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Say not to all the B.S and scams online.

Are you sick and tired of been scammed?  Do you feel like nobody cares? Does it just seem to you that everybody seems to have an agenda at your expense and success. Forever having people get in your way of becoming a successful online marketer.


All they  just want to do is take your money. They give you no help at all. To be honest I am not  really worried if you follow my guide. Not really. It might not be what you are looking for. I could have cut out the years I wasted on trying to get ahead online. I would be happier! All I can do is share what worked for me and countless others. Not bad for a clueless person with no coding nor marketing skills.


My kids are so proud of me. Makes my day. They are both travelling  right now and I am so happy I could pay for their extra freedom!If I help just one person at least my job is done. I really struggled to get ahead. Thats a very time consuming and painful feeling. Not to mention the waste of money. 


Are you sick of Scam after scam after scam. It doesnt matter what you do you cannot get anwhere at all. Yet you can see others making money online and becoming a success.  So why cant you! Well you can do it! Find out how I have built out not just one business others in the Local Marketing sector. Find out how I also drive traffic to my websites without paying for SEO (sight engine optimization) I do not pay for ads.


I do all of this by just following a step by step process that is proven time and time again to work. A way that will not break your bank nor will it take your money for the joys of lining others pockets. Eevry business I build out online all belong to me. I can even sell my sites if I want to. Not only that the system I use is not like the done for you systems.


I tend to stay away from that kind of system simply because if a company folds so does my business with it. Not with the system I use. I will never lose my work. If you are building a free Website with Wix then please read my Wix Review its a real eye opener.


When I started out as a complete newbie I didn’t even know how to build a website. Now I can build any site I want with any different look I want. I can see a scam coming a mile off as they tend to use the same sales pitches. Not only that I will never ever share your personal data. Nor does the company I train from. Even better I have all I need all in one place without the massive upsells.


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If I Can do it! Anyone Can do it!


No marketing skills needed no coding Skills.  No Website designing. No Knowledge needed. Just you and the Internet.

Do you want to get ahead online and start earning money without the scams?  If you say YES!


We can and will help you!

All you need is you an internet connection a mobile/cell or a laptop/Pc or an Ipad/tablet






If you answer Yes to all those questions above then for once you are in the right place.


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This guide is my FREE Online Money Making Guide. 2018/2019.

My income this month alone is $4.7K You can read that full post  Here!

My name is Debs,


Just because now I earn my own money online that doesn’t change me as a person. I am still a budget kind of girl.


So everything I have learned and have done has all been done on a very tight budget. I never pay for anything for clicks for my Business or anything at all that I simply do not need.


I do not even pay for Themes nor do I pay for plugins.


I do it all with hard work. I did it all with the exact platform I want to talk to you about. I will also give you some little “SECRETS” That can help you when you first start out.  want to keep this really down to basics. I will share you every single way I have been able to make money on a budget simple as.


There are some secrets and yes some real secret sauces that can help you in your online businesses. You will also get my help too. 100 %. I will help you all I can. Not only that you will get expert help from the very top Entrepreneurs. Including the hands-on founders.


These guys are the absolute Angels. That I thank almost daily for changing my life completely. Anyways less of that please read on.


Let’s make money online together in an honest and  Legit way without the massive upsells. Without scams, lies and absolutely no B.S., I promise you.  I am so excited to share this with you all.


I am updating this now and I have earned another whopping  7K this month. The thing is I dont need to pay out tons of money to do it. I love everything organic.


I have never even paid for Ads. Some people think I must or I should but I just don’t. I have never had a need to. Sounds crazy right. It actually isn’t. 






Free make money online guide.

Make Money online Guide the legit way. No B.S

 This is my 100% legit way of making money online. The complete truth without the B.S and lies to getting you started on the right path to becoming a successful online Marketer.


In this guide, I will give you 100% real reviews and real testimonials. From Legit and very real people that. No lies no B.S and no false promises.


Please read till the end. This is so important to get you all started to become a successful Affiliate Marketer in your own right.


You do not need any experience you do not need coding skills and no you don’t even have to have any online marketing skills at all.


All you need is and an internet connection that’s all. 


I have been where most of you are right now. I have struggled to get up and running online and to be honest I never dreamed I could do it.


