love doing.
Yes, we all have a passion or hobby. Everyone does. Just think what you love doing the most 🙂 Let’s get started and I will show you how. Keep on reading you will be happy you did. ??

21 Days To Find Your Passion.

How Many Mom’s or Dads or Aunts Uncles and Grandparents can relate to this image below. Imagine having the time to be with your children more. This image reminds me of my daughter as a little girl and yes I used to make all those fluffy dresses for her if I had the time. Sometimes it was sad not to be able to take my children out to their parties or little outings as I was always working.



I wished back many years ago I had the chance to do what I do today. I would have built a website on making these kinds of dresses and I would have had the time to spend with my children. Working from home and earning money isn’t a dream it is a reality anyone can do it! You just need the right training and the right support and you also want to have the chance to do this without going into debt for it.



Yes, you can do this. It is so easy to get started easier than you actually think. Yes, it will not even cost you a fortune to start building your own niche website. Everything is possible if you really want to do this.

Working from home spending more time with the children
Working from home spending more time with the children


If your answer is yes to these few questions I am going to ask you below.. Then you are in the right place to begin building your Niche Website/Blog and learn how to truly earn money from any passion you may have. If you don’t have a Passion or niche don’t worry we can also help you with that. If you can answer Yes to at least 2 of these questions I am going to ask you then it is 1 million per cent going to be right for you. So let’s get started.


  • Can you give me 21 days?

These 21 days do not have to run consecutively you can do two or three days a week if you like. I ask for 21 days simply because by then you will start to see your online business really start to come together. You will know also if you are really ready and want to earn a side income and even work for yourself and yes sack your boss even.

  • Would you love to work from home?

Tell me who wouldn’t love to work from home. I do and I love the freedom I have now. If I want to fly to Spain for a week I don’t need to ask Yes I can afford to do it any time I like. I make really good incomes from all my websites including my Local Business Websites.


  • Do you need to earn extra cash?

Tell me who doesn’t need extra cash. Imagine earning extra cash that will make you more money than you earn now doing full-time work working for somebody else. Everyone should work for themselves and the thing is it is getting so much easy now we all have access to the internet.


  • Can you stick with the course outline?

The course you are given is FREE but you will have to promise to stick to the training. The training is the essential outline to helping your online business grow and come together. This is so important.


  • Can you spare me at least 5 to 10 hours a week?

10 hours is good but even 5 hours will do. Like most of you, I do know will have full-time commitments. You need to try and save at least a few hours a week to be able to bring your online business together. Yeah give up that


  • I want you to understand this will take time and some effort to succeed are you ok with that? 

At first, you may hate it. I loved it but give yourself the time to get your head around this because I know you are going to thank me for it in the end. Many have already. Those who have already joined me already. I am in contact with them all every day.


  • Are you looking for other ways to make money to pay for Uni or college fees etc?

Yep, who doesn’t know how expensive uni or college is. How many students have to get part-time jobs to pay for Uni how many students have to work long hours into the night the still have seminars and classes to attend. Most are probably shattered every day. Imagine having a website that runs like an ATM Cash Machine working and giving you money even while you sleep. Yes, it does Happen.


I will show you the simplest way to start doing more of what you love.  I will be there for you from the beginning. If you need help all you have to do is shout out to me. I am asking for 21 days because I feel by then you will know if it’s for you and you will know which path you will take with your niche, I don’t want you to give up I went you to stick with it. The hardest part is the first step, The second hardest is sticking at it because you might feel you cannot do it.


Remember this Chinese proverb and don’t forget it because you will wish you had started your own business before now. I know I do. 🙂 

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.

The second best time to plant a tree is right now. 


Biuld your Online Niche Business Today
Working from home is easier than you think!



Imagine if you had started years ago you would be a success already but it will not be taking you 20 years to be a success. I can promise you that. Taking your first steps and I can honestly hear what you are saying.  “What the hell are my first steps.!” Believe it or not, your first step was reading my blog. You are already up to get started because you are online looking for ways to build a business and earn some cash. Am I right?