I started out without any skills in website and design no coding skills. Absolutely no skills in online marketing.


I didn’t even know how to generate traffic to a Website.


So this is a complete guide from a complete novice beginner to an expert online marketer. So let’s get started!


Say not to all the B.S and scams online.


Goood advice


No Scams Lies No B.S.You will finally have something you can use that guides you through how and where to get started to building the online business of your dreams!

A little bit About Me Before we get started.

 I am a Mom who works from home and I am now my own boss. My life wasn’t always that easy and I really struggled to get ahead online.


I didn’t have money to waste and I didn’t have a clue what to do.


Nor did I know where to get the help and training I needed to be an online Affiliate Marketer.


I was a complete novice. 


I went through all the motions like most of us do. 


Going from one scam site to another. Getting sick of all the B.S. scams and lies. Yet I just wanted to earn money. I didn’t want to pay out thousands either. I simply didn’t have any spare cash and I wanted to earn money not to spend money.



When I say I was rock bottom I mean that I was in a really bad place. That’s why this guide I am writing is so important to me.



I want to help you all that are reading this.



I have spent years trying to find something that would help me become a successful online business marketer, after all, I knew some people made it.  So why couldn’t I? I did make it and if you want to read more just click on the link below. 


Read my latest success post here and how I made 4.7 K in December alone. 



But finding the right place to train and learn all the aspects I need to be a successful Affiliate marketer seemed impossible.  This is virtually impossible when you’re broke.


I spent hundreds of hours going through pages and pages on Google Bing etc. Nothing came up and what did and looked good was not good for my pocket.



 However, I just wouldn’t give up. Would you believe I spent a good few years trying to find something that would work for me! I even tried MLM that was just a waste of my time.



I didn’t have much family and I wasn’t in the place to be involving outside help. I am not the type to go knocking on doors nor am I the type to open my home to have MLM parties.  



 Anyways I still carried on looking for something online. I tried a few things I did eBay and wasn’t so bad at that but it still wasn’t enough.



Have you ever felt like your banging your head against a brick wall! Always thinking oh my gosh there has to be something out there on this vast world wide web to help me?



Wow, the number of times I slammed my computer down after hitting more scams and when you search for how to make money online or I need to earn Cash now. You are doing that because you need cash.



 It really used to get to me, thinking to myself why do people want my cash if I have none to give. It drove me crazy in fact it drove me to insanity sometimes lol.



Then one day I actually found something online. That worked out for me. I knew instantly this platform was totally right for me. I was like a kid in a sweetshop.



I was so happy I really thought the Angels were around me and guided me right to this platform. Ok, they could have got me there quicker lol but you know what I am saying.



 This platform had everything I would ever need and it had the main thing I needed and knew was very important to be a success was the help in building my very own Website.



That’s like the front of any shop. I knew it was common sense I needed a website of my own to become a fully successful Entrepreneur. It’s common sense.



 We all know every successful online business knows it needs its own website. Every successful online business out there that is successful has its own website. So that to me is common sense.



I didn’t want anybody to do that for me neither because I knew if that company or platform crashed then everything I worked on will go right out the door with it.



I didn’t want to be just earning someone else money I wanted to earn my own money for me.



 I was sick of that after the last two MLM companies I was with. I ended up just been a product buyer.



I lined there pockets and lost out in a big way in more ways than one. If you don’t want to carry on reading you can have a look for free what I am talking about.




Its ZERO COST AND ZERO RISK. Click the button below.



Earn While you learn today the legit way
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Why I created this Guide.


I created this guide to help anyone that is out there in this big massive online internet world. To help you start your own online business. Even if you don’t have any coding skills or CSS skills even.



For those who want to get ahead online without been scammed and Without all theB.S. Without no massive upsells. It’s even for those who are struggling in the local marketing world too. Believe me from an honest blogger this platform works. 




Also for those who have the marketing knowledge already but simply are not making any money at all. You may have an Amazon shop but still, find it hard to make money.



 You may have opened an online store or website with other big names out there like Shopify and even Wix website owners.



There is so much more than you need the free Domain names like GoDaddy or Hostgator. They may well be good but they do not give you the expertise you need to be a success in online marketing.



It’s as simple as that. We have so many that transfer their sites over to W.A. because they simply cannot make money with it. So they turn to us because the training we have works. Simple as that!



 This is also for those and “This is such a massive mistake even some big companies make”.



These companies pay out thousands for websites and it simply does nothing but looks good.



That is totally pointless and you may as well just hang that on your bedroom wall as a portrait because that’s all its good for.



How do I know this because I am a very successful online Marketer! I often meet up with clients needing my help. That’s the first thing they complain about.



They simply have no traffic going to their website. It looks good but does nothing.



 I find that really sad! Even for companies that can afford to dish out thousands for websites. It’s not fair but it happens all the time.



I have calls left right and centre about this kind of thing. I don’t have the time to fix them all.



That’s just a few reasons why I have written this guide. The main reason is for people who are really struggling and are rock bottom and do not have the cash to pay out for training.



I also help out students. They do this instead of doing night work or bar work on top of their studies. 



Here is one Entrepreneur who has started not so long ago. He has just pulled in 900 new referrals in one week.



Here is Jerry and you can meet him and find out for real. He is 1 million per cent legit.



He is always chatting on the inside of the platform that I work and learn and earn money from. Jerry is quite a celebrity now.



Jerry started out with this training with zero cash and his parents bought him his first-second hand Laptop to help him along. He now employs his own staff, as his work has gone global. 



 Here he is and you can meet Jerry on the inside of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. Not only that he shares tons of secrets with you all once you join the platform.



Just remember the platform is Free to join as starter Member.




Jerry Huang and his first ever post. When he started out as a broke teen Read more here.  Jerry and his first post in Wealthy Affiliate.



Jerry Huang and 900 referrals in one week. Join him here. 




So you can see even young people who have no further education can do this.

Including middle-aged and senior members too. Jerry was a complete newbie. He is making this big time. Carry on reading because I have tons more to share in this guide.

Including more real entrepreneurs who are making fortunes. Within a few months. Not all can do it in a few months I took a little longer.

The first big check I got was in my just ending 4th month with this platform. So keep reading because it’s amazing.


Things you really need to consider before you even start an online business.

 As you can imagine we are all inundated with these make money quick scams and schemes. These are absolute lies.

Nobody can make money quickly online. The social media pages are inundated with them. Not all are scams and where they are not scams please believe me they take time to even build up an email campaign and a good audience for any online business. 

A bit like MLM in a sense you need years and years to make a success out of it and I know that first hand and if you don’t have a good mentor/upline then forget It.

 This is going to take your time and effort. Lots of it. If you don’t want to give up your time or put in the effort then I am sorry it just isn’t for you at all.

If you want success in a week then you can try online betting or the lottery because you simply will not get that anywhere else at all.

If you think you can then your just lining someone else’s pockets and not your own. Every top entrepreneur will tell you this.

 As I always say these scams run with the same ethics. They find out what attracts you the market and audience and keep using the same systems time and time again.

How many times do you see online making money sites that hide behind the likes of FORBES, NBC, CNN this DOCTOR or That DOCTOR? Yep, Even the DRAGONS DEN nowadays and even OPRAH? You know what I am saying.

They use this kind of thing all the time. Even hiding behind big names like AMAZON.

It’s ridiculous and most are slammed down quite quickly but get up and running again within months under a different name, but still, use the same ethics.


To be honest think about it. This is common sense really.

If everything was that good then we would all be rich, wouldn’t we? 


 So you are going to need time and you really need to put in the work and you need the right training platform that isn’t going to hit you with massive upsells.

It’s really as simple as that. Also to be accepted into most of the best and top Affiliate websites then you will need a good website with good content added into it simple as.


The Ultimate Guide to making money online.


Understanding the process and how it works.


This has to be and quite literally the best way to make money online simply because it is a proven four-step blueprint that has been proven to work time and time again.


It’s a simple process and it blummin works. I am going to break this down for you into four easy steps. So you can understand the process and how it works.


However, there are certain factors you will need and certain tools you will need to help you get ahead online.


It’s not something you can run off and do alone because there is a massive list of stuff you will need to know about to even get this off the ground. 



The four steps we all follow each and every successful member follow are these four simple steps.



Wealthy Affiliate 4-step proven Blue print.

A 4-step blueprint that works and has been proven to work by so many successful Entrepreneurs


Yep, that’s the Blue Print but looks easy but without any training and help you will never succeed. In between each of these 4 processes is an abundance of work you will need to do and learn.