Yes I know I am because I have been there too. I want you to understand your fears and learn what is at risk if you don’t un-tap those fears.


Hey and just remember this. Your most successful Entrepreneurs started out like you with zero experience even. Richard Branson’s first office was a red call box in the street. Steve Jobs started in his parent’s garage with broken bits of circuit boards and bits of scrap metal he did not have a penny to spare. He was a totally broke college kid.


So you are not alone you don’t need experience you can start from the age of 13 and our oldest online marketer is 80. He loves it. He is a retired Doctor. Just remember if you don’t step out of your comfort zone and get rid of your fears then you will never know if you could have made it. Quitting is the only way to fail. Not even trying is just letting success pass you by. Success is there for everyone but you need to grab on to it and don’t let it pass you by.


Discovering your Brand. 

How to build a brand and Your passion and turn it into a successful Money Making online business. 


4-Step Blue Print to Building an Online Business.
The four-step Proven Blueprint we all follow.



Yes, that will be your niche your passion and it could be absolutely anything you like and don’t worry we have the Boot Camp Training for those who cannot think of a niche or a passion. We will start you off in our Certification lessons. Our Education and training are second to none and its a proven blueprint to success.



You have seen some of the testimonials on my blog. Yes, that will be you too. We will help you discover your brand. Where you will start building your Brand Website with WordPress. You have two websites TOTALLY FREE so if you have more than one passion you can go ahead and start two if you like.



Go ahead pop in the name of your first online business. If you are not sure thinking of your website names like the storefront of bricks and mortar business. You can call your business anything you want as long as it isn’t taken. Give it a try it is so easy to get started.

Get rid of all the toxic friends you have around you and start mixing with like-minded Entrepreneurs. Mixing with the right people helps you become a success. Mixing with toxic people that have no positive outlook only creates negativity in your life. If you mix with successful full-time big money making Entrepreneurs it will only bring you success. Even more so those that love to help you and take their time out to help.


Success breeds Success. Negativity breeds Negativity. 


success creates success
Cut all the negativity and make room for people who want to help you become a successful online business


We will teach you how to be amazingly productive and figure out how to create your time so you can accomplish your goals. Once you are in and you have committed to 2 to 10 hours a week and you have the drive and passion. So you know this is long term business that will and can change your life for the better.


Even to the point of giving up your day job forever. As you go along you will see the changes and things get super easy. Wealthy Affiliate will be your home and we all have your Back to help you succeed. We are a massive online community and we all love to help.


10 Free Online Marking courses.


We are all experts and remember each and every one of us all started out as a beginner nobody is any different. Every one of us is an expert at something and we all have a uniqueness to help somebody and we all do it in different ways.


We are all greater together than we are individual. The best person and most successful person are the ones who embrace change. They are not scared of stepping out of there comfort zones.


Join us Today and learn how to build a Niche Website and make money by doing something you love. 

Join Wealthy Affiliate for free Zero Risk Zero Cost Zero No Scams No B.S

2 thoughts on “21 Days To Find Your Passion and Build a Successful Money Making Website/Blog”

    • Hi, Susan,
      I decided to set up this challenge because I find too many people think they can’t do it. Or they just give up to easily. This is totally free. (Some country’s are discounted) but thats only a few. I want people to understand that at first anything we do is challenging and some times we need to just give it some time.

      I also want to have a more one on one mentorship with the people who are accepted into my 21 day challenge. I do believe we just need to give it time. I have one lady and she hated it in the beginning but now she is absolutely loving it. She only gets InTouch with me when she is stuck.

      She is already flying with this. I have never seen anybody work so fast. Yet she was going to give up. When I contact her she makes me laugh she says hey what now Debs I am BUSY lol.

      She has took to it like water off a ducks back her saying is #onelife .
      If you do not like it there is no worries all you do is leave. I just want you to give it a little time. That’s all.

      Hope that helps and you are not bound by any contract at all.

      Regards Debs 🙂


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