Heres a little list just for the moment to give you some basic ideas. That is all included in the training platform I work from. 


The only place that has ever brought me a good income every month without any scams nor massive Upsells.


 Below is a  list or just some of what you will need. A bit scary for any beginner but don’t worry it’s laid out in such a way it’ all falls in together quite easily in fact.


We also have training in Amazon an abundance of that. More than anywhere else on the internet including the secret sauce factors. Massive amounts of YOUTUBE TRAINING AND SO MUCH MORE.


It’s getting even better this year. Makes me wished I started out now rather than 2 years ago. People are earning within weeks instead of months now! 


For the Wealthy Affiliate homepage, original website here is their URL


For the FREE SITERUBIX.  Here is their Main Website URL.

Now let’s get back to the process and see how this four-step blueprint works.


Step 1: Choose an interest. 


 Choosing an interest commonly known as a niche in the marketing world.


“Choosing an interest/Niche” This could be something like this. I am using this as an example although it isn’t my niche. I have a dog and I love him to bits. So if I chose a niche it could be a passion of mine.

Now as much as I love my dog he is a complete beautiful beast and very strong. dog-walkingHe drags me down the street lol. Not a good look may I had. So I would take that niche about Dogs and training and take it in the direction of training leads for instance. dog-training-so-cute


As cute as this little doggy is he isn’t mine. So you can only imagine the stuff you could talk about as any pet owner. Mine is a bit of a beast. Anyways this is just to give you some ideas. So let’s get back to doggy leads.


So let’s not get freaked out just yet this process is really simple. I will take best doggy training leads as a niche and I will find the best training leads for example on Amazon. Then I will give reviews on the best training leads on my website. These will be full reviews on the best training leads.      


If anyone is looking on the website for the “BEST TRAINING DOGGY LEADS.” As an example, they will come straight to my website, and if they like my reviews they will click on the link, that will be my own Amazon Link unique to me.



From then on it will take them straight to Amazon where if they buy via my link. I will then earn a commission. Your visitor will see you have lots of helpful info about how to still be able to take your dog out even if he pulls you down the street and how you found the best lead to help you and them remedy that.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, “Affiliate marketing” is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s products.


So you can go to a company like Apple or Amazon or Renderforest I like them for free videos you sign up with their affiliate program and start promoting their products with the affiliate links they give you.


When people click on your links, it will take them to Any of the Websites you have chosen to be an affiliate of and if they buy something, you will earn a commission! It’s that simple.


However, getting the best affiliate links out there on the internet will require a Website from you. One you own and is yours. The Market has got tougher on that I am afraid. YOU NEED YOUR OWN WEBSITE! 


There’s No Need To SELL at all in Affiliate Marketing!

Using the process I just described above, you never have to really “sell” any product.


The best way to use affiliate marketing is recommending products to other people what you think it’s best to use to help them fix a problem or find a solution to something that they’ve been searching for.

How does affiliate Marketing work

The key to being an affiliate marketer is not so much selling, it’s more about helping others because this will create trust.


If you can create trust with your audience, then you will have created a great brand for yourself and you will earn the respect and trust from your audience.


Getting those key benefits of trust as people will then click on your affiliate links and buy your recommended products or services.


It’s a simple process once you know how. Just getting the right training is the real key factor in being a success.



 If you can concentrate on helping others versus selling to others, then you will master this affiliate marketing thing in no time!


That’s the key to it all it is building trust and an audience that trusts you. That means writing about things you like or even things you use in your daily life.


 You have to find out what is relevant and what works. That’s so easy if you have an immediate passion or hobby you love to do.


Just strive to be better than the rest out there on the world wide web. If you see similar reviews. Make your review better.


 Not only that as an affiliate marketer you don’t have to deal with problems or the returns of items. You don’t deal with any inventory at all.


You don’t even have to run to the post office or deal with ups at all. Nor do you need to worry about postage costs nor delays at all. You simply have accumulated all that free time by not doing any of this.


So it will give you more time to build better websites. Write better reviews and do the homework on your competitors. It makes total sense to me.


 We have a fab tool for that too checking out competitors. Jaxxy which is free Jaxxy lite for premium members in Wealthy Affiliate.


It’s one of the tools that help us succeed. It’s a bonus extra freebie too. Here is their main Website. 


#1recommended keyword research tool Jaaxy and the main Jaaxy website homepage URL is Below the Image 


Jaaxy Homepage 


That is just one of the tools you will need and there is nowhere online that offers the chance not to only earn money from it but the chance to be able to beat your competitors and get to the top pages in Google and Bing and Yahoo.


That’s an extra bonus for you all. Something not to many will share with you for sure. They tend to promote this as a sideline. The commissions they get are out of this world too and are also recurring commissions.


You can also promote Jaaxy as a Starter and  Premium Member at  Wealthy Affiliate. 


 Don’t worry I have a few ways that you can cover the premium costs too. Just carry on reading. It just gets even better. 


Why This Method Works So Well


Just imagine, there are over 3.95 billion (and growing each year) people searching on the internet for answers all day long, 24/7, do you think there is more than one person searching for let’s say how to take your dog for a long walk without him pulling you down the street?



Nope, there are thousands and thousands of millions even and more going online daily. Not only that your Global. Anyone who has the internet you can betcha they also shop online. I know I do.


100% proven strategys to attract potential customers to your websites.


That is a fact and by clicking on the image above you can go directly to the main website that will show you all of this. 


Now to find out more about the training that is offered you can go to my full review here on my Website and it is a full and very new Review that includes the New UX design too. Find out more here! 




Step 1 of 4 from the 4 four-step blueprint


Step 2 0f the Four-step blueprint


Step 3 of the four-step blueprint


Step 4 of the four-step blueprint.



Wealthy Affiliate specializes in training people on how to build an online business with affiliate marketing.


They take you from the very beginning of choosing a niche to build the website, to getting traffic, to making money.. You will get to learn ALL of it in one place.


 What an added bonus. So much easier than logging into different courses on different sites. Everything in one place and with no extra costs for any of the training once you go Premium.


No more searching around on your own and piecing it all together by yourself. No more struggling and confusion. 


 You will be learning what you need at the time you need to learn it at. It will give you the training in such a way that before you even know you have a profit ready money making website up and live online. 


Everything on the platform is organized and arranged so you can build your business the correct way!


Here are some of the great features offered:



There is so much more there too. It’s just way too much for me to tell you about on this “free money making guide.” 


Membership Options!


There are simply two membership options at Wealthy Affiliate and there are no other upsells that you see with so many other programs in this industry.


The two options are Starter (Free) and Premium, and you should definitely start with Starter since it’s free and you don’t even need a credit card to sign up yep and you need a big bank account balance neither.


I will explain both options in detail here so you can see what you get and all the info you need to know!


Free Starter Membership (Sign Up HERE)

With the Starter membership, you must know the following. This so essential as you get this absolutely nowhere else at all:



With all that you get with this Starter membership, this is way more than any other free training program can offer you!
Most training platforms don’t even offer a free option to test out the platform first so this is really a great benefit of Wealthy Affiliate.


So create your free account and sign up now here:


10 Free courses in Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp Training.Try out your 10 Free Bootcamp Courses Today


Here are some real time Testimonials you can read them all and find out for yourself. Real and honest testimonials by real Wealthy Affiliate Members.



Here is Nathaniel he has a list of the Moneymakers in 2018 all from Wealthy Affiliate and I am in this list.  Nathaniel is a Top Affiliate Marketer and I am so proud to have got into his list. Click his Image to read more.


Nathaniel income proofs at Wealthy Affiliate. 2018


Here are my Monthly Earnings for December 2018 Click the Image to Read More.

4.7K for the month of December. It's simple the training at W.A. really does work






 Grace has to be my inspiration this lady rocks and also has done her own training inside Wealthy Affiliate.  Grace is going to Vegas. One of the top lady Entrepreneurs to date. 

Grace is an inspirational lad and is proof W.A. works.

Our Beautiful Lauren Jean such a wonderful person to work alongside. Lauren is a gem Read more about Lauren and her $5K earnings online just click on the Laurens image to read more. 


Our Beautiful Lauren from Wealthy Affiliate earns $5K online.


Forget reading about it here find out for yourself right now. What you waiting for you know it Makes sense. 

Free to try for as long as you like zero risks zero cost.

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